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Chapter 6: Of Our Bones, The Hills

Your caravan has been forcefully ejected from the city. Begin your travel and accept the help of the quirky old man when he offers his assistance. When you come across a group of fighters, invite them into your caravan.

Ubin will cross paths you with later down the road. He will inform you that Bellower is chasing after you, so you must quickly reach Sigrholm. The varl caravan will merge with yours on your journey to find Juno. The road ahead is covered with dredge, so find a path around to avoid them.

Upon reaching a man and a varl arguing, simply ignore it and let them settle their own problems. A village of miners lies shortly up the road. The families there are frightened, so give them the option to either stay or join the caravan. Organize your caravan and speak to Gunnulf. Leave when you are ready.

Dredge will invade the village soon after you leave. Head back and search for survivors. Prepare for the battle and neutralize the dredge. Retrieve the families and continue traveling. If food goes missing, threaten to start rationing it.

Reach the godstone and spend the night there. After fiddling with a puzzle the entire night, continue to the city and find a wounded varl. Send your healers to help him with tragic results. Check out the dredge-infested Haukstorp in hopes of finding survivors.

There is only one man left. Nonetheless, let him join the caravan and speak to Nid before leaving. On the road, join the varl in their drinking game. Upon reaching the godstone, speak to Iver and listen to his tale. A dredge baby has joined your caravan.

Interfere with the argument between the varl. This argument is way older than you, so let them settle it themselves. The old varl will leave to distract the dredge. Next, demand that the arguing mothers explain themselves.

Approach Sigrholm with the caravan. Set up camp in the creepy town and stock up on supplies. Speak to the Eyvind about Juno, then rest the caravan. When thieves try to steal supplies, chase them down. It soon devolves into a battle. Return to find that even more of your supplies have gone missing.

Leave the town and tell Eyvind that Juno isn’t coming. Pay off some of the locals to use their boats across the flooded area. Form a council to handle the problems it he caravan. After, speak to Onef about his concerns. Inform him that you must trust the varl, although he does make some valid points.

Onef and his men begin a massacre almost immediately. Despite being wounded, take the surviving allies into battle against the traitors. Once the battle is over, run into the forest after Alette. After discussing the treasonous act, speak to your allies and continue traveling.

When the varl becomes unruly, send him to the front of the caravan to create distance. Pick up a few villagers in the next town and quickly get back to the road. After the murder, investigate the death of the young girl. When you come across a patch of fruit, test it on a goat and sample it yourself.

At the godstone, join the caravan in some drinking. At the farm, let the men keep their livestock. Reach Reynivik and rush forward to protect the varl from the dredge. Afterwards, allow everyone to join the caravan.

Help the varl recover from his ridiculous drunkenness. Once you reach a group of men taking supply caravan carts, don’t accept their bribe and move on. When you find a child, keep moving and have the healers attempt to heal her. Escort the caravan to the near city of Boersgard.

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