The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough

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Chapter 5: Crack in the World

Recommended Squad: Recon (Rank 5 – Critical Strike, Cloak, Fire Mission), Commando (Rank 5 – Taunt, Plasma Field)

Carter can’t get to the alien homeworld quite yet. First, you’ll have to fight to the Venn Gate behind the Hoover Dam.

Try bringing a Blaster Launcher and the Plasma Pistol from Operation: Firestorm. The Plasma Pistol is carried by most Sectoids, and its a powerful gun – very accurate and hits armor hard. It’ll even punch through multiple targets.

Work your way down into the lower platform, and you’ll face off against a new deadly Outsider – the Psion Commander. Immediately, these shielded and tough Outsiders will split into two. They can Mind Control your allies, turning them against you. Kill them fast.

Use Lift and hit one of the two with everything you’ve got. Taunt with the perk that weakens enemies, or shooting while high on Combat Stims will help a lot. They can’t use Mind Control unless they reach mid-range, and for now you can only target one. Don’t worry about the other one.

Clear most of the enemies, and the Psion Commander will retreat. Follow him around the corner and take cover in the building interior to shoot through the window facing the next group of xenos.

Now you can kill the Psion Commander as he runs to cover across the open space. But, there are new problems – a gunship. As long as your team hides inside, they can’t be flanked. Use Lift or Weaken, or even Taunt and take the ship down with the Blaster Launcher. Or target it with everyone and everything, it should be no problem.

Get rid of any remaining Outsiders and Elites, then move through the flashing doors to reach the dam interior. This fight is just getting started.

Inside, say hello to the Scout. These enemies, like Phantoms, are most dangerous up close. They’re shielded, teleport, and run directly for your flank to kick the XCOM agents in the face. Scan the battlefield for them always, they’re tough to deal with up-close.

The first one can’t be killed. Not yet, anyway. Just follow it through the corridors, and shoot at it while it’s standing still.

A big fight won’t commence until Carter is in the center turbine room, where the Dam is hooked up with alien technology. You’ll need to fight down this entire room, shutting down all three terminals on the way.

After activating the first terminal, enemies will attack from the office to the right. Phantoms, Elites, and Scouts are all there, so play it safe. There’s only about five of them, but they’re all tough Outsiders.

The next terminal is reached by opening the doors in the office. Elites, Phantoms, and Scouts are waiting for you, so move to cover fast. A Minion Commander will be a real thorn, so pick him off with Lift first, then keep those Phantoms and Scouts from rushing you – drop Mines, Turrets, or Plasma Fields on the catwalk.

Moving toward the third terminal, a Muton will appear with a Shield Commander and Scout. Because those two are slightly easier to kill, it isn’t a bad idea to deal with them first. Use Push to knock them away if they charge, and set traps ahead of the Muton to wear off his armor. Finish the Muton off with the Blaster Launcher. A few Sticky Grenades should do the trick, too.

At this point, Carter might be able to unlock Mind Control. This is one of Carter’s best perks. It can change the tenor of a fight instantly. Even if the Mind Control victim doesn’t kill anyone, it can get enemy attention away from your squad, giving them more time to react, and more time for abilities to recharge.

Activate the last turbine terminal, and even more Outsiders appear on the upper level. Snipers, and a Minion Commander with Scouts and Phantoms – what a joy. They’re likely to run down the fastest path to reach you, so keep it protected. Use Taunt or Lift to pull the snipers from their perches, and sweep up.

The final breaker needs to be flipped on the sniper platform, then double doors below will open. The gruesome last stand inside is home to a few surprise Silacoids. Follow the waypoints, and eventually you’ll reach a flooded chamber. Wipe out the Silacoids and Outsiders inside and out in the flooded chamber ahead, keep it tight, you’re getting close to the Outsider base.

There’s only minor resistance to the underwater facility. Two Outsiders in the hall, and three Outsiders past those protect the Avenger pad, but they’re no trouble.

What will be trouble? Opening the Venn Gate. There’s a vast space between you and the control console, and it shouldn’t be a surprise, but the Outsiders will throw everything they’ve got to stop you.

Two Phantoms and two Elites patrol the area. Try using Mind Control on a Phantom, then pick off the rest. There’s even a new weapon on the right side of the path.

Grab the Plasma Assault Cannon from the ammo cache. This deadly weapon is a great medium range rifle. Each shot burns away armor, so it works very well against even the toughest opponents like Mutons.

Hit the Venn Gate button, and prepare to defend yourself. Outsider Elites appear straight ahead and to the left, while Phantoms and Scouts quickly drop down from the left lane, and a Minion Commander joins in too.

Set a Turret, Plasma Field, Mines, or just watch the left road. Phantoms and Scouts will try to flank you right away.

Mind Control one of the Phantom Elites and watch the left road with the Plasma Cannon. If you’re prepared, this battle can go smoothly.

Return to the Avenger, and it’s time to invade the Outsider homeworld. Once you land, use the Resupply Crate to arm up. You’re about to face multiple Mutons, so come equipped with the Blaster Launcher and the Plasma Cannon.

Hit the button on the platform and prepare to fight. The rest of the mission takes place here, as enemies keep coming to kill you.

The first wave is an Elite Muton and a Gunship, with new Outsiders and Phantoms. Immediately work on taking down the Elite Muton.

Use Taunt, Weaken, or Lift (or all 3) and set a Mine or a Plasma Field underneath it. Then unload with the Plasma Cannon.

Try Mind Control on a Phantom, then clear them all out. Place a Silacoid right next to the Muton to keep it distracted if it’s become a problem.

The Gunship will continue to drop new soldiers for each wave. Another Elite Muton will appear on the left with Phantoms and Elites for the second wave. The third wave is exactly the same, just on the right.

Most importantly, you’ll need ammo. Grab alien ammo from the back left and right corners, and try to use it sparingly on only weakened enemies.

Remember; Mind Control does work on Elite Mutons. Use it to get these giants off your back, or to give you time to retreat.

Finish off the last wave, and the platform will dock. Lower the gate and go upstairs to learn the truth behind Origin.

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