The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough

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Chapter 3: Signal From Beyond

Recommended Squad: Recon (Rank 3 – Critical Strike), Commando (Rank 3 – Taunt, Pulse Wave)

Time to rendezvous with DaSilva to infiltrate the tower. Continue down the street until encountering a patrol of Greys. The battle expands quickly with reinforcements arriving down the street and to the right.

Fight up the street, and stay prepared for the appearance of a Rocket Sniper. Target him first – he’ll be on the alien-themed car dealership roof to the right.

Enter the dealership, and weave into the garage. There’s a useful backpack schematic on a raised car lift. Use the red button to lower it and grab the Tactician Pack. It increases ability range, weapon damage, and improves defense.

Continue to follow waypoints until finding DaSilva and his team on the radio station. The enemy are pinned between Carter and DaSilva’s squad, so it’s just mop-up.

DaSilva gives Carter access to a new ability. Use Battle Focus to select Da Silva Trap, and aim at whatever bomb you want to set off.

Don’t use them yet. Defeat the enemy, then approach the station. After speaking with DaSilva, who isn’t looking so hot, a Gunship will drop off new Outsiders.

The Outsider Tech Commander is a dangerous foe – he’ll deploy turrets and drop shields. He can also repair damaged technology.

Kill him quickly, then hold out. Try to save the front two bombs for the end of this grueling fight. Target the troops as they appear, and watch out for Silacoids.

Things don’t get tough until the Muton lands. He’s the last challenge, so keep grenades and a Scatter Laser handy. As it approaches your position, hold it with Lift and set off both traps at the base of the steps.

Drop grenades on him and retreat onto the street right while unloading with the plasma shotgun. He’ll eventually die, and Carter can meet up with DaSilva inside.

Take a scenic trip through the dusty grounds behind the radio station until encountering more xenos behind the suburban homes. Nothing too deadly here, fight through the backyards to the alien fortifications in the far back. At the end of the row, take care of the Rocket Sniper quickly.

Grab the powerful Blaster Launcher before moving on. It has a low ammo capacity, but the powerful shots are very useful against heavy Outsiders.

Ahead, shoot at the Outsiders at the gas station to set off Nico’s distraction. Continue on to the supermarket parking lot, where things get tough.

Ambush the greys and Outsiders. Drop Pods will land near the entrance to the market, if you’re looking to flank and refill bullets, use the low wall on the left of the lot. Don’t waste the Blaster Launcher yet, save it for later.

Keep fighting, picking off Outsiders one by one, until a Sectopod lands. This is where a fully-stocked Blaster Launcher will save your life. Unload all 9 shots on its front armor or try to hit the back. Either way, it’ll go down.

Out the back of the supermarket, you’ll meet up with Dr. Weir. Follow the waypoints until reaching the barrier underneath the tower. Defend the Doctor from two waves of Sectoids and Silacoids, use the extra Laser Pistols and ammo if need be.

Continue through the tower, and grab a Laser SMG to go with your Blaster Launcher. You’ll mostly find alien ammo here.

After using the teleporter, look right through the first door to find the Armor Piercer Pack schematic.

Continue to an exterior platform, and prepare for a long fight. Before jumping down, look down a path left for a small nest perfect for a sniper.

Pick off the bunched up xenos below with a grenade, or with Plasma Field. The enemy will needs to use one of two paths, littered with explosive barrels, to reach you so be prepared for a long fight. Don’t approach the doors on the far side. There’s plenty of ammo and grenades scattered around, use it to take out the Tech Commander as he appears. Lift will draw him into your squad’s line of sight nicely.

When the Muton appears, bust out the Blaster Launcher. Or, lead him into the explosives and set them off. Summon your XCOM Silacoid for an extra distraction if you need it.

Move across two more bridges, and the Transponder will be in your grasp. Take it, and the alarms light up! The alien leader, Axis, will contact Carter – but there’s no time! Run across the energy bridge as it appears.

A handful of Outsiders will be in your path on the way to the roof of the tower. Use the elevator, and make a quick stop at the Resupply Crate. Equip Carter with the Blaster Launcher, you’ll need it.

Outside, you’ll face off against a Titan. These deadly constructs float around and fire killer beams of light at your position. It flies overhead, so it can easily flank your cover. Keep you and your squad moving at all times.

When light shines over Carter, the best thing to do is dodge to cover and hide. Try to get the Titan’s attention with Laser Turrets or Taunt, or target it with your allies.

While the Titan stands still, unleash the Blaster Launcher on the bright core. Three direct hits will destroy the Titan, or critically damage it. Finish it off with small-arms, and this alien monstrosity is over.

With the Transponder, it’s time to get back to XCOM HQ.

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