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Going to a Funeral

  1. You awake in your trophy room full of the relics you collected with Johnny hovering over you, talking about how it’s been four days. And all that time The Darkness has been healing you. He also mentions the funeral for Aunt Sarah is today.
  2. When the conversation ends, look for the talent shrine right below the suit armor. Use it if you wish to attain some upgrades. When you’re done, exit the room and you’ll see Chief and Vinnie outside. Vinnie will start talking to you.
  3. Head through the glass paned double doors and hang a right where you’ll see Frank (or possibly Eddie) at the bar. Talk to him about what happened. After talking with Frank (or Eddie), turn around and head through the doors past the pool table, which is now covered with a blanket.
  4. As you enter the hallway, make a right to make your rounds. Talk to Dolfo near the fireplace, Fat Tony in the Kitchen, Mr. Higgins in the dining room, Butcher Joyce in the bathroom cleaning up the bloody, clogged toilet, and finally Jimmy the Grape, by the bottom of the stairs. Jimmy will talk about Aunt Sarah and then direct you to proceed to the funeral. You can go upstairs if you like, up to Jackie’s room, but when you’re finished, talk to Vinnie by the elevator. Tell him you’re ready to go, then enter the elevator.
  5. After heading out, you’ll start walking through the corridors of the mental institution once more. As you move forward, forcibly, you’ll see Johnny and he’ll tell you that none of this is real. As that happens, the screen flashes white and you’ll be in the cemetery in the pouring rain.
  6. Vinnie will be ahead of you. Walk up to him. You’ll shake hands, then you’ll automatically follow him as he starts talking about how Aunt Sarah was well taken care of by the staff.
  7. As you make it to the gate, you’ll be given control of Jackie. Follow Vinnie as he walks up near Jimmy the Grape. You’ll see the monument placed for Aunt Sarah. Now talk to Jimmy the Grape who is standing right next to the coffin.
  8. Shockingly, as Jimmy talks, the a-hole by the name of Bragg — the one who shot you in the face — crashes the party and hits the coffin your Aunt Sarah is in, spilling her body on the rain soaked cement. It’s time for some payback.
  9. Before you engage him however, head right and you’ll see a relic, “Cain”. You’ll see Bragg where the statue of the angel is. He’ll be throwing dark orbs of energy at you. Grab one in mid-air, then throw it back at him. He’ll immediately run away and some of his buddies will appear. There’s a heavy and a flashlight guy, who comes a bit later. When they’re done for, follow Bragg up the right hand stairs, past the angel statue. Break the gate and get ready to fight.
  10. Kill the shield guy as you get to the top, then follow the cobbled path, past all the mausoleums on your right. Shoot out the lights as you move forward. Keep following the path. Another shield guy will appear along with about 2 or 3 others. When they’re gone, Bragg will appear again and skip across the top of the mausoleums. Keep track of where he is, then grab the dark orbs he throws, then toss it at him. He’ll run away again.
  11. Follow the path and it will lead to a bridge. Follow the cobbled path once again and as you move ahead, you’ll see Bragg running away. You’ll reach an underpass, where a talent shrine is. Use it if you need to, then keep moving forward. You’ll reach some stairs and at the top are two enemies. Take them out. Don’t forget to shoot the lamp post.
  12. Keep following the stones path. As you turn right, you’ll be met with a normal, shield, and flashlight enemy. The flashlight guy tends to stand behind the shield guy, so try to shoot the light first. There will be an ammo stash right behind the statue as you round the corner.
  13. Keep moving forward and face another group of enemies. Notice the generator on the right hand side drenching the gate in light? To disable it, you’ll need to go around first, so keep following the path. As you turn the corner on the right hand side, a shield guy, a heavy and a guy with a flashlight will pop up. Take them out accordingly, then move up and destroy the generator. Time to head back to the gate.
  14. Head through the gate and you’ll reach a path with fences on both sides. Kill the enemies ahead. One of them will have a whip, that can remove your weapon from you. So be careful. These guys coupled with the flashlight guys are annoying. If the flashlight is shining on you and you don’t have a weapon, take cover and try to find something to throw against the flashlight guys. It’s the only way.
  15. Move ahead and you’ll see a big mausoleum in front of you. Go behind it on the left, to find the relic, “Engraved Skull”. You’ll see a group of two enemies running away, kill them, then keep following the path laid out for you. The path will turn left and around where you’ll reach some gates.
  16. More enemies will appear. Watch out for the guy with the whip as you try to take out the guy with the light first. When they’re left in a bloody pile, Bragg appears again. Do the same thing, grab the dark orb, then throw it at him. And again he’ll run away. In doing so he’ll bust open the gate you need to go through.
  17. As you enter, you’ll notice the eerie quiet. This part of the level is the staging area as you get ready to take on Bragg. Use the talent shrine if you need to, then head forward through the next set of gates. The area is wide open here and it’s where you’ll make your last stand with Bragg.
  18. This boss fight is a firefight. Bragg will zoom around the area, so just follow his trail so you know where he’ll go. On your immediate right are some ammo boxes you’ll need.
  19. Bragg will zoom around for a bit and stop periodically. Shoot him when he’s relatively still. When you see him start to rise up, you can strafe to avoid him because he will charge right at you. Or, if you have something you can throw you can toss it and him and he’ll get stunned.
  20. When his health starts to get low, he’ll set his goons after you. A van will appear and as it heads toward you, shoot out the headlights. Watch out for the whip guy. When they’re down, leave their hearts for later, unless you immediately need one.
  21. You’ll fight Bragg once again. Keep shooting, dodging, and stunning him. He’ll also start to toss out three dark orbs at a time, which you can use as well. When Bragg is finally taken down, walk up to him to start the interrogation. Press “E” to do so. You’ll be playing the good cop and your darkling buddy will be playing the bad cop. Hilarious. Also, Kano fatality.

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