The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Invasion!
  • Base Visit 1
  • Chapter 2: The Doctor
  • Operation: Guardian
  • Base Visit 2
  • Chapter 3: Signal From Beyond
  • Base Visit 3
  • Chapter 4: Not of This Earth
  • Base Visit 4
  • Chapter 5: Crack in the World
  • Base Visit 5
  • Chapter 6: The Last War
  • Chapter 7: The Day the Sky Fell

  • Chapter 1: Invasion!

    Stepping into the shoes of Agent Carter, get a lay of the land. Follow the hallway until the windows are torn apart by alien plasma. Get to cover, and move right to avoid its fire. At the edge of cover, Carter can dash to the next available hiding spot. Do it to keep from getting shot.

    Ahead, vault over the barricade and get down the stairs. Soldiers are in a shoot-out with an unseen enemy. A tutorial will appear showing how to bring up the objective marker. Use the markers to continue through the building.

    Carter’s first ally is outside. Another agent is in a shootout with Sectoids. Combat will begin, take note of Carter’s status, and weapon.

    The pistol is the first weapon. It’s accurate, but weak. Stay behind cover and pick off the Sectoids one by one as they appear. They’ll focus on the allied agent.

    Carter has infinite ammo for this section. Aim for the distracted Sectoids’ heads for quick kills.

    The three bars under Carter’s name represent his health. Each bar, once lost, will only heal after a battle (for now) but a partially depleted bar will fully regenerate after a time.

    Once the Sectoids are dead, enter the building ahead to meet up with Agent Nils. Use the radio, and follow the agent until both of you are outside. Go up the steps, and grab a new weapon from a dead soldier.

    The M14 Rifle is an automatic with good range. Fire in short bursts for best results.

    Hit the glowing button to let Nils into the warehouse. A tutorial will appear teaching how to use flanking. You won’t be in control yet, instead you’ll want to take note of flanking tactics. A flanked enemy is an exposed enemy. Enemies in cover take less damage than an enemy out of cover, or one that has been flanked.

    Outside the warehouse, two Sectoids are dragging away a body. Don’t shoot, there’s nothing you can do to save him, unfortunately.

    Down the street, Carter will learn about using Battle Focus. This will bring up a menu with the skills and abilities of all three agents in your squad. Command Nils to move to cover to the right of the turret, then use Critical Strike to target it.

    Nils is an experienced agent, and has several useful abilities already unlocked. Carter starts with only the healing ability, which heals everyone in his squad fully, no matter where they are located. Needless to say, later in the game, agents will not begin with a full compliment of skills.

    One Critical Strike will destroy the turret. Soon, reinforcements will appear. Use Battle Focus to cut them down. Target the enemies with Nils, or order a Fire Mission to devastate the Sectoids’ position.

    Use Carter’s Heal ability if you’re low on health. Enter the building ahead, and grab the extra ammo pouch. Ammo is often scarce, so fill up between missions whenever possible.

    The next battle is inside the hangar. Grab two grenades laying on the forklift. Grenades are very useful for scaring enemies out of cover, or for killing enemies assaulting your position. It’s always handy to have a few grenades ready to throw.

    Order Nils to Cloak, then move him to flank the Outsider and Sectoids guarding the elevator. Order Nils to Critical Strike the Outsider.

    Outsiders are the common enemies of the alien forces. They’re tougher than Sectoids, but not too dangerous alone. Still, don’t take these grunts lightly. One Critical Strike shot will take him down.

    After using the elevator, a Drop Pod will appear. These devices summon a predetermined group of enemies onto the battlefield. Destroying them isn’t required, but can stem the tide of new enemies spawning in. Any enemies standing in the glowing circle will gain extra shielding.

    To quickly dispose of the Drop Pod and Outsiders, order Nils to use Fire Mission.

    A Drone will often appear here, as well. Drones are tricky – they can easily flank you and your agents, and they can heal other drones, or give shields to enemies. Whenever Drones appear, target them first. They cannot take cover, and can be destroyed quickly with most all small-arms.

    Before leaving, look on the green tarps near the elevator to collect a shotgun. These workhorse weapons are poor at any range other than close. But, assaulting enemies will have a nasty surprise if you’ve got one of these equipped.

    Down the elevator and through the lab, you’ll enter the conversation phase of XCOM Declassified. Characters throughout the game will reveal new information, give new quests, or even have puzzles in the optional dialogue. Whenever choices appear, the left choice will always end the conversation early.

    In the labs, a squad of Sectoids and Outsiders patrol the area. Use the new agent, Kinney, to help the fight. He comes with several very powerful abilities.

    The Laser Turret can lay down suppressing fire and draw enemy attention away from Carter and his agents. Use these as a distraction to keep enemies attention in one direction. Kinney can also lay down mines at the same range as throwing a grenade. Mines are deadly, and will help protect your flank. Last, Kinney can scatter enemies from cover, making groups of them easier targets for your agents.

    Remember, ammo is limited. Shootings at enemies still behind cover is a good way to waste all your bullets. Use abilities like Scatter, then target one enemy at a time with all your agents.

    There are two Outsiders in the tunnels ahead. Use Scatter and pick them off, or just kill them both with a grenade.

    Continue into the machine room. The soldiers will die quickly, don’t let this happen to you. Use Battle Focus! Have Nil activate Cloak and flank down the hallway to the left of the Gun Turret. Use Critical Strike and Fire Mission to wipe the enemies out. If any are left, drop some Mines or target them directly with Nils’ Sniper Rifle.

    Next stop; the War Room. Unfortunately, the General has been affected by the mysterious alien substance. Speak with Weaver, and move on – it’s time to get out of dodge.

    Outside the train, another squad of aliens! Take cover on the raised platform to the left, and set mines or a turret on the right side to avoid flanking. Use Critical Strike and Scatter to pick off the entrenched aliens without having to flank, or just use a Fire Mission.

    The train will take Carter and the agents to an evac point outside the base. Before using the radio, grab the Sniper Rifle up the stairs and refill your ammo.

    After using the radio, Drop Pods will appear around the crates below. Take cover, and prepare yourself. They appear on the right, then the left. They’ll try to use the nearest stairs to flank. Take out any flankers as they move, and use plenty of grenades. Ammo and grenades are abundant here.

    More Drop Pods will appear on the platform after activating the test controls. Take cover on the helipad, set up a turret, and mine the stairs to hold back the incoming aliens. As the Skyranger lands, run to the open door and use it to escape.

    Any equipment collected during a mission will be added to the XCOM armory. These weapons can be equipped to Carter or the agents you recruit, there’s no need to purchase or unlock multiples.

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    On August 26, 2013 at 11:23 am

    Where’s the guide for Chapter 2 – The Doctor? All I see is the title.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On August 26, 2013 at 12:58 pm


    That section was down for some revisions, but it’s back up now. Sorry about the delay!


    On August 28, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Dang. I thought I could save both agents. I swear I’m bad at making decision.