The Broken Age: Act 1 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Vella – Act 1
  • Shay – Act 1

  • Mom’s Missions

    After clicking Shay to get him awake, the computer parents dump him into a high-chair. Grab the spoon and use it on the bowl to start eating.

    Next, Shay will have a choice of missions to complete. Like the baby noises the controls make, they’re all designed to congratulate and reward Shay like he’s an infant.

    First of all, let’s head to save the avalanche victims. Want to save them? Use the spoon on the ice cream to eat these friendly creatures to freedom.

    Onto the second choice, click on the sleeping mountain to wake him up.

    Boarding the Friendship Circle, click on the pained plush for a hug-ambush! Not so deadly.

    Finally, choose the fourth option to suit-up and check out the foreign object attached to the hull. Unfortunately, it’s just another stupid game. But, Shay will gain a present.

    Time to break the cycle. Travel to the Friendship Circle (3rd Option) and click on the present in your inventory to open it. You’ll gain a Grabbing Gary toy. It grabs things.

    Return to the fake trainwreck next. To break the cycle, Shay needs to take a dive. Yell at the bridge man by clicking him, then quickly click again to order him back asleep.

    Shay will drop into the chasm. At the bottom, a strange figure will give you a key. Returning to bed, Computer cancels all future missions for the time being.

    Click Shay to wake him up. Now you can explore! If you haven’t already, open the present in Shay’s inventory. Just click it to examine.

    On the humidifier, grab the yellow-ish compressed air tank for later. Further right, use the little “key” the strange man gave Shay earlier to open the vent. Grab the blue inflatable raft inside.

    Now, there are two doors Shay can use. The open vent, or the door on the right. But, try using them and the Computer will put Shay back in bed. Don’t let her.

    Combine the compressed air with the inflatable – you’ll gain one Shay blow up doll. What else is there to do? Place the doppelganger on Shay’s bed to fool the Computer.

    Sneak through the vent to enter a new part of the ship.

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