The Banner Saga Walkthrough

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Chapter 3: Little Did They Sleep

Change perspectives once again, and allow Ludin to make his own decisions. Order the fighters to cautiously move forward. While at camp, spark up a conversation with Ubin and Mogr. Continue your travels. Avoid any unnecessary battles and reach the next camp.

After a quick rest, speak to “the Witch” and Bersi. Continue traveling with the caravan. You will soon learn about war. Unlike battles, wars can cause high casualties and greatly affect your caravan. You must make decisions for your army and try to avoid heavy losses. Consider what to do and head into war with the dredge.

For this war, first order your army into their formations. For the battle, put your heavy hitters forward and a single archer at the end of the turn. To save a few lives, continue to slaughter dredge in battle. Finish the war and continue traveling.

When a scout returns with word of a large group of dredge ahead, order him to split the group and lead some back to the caravan. Get ready for another war and use the same tactic as the previous one, and continue to do so for the next war.

After the war, allow Griss to join you as a hero. After reaching the village, open the hatch to find the hidden survivors. Escort them to Strand for safety, but do not send Eirik. Quickly manage your caravan and get back on the road.

Meet the large caravan of giants headed in your direction. Attempt to send the prince to Grofheim, but avoid a confrontation. Allow him to do whatever he pleases, and he will stay. Soon, you will be met by another war. Hold the dredge off and head into battle.

The treasure cart will pummel to the bottom of a cliff after you give the order to let it go. Allow Ubin to make the decision on whether or not to salvage it. Reach the godstone and respectfully leave the dead and their offerings. Search for the gold necklace belonging to a merchant’s brother, and take it with full intent to return it.

Pass the godstone and investigate the nearby fire. Prepare for battle and neutralize the dredge. The thankful varl will join your caravan. When men start to go missing, question Ludin and demand him to stop.

Stop the caravan and take a quick break. After a weird vision, finish organizing your caravan at the camp and continue forward. Dredge have been following you for ages now, but you have a chance to lose them in the woods. Unfortunately, you become surrounded and must act quickly. Create a forest fire as a distraction.

While the dredge numbers have been thinned, there are still enough of them to cause a war. Order your army into formation and lead your normal allies into battle. Soon after, you will encounter a town that appears to have been torn apart in a battle. Investigate the tower and prepare for another conflict.

Be careful of the dredger slingers and their ability to attack from extreme ranges. The gap in the center will make it difficult to attack the slingers, so you must move forward quickly. After finding a survivor, exit the tower and prepare for war.

After the battle, set up a defense in the town. When Ludin becomes impatient, allow him to leave. Once the fighting starts, run to their side and help them. At the first chance you get, retreat from the war in hope of having more survivors.

Speak with Ubin about the mender that was found during the previous conflict, and approach the flaming remains of Grofheim.

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