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Chapter 7: The Day the Sky Fell

There’s nothing to do in the Avenger but talk to the last members of XCOM. Get in your goodbyes, then choose the final Major Operation.

Activate the platform controls on the Mothership to fly toward the center of the ship. The Outsiders are bombarding Earth, as you’ll see before getting to the Mosaic Barrier. All three agents will split off while the player will move toward the center.

On the way to the lift, Silacoids and Sectoids will be in the way, but not enough to cause problems. It’s just a quick walk to the barrier controls now.

Stock up on ammo before approaching the terminal. Carter will make a surprise visit, and he’s not going to be helpful. Alarms go off, and Outsider Elites with Phantom Elites appear behind the barrier.

More reinforcements appear further away, with a Minion Commander and Advanced Drones. The new Advanced Drones are one of the most annoying enemy types. They’ll use shields or even Lift to make you or your allies very vulnerable. Take out those Advanced Drones first, always.

Clear them out, and another new enemy will appear. The Heavy Sectopod is just as bad as the regular Sectopod, just worse. It’s equipped with the Blaster Launcher and comes with beefed up armor.

Before using your own Blaster Launcher, hit the Sectopod with Weaken, Taunt, or Lift. Both Taunt and Lift can get perks that weaken enemies.

Ammo is very scarce for this fight. Grab a small alien ammo pack on the left or right, down the steps. Use Sticky Grenades on the Sectopod if it comes down to that.

Once the area is clear, you’ll have to choose who to save. Whichever portrait you go to, that’s who lives. The other agent will always die.

For this walkthrough, I choose the path on the right. If you chose the left path, you’ll reach the area at a later point in the guide.

Kill the single Outsider Elite down the hall and get to the lift. Getting off, a few more Outsiders will be on your way to the pinned agent’s location.

Entering the battlefield, the fight is already on. Outsider Elites, a Sniper Elite, and a Minion Commander have them outnumbered.

Take out the Advanced Drone, as usual, and stay on the cover up the steps to shoot down at the enemies below. You’ll have a nice view, and they won’t be able to flank you easily.

During this fight, it’s likely you’ll reach Rank 10. Both abilities are great, but I found Squad Inspiration more useful. Faster recharging abilities equals more dead Outsiders.

Down the steps and ahead, a single Sectopod will appear. You know what to do, Weaken it, Lift it, and shoot it in the back. Or just unload with the Blaster Launcher. There’s even an extra Blaster Launcher with ammo near the path leading up to the Sectopod.

Just past the Sectopod, even more Outsiders will appear with a Heavy Sectopod teleporting directly ahead. Wait for your abilities to recharge before closing in, and try to refill your ammo.

Lift the Psion Commander and pick him off first, while unloading on the Heavy Sectopod with Plasma Field, Mine, Rocket Turret or Fire Mission. Or refill your Blaster Launcher and toss Sticky Grenades after hitting him with a Weaken.

The terminal is just ahead. Resupply at the crate beyond that, or swap out agents if you’re having trouble. Activate the Console, and you’ll go to Carter’s location to save the agent you left behind earlier.

Meeting up with Carter, the large chamber splits off left and right, with a large platform below. The Elite Muton is your immediate concern. Elite Mutons can leap directly onto your cover, so keep it still with Lift or immediately Mind Control it while picking off the Phantom Elites and Snipers.

After dealing with all or most of the Outsiders, wait until Lift recharges and use it. Target the Elite Muton with everything you’ve got, especially the Blaster Launcher, to take it out in short order.

Further down the battlefield, a Tech Commander with other Outsiders will attack. Stay away from the second courtyard to stay out of the Gun Turret’s range and let the Outsiders come to you. When they’re gone, finish off the Turret.

After taking out most of the Outsiders, two Elite Mutons will attack at once. Use Mind Control on one and pull back if you need more space.

With Squad Inspiration unlocked, your Mind Control should recharge quickly. Continue to Mind Control one of the Elite Mutons, and focus on one. Once it’s down, use your Sticky Grenades or Blaster Launcher to deal with the second one while under the effects of Weaken, or Lift, or even just throw a Silacoid at it to keep it busy.

While an Elite Muton is under the effects of Mind Control, it’s easy to plug them with three Sticky Grenades in a row and just about kill them in a single move.

Through the two open doors on the end of the room, you’ll find the body of an XCOM agent – whoever you left behind. Continue on to activate the terminal. There’s a Resupply Crate to the left of the exit elevator. Grab it before heading into the final battle.

Back at the Mosaic Barrier, take it down by using the flashing terminal. Carter will want to stop you – it’s up to you. Shoot Carter or leave him behind.

Go into the final battle with a Blaster Launcher, the Plasma Assault Cannon, and three Sticky Grenades.

The massive Mosaic Chamber is well guarded by many, many Outsiders. The first group consists of Phantom Elites, Sniper Elites, and a Tech Commander. As usual, Lift the Tech Commander and start picking off the rest. Watch the stairs to the left and right to make sure the Phantoms don’t flank you.

Eventually, even more will appear. The Tech Commanders will try to summon a Gun Turret on the small structure in the center of the arena. Throw a Sticky Grenade to quickly get rid of it.

Watch out for Scouts – they’ll rapidly flank from the right side after killing enough Outsiders. There’s more ammo and weapons in the shacks on the left or right.

Taking out the second wave, a third wave will appear closer to the Mosaic Barrier. The Advanced Drones are the most obvious threat. Clear them out and pick off all those incoming Outsider Elites. Use Mind Control on the Minion Commander or on one of the Phantoms to keep them busy while you grab more ammo or pick off more enemies.

Now things get tough. Clear out the last of the third wave, and a final fourth wave will attack. Advanced Drones will appear first. Then two Elite Mutons, a Tech Commander, a Minion Commander, and two Outsider Elites appear.

Take out the Advanced Drones and Mind Control one of the Elite Mutons – whichever one is closest to you. Use Sticky Grenades on the closest Muton, then Lift and the Blaster Launcher on the second. Try drawing them back to the start of the room, but only if some of the other Outsiders still remain.

Wipe out the final Outsiders, and… even more will appear! Four Elite Mutons and other reinforcements will arrive at the start of the chamber. Ignore them, run to the terminal and lower the Mosaic Barrier. This is it, run into the Core to end the invasion.

Congratulations! Enjoy your ending, and pat yourself on the back. Now go back and play XCOM: Enemy Unknown to see the organization’s future.

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Kevin Thielenhaus

On August 26, 2013 at 12:58 pm


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