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Chapter 4: Lest They Not Come Home

Back in Frostvellr, Ekkill is looking for a fight. Immediately prepare for battle to defeat his thugs. His betrayal has led to the realization that your people cannot stay in this city. Follow the guard to steal supplies from the murderous con.

Travel to the supplies with your party. You don’t want to be greedy, so take what you can and get out. Leave the city with a few extra supplies and fighters. Begin the long journey to Wyrmtoe. When outlaws try to join your caravan, turn them away.

Soon enough, Ekkill will track the caravan down, seemingly looking for revenge. Although it seems suspicious, let the group join you. Locate the group of worshippers at the godstone. After some investigating, kindly deny their worship offer and move on.

When the vultures arrive, allow Odd to relieve some anger. Also, support her idea to train some of the women to fight. Let the silver-tongued devil join your caravan when he invites himself in. The caravan needs something uplifting, so offer them your own verse once the poems begin.

You will soon reach Wyrmtoe. Speak to Krumr and inform him of the dredge. Join him in the mead house to construct a plan, and continue speaking to him until it is time to leave. Lead the caravan towards Grofheim, unaware of what has happened.

Upon reaching an abandoned hall, stop everyone from entering until you are sure it’s safe. It is not sturdy, so leave the building and continue traveling. Congratulate the new parents personally, and find Alette. Sit beside her and inquire about her speaking to Ekkill. Confront everyone calmly, and resolve the issue.

At the godstone, allow the caravan to take their time and search for scales. After the second day, gather the caravan and continue on. Continue to encourage Oddleif about training women. When the supply wagon sets fire, save the child.

After encountering a group of varl, a war will break out with the dredge. Hold off the dredge and head into battle. After the first wave, kill a few more dredge to finish them off. Meet up with Fasolt to receive news about Grofheim’s downfall.

Question the varl about why women and children cannot accompany them to the city. A tremor will interrupt the meeting. Quickly begin traveling as the mountains shift, and reach the godstone. Rest up and move your caravan towards Einartoft.

After the blizzard, thoroughly search the area for missing clansmen. On the second day, continue traveling. Once you reach a small settlement, stock up on food and prepare for the next stretch of the journey. Cross the impressive bridge into the varl city.

Rest in the city while awaiting the bloodbath. Enter the great hall to address Jorundr, the varl king. When the time comes, be helpful and stand at the side of the varl in battle despite the risks. After the first wave, the crimson behemoth will show up. Run.

Iver will stand against the crimson behemoth alone. The chances of success are extremely low, but the mender shows his bravery. Once the dredge are distracted, retreat back to the city and speak to the mender.

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