The Darkness 2 Walkthrough

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The Race Back Home

  1. You’ll start off at the entrance of the parking garage. Make your way down and some enemies that love throwing flashbangs will start to appear. Take them out. If you notice, the parking garage is a bit bright and the lights cannot be broken.
  2. Head down to where the cars are blocking your way and break the red door on your right. Head through the hallway, make a left through the door, break the fuse to kill the lights, and finally break the gate ahead. There’s also a talent shrine to your right in the corner.
  3. When you’re done, head out to explore this now darkened garage. Kill the enemies that come after you. There’s a white van up ahead with it’s headlights on. Shoot them to keep it dark. Head toward the white van and hang a right.
  4. As you move ahead, a car will come careening forward. Shoot it for the hell of it, then as it gets closer, it will flip over you as Jackie gives the passengers the finger. +50 essence. Oh yeah!
  5. Maneuver yourself ahead by turning right into the rest of the parking garage. There will be a bunch of guys here. Two of them will be carrying really bright flashlights. Take these guys out first. There are plenty of car doors, so it’s time to make these guys a bit shorter. When they’re dead, head into the double doors that will lead to the mansion.
  6. As you enter, you’ll see Dolfo gunned down to the right, but before we head to him, make a left, break the door, and grab the relic, “Winged Demon”. Now walk up to Dolfo and he’ll start to talk. When he’s done talking, the elevator doors will open with Vinnie inside. He mentions that Aunt Sarah is hiding out in the panic room. Enter the elevator with Vinnie, while Dolfo says he’ll hold the fort.
  7. When you make it up the elevator, you’ll step out in an armory of sorts. Grab your favorite weapons and walk down the corridor where Johnny is located. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the seal on the envelope you found on Swifty. After the revealing conversation, head up the stairs and take back the mansion.
  8. You’ll emerge from the courtyard where the statue is, still with an abundance of leaves. You’ll also see Tony and Vinnie. Head up the stairs, take out the flashlight guy first, then the rest. Move forward as you hang a right up the stairs.
  9. As you make it up, you’ll fight a new enemy. One with a shield. Kill the armor that covers the shield (by blasting the crap out of it using your guns) and you’ll be able to grab it. Kill both of the enemies here, move forward, and up another set of steps. One of the heavy guys and flashlight enemies will be here as you ascend. Take them out accordingly.
  10. Move up ahead, following the balcony on the left hand side. The door up ahead will be plowed through by a heavy, with a shield guy not far behind. Take them out and head into the bar room. Two enemies will be firing at you from the double doors. Kill them as well, but watch out for their flash grenades.
  11. Head through the double doors. When you enter the room with the fireplace, eliminate the enemies and take out the generator. Head through the doors into the kitchen and take out the lone guard. Head into the dining room, to the right of the kitchen, to grab the relic, “The Blinding Sun”.
  12. Run through the kitchen and it will lead to a double door with glass panels. It’s your office. Jimmy the Grape will open the door for you. Head out of the office, kill the enemies that rope in, as well as the ones on the balcony.
  13. Head up the stairs. Before you head left, turn right and take out a pair of enemies that could shoot you in the back. When they’re down, head to your room, where an enemy will be waiting for you as you open the door. You’ll be knocked back just in time to see Aunt Sarah’s final seconds. Bastards.

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