The Bureau: XCOM Declassified’s Place Within Canon Explained

Does The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (check out our preview of the game here) exist within the canon of the “regular” XCOM universe? The answer the developers have provided thus far is, “as far as we know.”

Speaking in an Ask Me Anything (via VG247) on reddit, the staffers at 2K Marin answered a bunch of questions relating to the game, as well as its presence within the continuity of XCOM.

“The Bureau is the origin story of the XCOM organization,” said Lead Narrative Designer Erik Caponi in response to whether the upcoming title was connected to Enemy Unknown. “So, the short answer is ‘as far as we know’. Although we’re talking about a setting that has time and space bending aliens, so the answer to that may ultimately turn out to be less clear.

“But lets go with yes. For now.”

Caponi went into further detail as to why the series has different races of aliens fighting side by side against humanity and how their technology wasn’t as advanced back in the ’60s compared to how they operate in Enemy Unknown.

“In tying the menagerie of XCOM species together, we had to have a reason for them to be fighting side by side. In this case, the Zudjari are a conquering species, searching for a new planet to settle on. They have failed so far, and have bounced from world to world, conquering and stripping planets of their resources before moving on. In some cases, they were able to enslave a number of species and conscript them in the their forces. This is the case with the Sectoids and Mutons. The bridge we built there was to drop hints of what happens to those species after the events of our game to the point where they show up in later XCOM titles.

“In addition to that, some of the technology from 60+ years later shows up in an early form in our game. We’ve shown the Sectopod, which is effectively a prototype of the more powerful one we see in Enemy Unknown. Looking at the redesigns of those enemies and imagining what earlier and less advanced versions would look like was fun and challenging.”

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