Happy New Year! And Now, The Best Of Game Front In 2013

Despite our claims to the contrary, 2013 wasn’t all disappointing. Game Front had a lot of fun, and from time to time we even managed to write some good articles. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done, and we’re very grateful you all keep reading it, so with the new year now upon us, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight some of our best efforts from 2013.

Gaming Culture And Business in 2013

We’ve managed to cover a very wide range of topics throughout the year, from social issues (feel free to troll me in comments), to breaking news, and even attempts to shed some light on just how game journalism works. Here’s a sampling of some of the strongest.

Early Access Could Encourage Developers to Exploit Players

Deputy Editor Phil Hornshaw took a lengthy look at early access game sales earlier this month, and he came away very concerned about the potential risks for consumers.

Read it here: Early Access Could Encourage Developers to Exploit Players.

Where Assassin’s Creed Falls Short Of Its Promise

Game Front contributor Phil Owen lays out why, for all its pretensions of historical depth and examination of controversy, the Assassin’s Creed series falls short.

Read it here: Whitewashing Secret History: Assassin’s Creed’s Failed Promise.

Explaining Game Reviews

One of my favorites from 2013, Phil Hornshaw let readers in on how the video game review sausage is made. It’s a great start for anyone curious about the process who’d also like some reassurance that it’s not a corrupt cesspool. Related: Phil Owen’s defiant rebuttal of accusations that game reviews are quid pro quo.

Read it here: Behind the Curtain: How Game Reviews Work.

Broken Game Launches

This piece sparked an interesting debate behind the scenes here at Game Front. Some of us (myself included) aren’t willing to cut the industry slack on this topic, but Mark Burnham, our very much missed former Editor in Chief, makes a good case for why these botched launches might be somewhat unavoidable, and lays out how consumers can respond. Meanwhile, Senior Editor Ron Whitaker interviewed Crytpic CEO Jack Emmert about the problem.

Read them here: Stop Expecting Smooth Day 1 Game Launches, and Jack Emmert on Day One Server Struggles, Online Games, and More.

The Portrayal Of Women In Grand Theft Auto V

I liked Grand Theft Auto V a lot – see our review here – but while it is frequently excellent it’s also bogged down by some annoying, and perfectly avoidable, problems. Here’s my look at one of the biggest, the way female characters are completely underwritten and underdeveloped.

Read it here: Invisible, Cliched Nags: The Trouble With Women in GTA 5.

Why A Game Front Writer ‘Spoiled’ Gone Home in His Review

In his review of Gone Home, our own Scott Nichols chose to openly discuss one of the critically acclaimed indie’s larger plot points, the coming-of-age and coming-out story of the protagonist’s younger sister. In a follow up post, Scott explained why he chose to reveal that aspect of the game, getting into the nature of spoilers as well as his own personal experiences.

Read it here: Why I ‘Spoiled’ Gone Home in My Review.

The BioShock Infinite Backlash Begins On Game Front

While BioShock Infinite was released to tremendous acclaim, I’m happy to note that Game Front wasn’t sucked in by the hype machine. Phil Hornshaw’s review was unusual among other reviewers for taking a more critical stance, and Phil Owen followed it shortly thereafter with this look at just what went wrong.

Readi it here: Being a Shooter Is BioShock Infinite’s Downfall.

Trion Worlds’ Defiance Gamble Doesn’t Pay Off

After the debut of the SyFy show Defiance and the MMO upon which the show is based, Trion Worlds let the majority of its staff go. We took a closer look at why the experiment that is Defiance was probably to blame.

Read it here: Huge Layoffs At Trion Worlds: Defiance’s Fault.

Oh Yeah, EA Got A New CEO

Of course, you can’t talk about 2013 without talking about Electronic Arts, and we did that a lot. After the announcement of John Riccitiello’s departure as EA CEO, we broke down the history of Electronic Arts under Riccitiello’s stewardship. Love it or hate it, your knowledge of one of gaming’s most controversial companies will be immensely expanded.

Read it here: The Ultimate EA Retrospective: In-Depth on Riccitiello’s Legacy

For more on EA’s overall health, check our coverage of their quarterly financial reports.

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