The Broken Age: Act 1 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Vella – Act 1
  • Shay – Act 1

  • Prima Doom Mission

    First off, go through the door to the left of Marek to find his bedroom.

    One door over to the left, and you’ll find the Hall of Heroes. Grab Shay’s baby radiation suit in the lower right corner of the display.

    Continue the item hunt in the kitchen. Return to your bedroom and enter the hallway through the right exit. Enter the second door down the hall to find the kitchen.

    Not much inside, but there is a knife Shay can take located around the left-foreground.

    Next, go to the control room at the end of the hall, and enter the blue door on the right. Enter the second door to find the attack mission room. Speak with the blue buddy and offer to help fix his back to gain a crochet hook.

    Let’s get some use out of the inhibitor first. Use both the red and green teleporter to shrink Shay’s head before using the yellow teleporter to reach the fusion control chamber.

    Once all three teleporters are used (without going back the way you came) Shay’s head will be tiny. Just take the long walk around to find each teleporter. All three are in the Nexus (Green door from Mission Control) – the red teleporter connects to the Hall of Heroes (junk room accessed through Marek’s hideout) and the blue teleporter connects to the mission simulation access hallway.

    The radiation suit machine won’t provide Shay with a helmet. Now that his head is extra small, just use the baby helmet. Now the forcefield will lower, allowing Shay inside the containment chamber.

    Walk into the foreground and use the inhibitor on the glowing fusion orb to complete the first objective. Now, just to get to Prima Doom and gain control of the Boom Arm.

    Back on the mission: find the airlock at the end of the hallway located through the blue door. The blue teleporter in the Nexus will also take Shay near the airlock doors.

    Before leaving, there’s one more item Shay needs. Go to the Ice Cream Avalanche room and grab the item spewing snow. It isn’t actually snow, it’s a Whip Cream Gun.

    Out in space, use the compressed air on Shay’s suit, then use the knife on the air-hose. As the final piece of the puzzle, use the Whip Cream Gun on Shay.

    Now you’re free to click the top of the screen and leap into space. Fly above the spiked tower and left to find the Boom Manual Controls.

    Use the knife on the diamond-shaped glass opening to pry it off, then use Grabbin’ Gary (from the present box) to take control.

    Only one thing left to do now! Return to the Space Weaver.

    Ask the Space Weaver to take Shay to the Cozy Cluster, then take the ladder down. Use the crochet hook on the “X” marked spaces above.

    That completes all three objectives, return to Marek to initiate the mission.

    The mission is just like the last two. Bring down the shields, use the grabber arm to snatch up creatures, and use the pointers to reach new creatures to snatch.

    Things don’t go well for Shay. The stars literally fall out of the sky, and the big twist is revealed – Shay’s ship was Mog Chothra.

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