The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough

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Chapter 2: The Doctor

Recommended Squad: Recon (Rank 1 – Critical Strike), Commando (Rank 1 – Taunt)

Time to save a crucial asset to XCOM. But first, a AA gun needs to go down. Passing by a creepy infected subject, Carter and the team will reach a road patrolled by xeno forces.

Meet the Shield Commander. These tough opponents support the Outsiders by placing shields over them. Taunt or Scatter to draw him out, then unload with the M14 and hit him with a Critical Strike.

Move forward and use the flatbed truck for cover to deal with the second wave. Use the Recon on your own Sniper Rifle to shoot the alien explosive barrel in the window to the right, further ahead. One less Outsider to worry about.

Sniper Rifles are great for picking off Outsiders behind cover at range. Grab one if you don’t already from the truck ahead of the float.

Use Taunt or Scatter to draw out the last of them. Target the drones that appear first, try flanking through the store on the right.

When the streets are clear, resupply ammo and grenades before continuing. With luck, Carter should rank up and earn the Lift ability. This deadly skill will lift an enemy out of cover and leave them vulnerable, and easy to pick off.

Lift is also useful against heavy enemies. Use Lift to stun large enemies and hold them in place for a moment, allowing Carter or one of your soldiers to sneak up behind them.

Interact with the door controls, and you’ll be able to select who you want to begin hot-wiring the doors. Meanwhile, enemies will appear with dropbods. Take cover on the highest level near the doors, and the enemy won’t be able to flank.

Use the Sniper Rifle and M14 or Shotgun to defend. The Sniper Rifle will help pick off the running Outsiders before they get in close, then finish any assaulters off with the M14 or Shotgun as they try to work up the alien structure.

Use Lift and Critical Strike, combined with some fire from Carter to easily bring down the Shield Commander that appears.

After the fight, shut down the AA gun, then enter the bank. Here, Carter can talk with the survivors in the vault, or move on toward the university.

Outside the barbershop, Carter can refill ammo and switch agents or equipment. If you’re having trouble with the current agents, try swapping in new ones for later stages of the mission.

Down the street, there’s another line of fortifications held by three outsiders. Use Critical Strike on the far Outsider in the bunker, then gun down the other two. If you’re quick, you can clear them all before new reinforcements arrive.

Reinforcements appear as two drones and a Shield Commander. Stun the commander with Lift, then destroy both Drones. All alone, the Commanders aren’t much of a threat.

Next stop, the campus! Say hello to the Muton. These giant bruisers are tough and armored, and they’re equipped with devastating plasma shotguns. If they get close, it’s all over. Stop this one in its tracks with Lift, and aim for the head. As it gets close, toss grenades.

Taunt is very useful, because a taunted enemy will only attack the Commando, allowing you or allies to retreat safely, or just to open fire without having to worry about getting shot down by that particular unit.

Try to lead the Mutant toward the xeno mine, then toss a grenade for a double dose of damage. Bring him down first, then clear out the remaining Sectoids and Outsiders.

Inside the university, you’ll find Dr. Bailey. Speak to him and he’ll reveal Weir’s location – in a secret lab further ahead in the campus. That means more aliens to shoot.

Outside, grab the Scatter Laser. This deadly alien weapon use a different type of alien ammo, so look for unique black canisters to refill. These weapons, like the regular Shotgun, are best at close range but the tighter spread of the Scatter Laser makes it more accurate, with a faster rate of fire.

Down the path, you’ll find a Laser Turret. Take cover and pick off enemies with Taunt, Scatter, Lift, or Critical Strike. Keep the turret’s attention away from you with Taunt or Laser Turret.

Circle around behind the turret with the Scatter Gun to quickly destroy it. Avoid the mines – step close to activate them, then roll away to avoid the explosion. Or just shoot them.

At Rank 2, the Commando’s Pulse Wave is very useful. It doesn’t hurt, but will knock assaulting enemies out of cover or on the ground.

The next fight is tricky. The Sectopod is a massive walker with heavy frontal armor. To hurt it, Carter or an ally will need to shoot at the green cores on its back.

Avoid the back-left corner when flanking. Move right instead. More Outsiders will land in the back left corner.

To quickly take down the Sectopod, wait for it to approach. Use Lift or Taunt to get its attention or stun, then circle around and unload with the Scatter Laser. Manage to do that twice, and the Sectopod is no more.

Moving on, grab the Schematic off the Resupply Crate. This rewards Carter and the team with the Sharpshooter Pack. The extra head-shot damage is great, and seeing as there is no alternative yet, equip everyone in your team with them at the crate.

In the alien structure ahead, prepare for a long fight. The enemy is well-entrenched, so use the multiple explosive barrels and mines. Don’t move down the right lane, let the enemy try to assault then shoot or activate mines for easy kills.

Focus fire on the Shield Commander as he appears on the left, before he can summon a shield for himself. Try using Taunt to keep his attention, and aim for the head with your new backpack mods.

It’s safer to hang back here, and take out the turret once the rest of the opposition is clear.

Use the alien structure on the right to flank the turret and take it out with the Scatter Laser. There’s another handy one in a gun case here if you missed it.

Continue into the secret lab, where you’ll find another alien portal. Weir is in Carter’s hands, but Bailey is under their control.

Outside, a Gunship will attack. This powerful weapon has no obvious weak points, and the only weapon effective against it is the Scatter Laser. It’s so big, the Scatter Laser will work at just about any range, but try to stay close.

Focus on picking off the troops first, always. Move if the Gunship circles around your cover, its machine guns are deadly.

Grab extra Scatter Gun ammo around the columns in the center of the battlefield, and stay near the alien structure to the left. Focus fire as the Gunship lowers and attempts to dump more troops onto the battlefield.

With a lot of perseverence, the Gunship will go down. Weir is saved, and it’s time to learn about Minor Operations back at XCOM HQ.

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