The Broken Age: Act 1 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Vella – Act 1
  • Shay – Act 1

  • Meriloft

    This is where things get tricky. Speak with the father/son duo down on the circular platform to learn about the town, but they only give a few clues. The bird, Jesse, wants her egg back. Objective #1: Find the big blue bird’s egg.

    Meriloft is a town on the clouds, and without the right footwear, Vella will drop through to the ground. Whenever Vella walks on clouds, she’ll slowly sink. Stay on the solid platforms and paths for now to avoid a big fall.

    Next, speak with the woman running the Cloud Shoe store. She’ll accidentally drop her knife – ask about everything, and she’ll admit she can’t make cloud shoes without that knife. Objective #2: Get a knife.

    Taking the left path, you’ll find a barred ladder with three baskets. A large man above will explain that Vella needs to make three offerings to Brother Lightbeard before she can see him. Objective #3: Find three offerings.

    Next, go through the path to the right of the shoe shop to find Maggie, cleaning off a few eggs. Chat her up and ask how she reaches high-places, then ask to borrow her ladder. Surprisingly, Maggie will hand it over.

    Up one ladder, move right and look to spot something shiny out of reach. Vella’s dagger is on the net. Use the ladder on the knife to extend it, climb up, and grab that dagger.

    Take note of the golden egg off in the distance from Maggie. Don’t bother going after it yet, instead return to the Cloudshoes shop and give the family’s matriach Vella’s new knife. Vella will gain cloudshoes in return, but they’re useless! They don’t fit her. Objective #4: Fix Vella’s cloudshoes.

    Next, take the ladder down from Meriloft square. Talk to the teenager to learn that she wasn’t picked by Mog Chothra – and even better, she has cloudshoes that’re too small. She’ll hand them over for free!

    Drag the new pink cloudshoes over Vella to put them on. Now she won’t sink into the clouds.

    Return to Maggie (right of the cloudshoes shop) and follow the path into the background to get close to the golden egg. Try using the ladder on the next, and a bird will shove the hooks off.

    If Vella tries to climb the ladder, it’ll sink into the clouds. To fix this situation, combine the big fat cloudshoes with the ladder. Drag the shoes over the ladder to combine them.

    Now Vella can use the ladder on the next and climb up. The bird will run off, and you’ll take the egg. Make sure Vella is wearing cloudshoes on her feet, or you’ll sink into the clouds.

    There’s one area we haven’t explored yet. Return to the central plaza (with the cloudshoes store and Jesse the bird) and look in the top left corner for a sign. Use the new ladder combined with cloudshoes on Jesse’s nest to reach this out-of-the-way path.

    The massive tree doesn’t look like much, but step too close and Vella will fall down into the roots below. Walk right to find Gus, stuck on a tree branch. Jesse’s egg is there, too! But, if you get too close Gus will grab at Vella and make her fall.

    Actually, falling isn’t such a big idea. You’ll return to the clouds above the roots.

    Now, it’s time to figure out how to save Gus. Explore to the left and interact with the branches to get a fruit. One will fall through the clouds below. Drop down to the roots, then follow a branch left to discover the fruit. Grab it!

    No more putting it off. Return to the bowls of enlightenment and dump your gold egg inside to open the way to Brother Lightbeard.

    Go through ever conversation option, and Lightbeard will drop an extra golden egg. When you’re done chatting, grab the second egg and place it into an enlightenment bowl. Only one more to find.

    Return to the tree, and slip through the hole pictured above. Vella will drop down and knock Gus off the branch. Don’t worry, a bird will rescue him. Now you’ll have Jesse’s egg! Grab it and return it to Jesse.

    Grab the third golden egg, and prepare for Vella’s escape.

    Back at the bowls of enlightenment, place one golden egg into each of the three bowls. Once all three are in place, Vella can use the ladder to reach the surface.

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