The Darkness 2: Relic Locations

The life of a mob boss possessed by a powerful demonic entity from Hell isn’t easy, you’re going to need whatever edge you can get to survive the brutal onslaught from the Brotherhood. The secret society wants only one thing, the Darkness itself, and they’ll do whatever is necessary to take it for themselves. Of course, you aren’t about to let that happen, and the bonus points these hidden relics provide will allow main protagonist Jackie to unlock his devastating abilities even earlier. Don’t stumble around in the dark, let Game Front’s quick location guide show you the way.

If you want an in-depth look into the singleplayer campaign, check out our text and video walkthrough. For more secrets, tips and tricks, make a stop at The Darkness 2′s cheats page.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Mmmm Essence! (10 points / Bronze):
    Pick up 5 Relics in the single player campaign.
  • Relic Hunter (50 points / Silver):
    Find all 29 Relics in the single player campaign.

Relic Locations

Mission: Payback

  • Relic 1: After the Darkling saves you, exit the building and check out the alley. There are lots of items scattered around, with the first relic among them.
  • Relic 2: Take the stairs down onto the subway platform and turn all the way around, following the lip of the platform toward a red light.

Mission: The Family (Or anytime you visit the Mansion Hub.)

  • Relic 3: Inside the mansion, head up stairs and take a turn left. The book is found in the bedroom, on a table to your left.

Mission: Q and A

  • Relic 4: Entering the bar, clear the area of enemies. To the right, you’ll find an arcade with two machines. Find the relic on the ground, in the corner, right next to the machines.
  • Relic 5: Continue through the mission until you reach a shrine. Turn left from the shrine and follow the path to it’s natural end to find the relic. Be sure to pick up this relic before using the shrine or entering the Construction Area.
  • Relic 6: After destroying the crane, use it as a ramp to climb up, circle around the base of the crane, and enter the construction office to find the relic.
  • Relic 7: Continue through the mission until reaching a room with a conveyor belt. Look on the righthand side of the room, and jump over the conveyor to search a closet between two tool racks. The relic is inside the small closet.
  • Relic 8: After reaching another shrine, you’ll proceed into a guarded room with a generator. Destroy the generator, and continue upstairs into a small office. The relic is inside, on the floor just right of the door.

Mission: Strong Silent Type

  • Relic 9: Just as the mission begins, turn right and run down the path until reaching a deadend. The relic is behind a truck, accessible by a steps off to the side.
  • Relic 10: Continue until you’re stopped by two enemies breaching through doors armed with riot shields. Clear them out, and look in the corner of the hallway for a stack of crates.

Mission: Deal with the Devil

  • Relic 11: After you’re set free in the interrogation room, turn left and look on the floor for this relic.
  • Relic 12: Continue through the mission. Early on, you’ll have to go down a set of blue stairs, leading to a door. Don’t go through the door yet, instead look right for the relic on a set of emergency stairs. Use your left Demon Arm to grab the relic.

Mission: Home Invasion

  • Relic 13: Look for a Security Office in the Parking Garage after you’re attacked by two goons with flashlights. Before having a conversation with anyone, or using the elevators, just rip open the door into the Security Office. The relic is inside.
  • Relic 14: After reaching the kitchen of the mansion, enter another room to your right. The relic itself is next to your fireplace.

Mission: Saying Goodbye

  • Relic 15: After a conversation, you’ll enter the gatheting at the cemetary. Look to the right of a planter, and check behind the statue. You can get this relic before or aftering talking to Jimmy, but not after heading up the steps.
  • Relic 16: Smash another generator to get through another gate, and follow the path into another line of mausoleums. Turn left and look behind the first tomb as you enter the area to find the relic.

Mission: Fun and Games

  • Relic 17: Just as you enter the carnival, turn left and continue until reaching another lamppost, then make a right at the food stand. Look for a pile of crates on the ground near some old amusement stands.
  • Relic 18: Starting another section of the mission, you’ll spot two thugs running from a concessions area with scattered picnic tables. Enter the area yourself to find a relic on the ground behind a lamppost.
  • Relic 19: After playing a second game at the carnival, an ambush of enemies will appear. Look at the booth, and you should spot an open door to your left. The relic itself is on the floor, inside the false castle.
  • Relic 20: Destroy the clown-themed gate and turn left to enter into a new building. Inside, you’ll find a locked door to your right with a relic on the table inside. Shoot out the light and use your Demon Arm to grab the relic.
  • Relic 21: Just before the end of the mission, you’ll enter a garage with a large truck inside. Circle around the truck to find this relic sitting out on a table.
  • Relic 22: Before entering the Castle of Horrors, just look inside the Ticket Booth to find the relic. Use your Demon Arm, or just navigate around to the back of the booth.

Mission: Rat In A Maze

  • Relic 23: When you reach Jackie, you’ll reach two thugs that need to be dispatched. Here, look for a sideroom off the main path. This little storage room contains the relic, laying on the ground.
  • Relic 24: Back as Jackie, continue on the path until reaching Jackie’s Father’s office, the same room where you collect a rifle. Look on the rightside of the room from the entrance to find your relic.

Mission: Homecoming

  • Relic 25: After destroying a wall to make a bridge, stop and enter the newly created hole in the wall instead of the bridge. Inside the room, check the corner to your right to find this relic. Use the Demon Arm to grab it.
  • Relic 26: Fight through the ballroom, upstairs, and toward a collapsing wall after navigating the holes in the floor. Use an extended plank to look through the collapsed wall into an inaccessible room. The relic is inside, use your Demon Arm to grab it.

Mission: Last Stand

  • Relic 27: After entering the attic, jump down a set of smashed steps and turn right. The relic itself is on the corner, near a broken mirror and a sign for Hellgate Field.

Mission: Heart of Darkness

  • Relic 29: Continue through the stage until you’re forced to look at a certain NPC. Instead of following, turn right to find the relic down a path. Grab it before trying to jump over any spikes.
  • Relic 28: Pushing on through the mission, there’s a point where you’ll need to use the Demon Arm to clear a path. Instead of using the Demon Arm, turn right to find the last relic on the ground, located between the wall and a pile of debris.

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