The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough

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Chapter 4: Not of This Earth

Recommended Squad: Recon (Rank 3 – Critical Strike, Cloak, Fire Mission), Engineer (Rank 4 – Mine, Rocket Turret)

Equip Carter with the Blaster Launcher and the Laser Pulse Rifle, collected during Operation: Firestorm.

At the first house, look left and turn around to find an optional path leading to a cave where Agent Weaver hid. There’s a schematic down there!

Ahead, there’s a small squad of Outsiders with an Elite. The enemies will start using Pulse Rifles now, so play it safe and don’t let them catch your team out of cover.

During the fight, drones will appear, but nothing your team can’t handle. There’s a gruesome sight in the pond – the aliens are disposing of bodies here. Shoot out the mines past the dump and move on until reaching the base exterior.

Already, a Muton is waiting! He’s surrounded by Drones. Stun the Muton with Lift, then pick off the Drones to keep them from healing the big guy.

Drop Mines and a Turret to help, or target one of the Drones with Critical Strike. If the Muton gets close, pummel it with grenades, and try to aim for the xeno mines on the ground.

At the barrier, Carter will need to assign one of his team to the panel. Choose whoever you want, but be prepared for a big assault. Keep an agent well-suited for defense, like a Support with Shields and Combat Stims or an Engineer.

Use the panel, and xenos will appear. Drones, Sectoids, and Outsiders all appear – deal with them, and a Sectopod will land. Save the Blaster Launcher to tear into this armored walker. Use Lift to stun it, and try placing a Mine or use Plasma Field, or hit it with Weaken.

When the barrier lifts, enter the cave to meet with Agent Weaver to discuss plans. Use the terminal to cross the bridge and move on to the next encounter.

Here, Carter will have to contend with Phantoms. These quick Outsiders Cloak, then rapidly move to flank and use melee attacks against Carter’s squad. Target them with Lift or protect your flanks with Turrets, Mines, Plasma Fields, or anything that will keep them from flanking you.

This room also features Sniper Elite in the far left. Use Critical Strike, or Lift and shoot them with the Pulse Rifle. Taunt will also pull them out of cover.

If you missed the Pulse Rifle earlier, grab another against the wall to the left.

The next fight is tricky. Enemies are directly left, and straight ahead. Be mobile, because Drones and a Muton appear through the hallway you just used. The enemies can easily pincer Carter, so start by moving down the steps and taking out the relatively easier Sectoids below before dealing with the Outsiders.

Once again, save the Blaster Launcher and grenades for the Muton. There’s more ammo in the far corner opposite of the entrance door that gives you a good view of the Muton as he arrives.

Clear the room, and meet Weaver in the prototype chamber. Here, you can decide to kill Weaver’s tortured brother yourself or let her do the deed.

In the next large chamber, Weaver will appear to help. Carter can command her to use a Critical Strike that rapidly recharges – use it often! The next battle is tough, she’ll even the odds.

Most of the troops here are standard, but Silacoids will join in halfway through to make things more difficult. Watch the long lanes on the left or right – Sectoids and Outsiders will try to flank there. They have no cover while moving, take advantage of their exposure and take them out.

Snatch up the Plasma Sniper Rifle in the center of the room, then move on. Yet another new weapon is ahead – the Sticky Grenade. These powerful grenades are very good again Mutons, just remember to aim carefully so the bombs stick right onto their armor for maximum damage.

Time to face off against Axis in a massive power chamber. Weaver is still available, and you’ll really need her here. There are three conduits feeding power to Axis’ center shield. Travel to each of the tree bunkers and shut down the terminal.

Before you can, Sectoids and Outsiders will appear. New enemies will constantly spawn in as you move around. Stay low and stick to cover, and use Battle Focus to watch for flankers.

Watch out for Mutons whenever you shut down a conduit. They’ll teleport in right next to the bunker itself. Be prepared to drop Plasms Fields, Mines, Turrets, Shields, and prepare a Weaken, the Blaster Launcher, or Sticky Grenades to quickly bring one of those lummoxes down.

Watch out for Phantoms and Sniper Elite. Use Weaver’s Critical Strike to pick off these chumps before they can cause you problems.

After shutting down the final conduit, no more reinforcements (or Mutons) will appear. Instead, you’ll have to fight Axis himself.

Axis is a special Commander. He can summon Mines, use Pulse Waves, teleport to random areas, and keep his shield recharged. Use a combination of abilities to deal with him. It’ll take some firepower, but there’s nothing overwhelmingly dangerous about Axis.

Once Axis is down, it’s mission over.

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