The Broken Age: Act 1 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Vella – Act 1
  • Shay – Act 1

  • Shellmound

    That giant monster is coming to Shellmound next. It’s the perfect time to fight Mog Chothra. Chat with the green-cloaked man in the bucket hat first.

    Vella needs to enter the Maidens Feast to fight Mog Chothra, but nothing is ready. The arena isn’t built, and Vella doesn’t have the right dress or the right aroma.

    But, there is something this bearded fellow can do. Ask about his bucket hat, and tell him it looks “fancy” (3rd Option) and he’ll hand it over.

    Next, chat with the maidens nearby. To the left of them, Vella can find a chunk of driftwood near the useless fishing poles. Take it the driftwood for later.

    One of the maidens has something called Beast Hooker. It’s a perfume that’ll definitely give Vella the right aroma. But the maiden isn’t giving away any.

    Find the Dead Eye Pyramid up the stairs right of the maidens. Talk to learn about the god. Inside, there are “miracle objects” that might even be weapons. To get inside, Vella needs to answer a riddle.

    Nothing to do here. Return to Curtis’ home with the driftwood. Drag the wood over Curtis, and he’ll make Vella a three-legged stool! What did that talking tree say earlier – a stool almost made him barf?

    Return to the talking tree, and use the stool on him. He’ll barf sap – now, use the bucket on the tree to hang it on a branch. Use the stool again, and Vella will gain a bucket full of sap.

    Next, return to the Pyramid and give the pair the answer to the riddle – a fruit! Yes, the fruit from the tree in Meriloft is the answer. If you’ve tried to eat it already, just return to the tree and knock another off the low branch.

    Once you give the guards the peach, they’ll let you inside.

    Inside, look for the recessed socket on the right. Remember that weird art Vella took from Curtis? Use the strange blue art on the socket to activate the tomb, and free the Dead Eye God!

    And he isn’t that impressive. The Dead Eye God is a space explorer from Loruna, and you’re inside his crashed ship. He’ll help defeat the evil giant monster, but Vella will need to get the ship going first.

    Look at the tomb where the God previously was. Examine at the rainbow-colored quartz to accidentally break it, then grab the red laser marker above it.

    Time to create a death ray. Place the red laser diamond on the lower slot, and the stained glass sun diamond in the top slot.

    The spaceman will give Vella a button to activate the Dead Eye Pyramid beam. Now, it’s time to enter the Maidens Feast and lure the giant monster into position.

    While you’re outside, don’t forget to talk to the two guards. Ask to get them something, then offer to refill the holy tear gas. They’ll give Vella the gun.

    Take the holy tear gas gun to the chum pit full of fish gore south of the fish maidens. Use the gun on the chum to get a tear gas gun full of that gross stuff.

    Now, use the holy tear gas gun (full of chum) on the two maidens. While they’re being attacked by seagulls, take the perfume. Now that you have perfume, use it on Vella.

    Finally, give the bucket of sap to the Duke. Talk to him to enter the Maidens Feast, and the confrontation with Mog Chothra will begin.

    Use the death ray controls on Mog Chothra, then aim for each of the four dangling tentacles. Shoot three, then wait for the beast to grab Vella and dangle her close to its mouth.

    Don’t shoot the tentacle. Instead, use the ladder on its mouth. Vella will wedge it in and force Mog Chothra to open its big maw. Aim the death ray down its gullet.

    With the final shot, Vella’s part in Act 1 is complete.

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