The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough

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Operation: Guardian

Recommended Squad: Recon (Rank 2 – Critical Strike), Commando (Rank 2 – Taunt, Pulse Wave)

Minor Operations are shorter missions, but still important. Carter can find new weapons and schematics during these for future use, as well as leveling up agents to give them more useful abilities in the field.

Here, you can choose to complete Operation: Guardian or Operation: Grifter. To continue the campaign, they must be completed. Start with Guardian to earn a new weapon; the Laser SMG.

At the first encounter, watch out for the Outsider Elite. These upgraded troops carry Pulse Rifles and improved armor. Target them with Lift, Taunt, or Critical Strike to take them out then finish off the rest.

A second wave will appear – another Outsider Elite and Drones are the main problems. Destroy the Drones first, and keep back near the truck and fences on the left. Keep someone or a Turret at the truck to draw them in, then flank around the left.

Use the odd toy on the shelves downstairs in the barn and hit the button. Looks like those nukes are still ready to go! Leave the barn for the second combat encounter.

You’ll also gain the schematic for the Medical Backpack. These keep your troops (and you) from bleeding out quite so quickly. Install these on combat heavy troops if they fall often.

Outside, watch out for another new enemy. These balls of corrosive black goo are easy to kill, but tough to hit.

This is about when Carter will reach Rank 3. Here, he has the choice between a larger pouch for grenades, and improved time on the healing ability. Grenades are great and all, but keeping your team alive is your safest bet. I chose the Medic perk.

The second encounter takes place between barns in a field of stone fences. An Outsider Elite strolls dangerously close to an explosive barrel. Use it to knock off his shields and finish him off before he can react.

After the first wave, a Muton will arrive. Like before, these guys don’t mess around. Use Lift to keep them back, and retreat when they get close. The Scatter Laser can be a great help here when he is distracted, just unload into its unarmored face.

Clear the stragglers and use the launch controls in the secret barn room. Of course, that doesn’t work. One last barn to reach, but the final fight is a tough one.

The barricade is manned by two Rocket Snipers. These guys fire accurate rockets at long range, but they’re exposed. Use Critical Strike, or your own Sniper Rifle (or M14) to pick these guys off first. They must be killed quickly, or this fight will get tough to manage fast.

Against the Flatbed truck, grab the Laser SMG. This upgraded SMG is great at Mid-range, grab it to make the rest of this fight just slightly easier.

When the area is clear, spend time scavenging ammo and grenades before approaching the alien defenses. Of course, the aliens won’t wait. Drop Pods will land near the start of the battlefield. Rush to the fortifications and take cover.

Spread out among the low walls, and start picking off Outsiders. Eventually, a Sectopod will land. Don’t try to flank to the area with two Drop Pods, instead only to the structures on the left or right. New enemies will continue to spawn from those pods.

Once the Sectopod is significantly damaged, another Drop Pod will land with new Outsiders, an Elite, and a Drone. It’s very easy to run out of ammo unloading on the Sectopod, save your shots for when you can shoot the green cores on its back.

Clear out the remaining xenos and enter the last barn. Hit the button, and the nuke is off to safer pastures.

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On August 26, 2013 at 11:23 am

Where’s the guide for Chapter 2 – The Doctor? All I see is the title.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On August 26, 2013 at 12:58 pm


That section was down for some revisions, but it’s back up now. Sorry about the delay!


On August 28, 2013 at 10:19 am

Dang. I thought I could save both agents. I swear I’m bad at making decision.