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Hellgate Field

  1. Lovely name for an amusement park eh? You’ll start off on the pathway near the water with the creepy billboard of Hellgate Field overhead.
  2. Follow the winding path and right before you reach the wooden fence, you’ll hear Jenny telling you where she is. Follow her down to the beach where she says she’ll show you something. She’ll appear right underneath the lamp post as she scurries underneath the boardwalk.
  3. Follow her underneath by crouching. Follow the path as you see Jenny covered in a cloudy haze. Some wooden planks will bar the way. Destroy it and keep moving forward. Climb up the ramp that leads into the bumper car building. There’s a talent shrine you can use. When you’re done, walk along the wooden planks that lead outside.
  4. Explore the place for a bit. Eventually you’ll find the floor broken underneath. There you’ll see a gate with a rocketship on it and a merry-go-round. If you walk past that, Jenny will appear. Follow her and you’ll be treated with a flashback.
  5. Time to win Jenny a prize, that huge, grumpy, blue bear. Grab the gun by pressing “E” and shoot the ducks to aim for the prize. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get the top score, but the crabby, carny lady rips you off and gives you a green goblin instead. As the vision fades away, you’ll start to hear Victor.
  6. Turn around toward the waypoint. Head there. Enemies that charge at you with axes appear. Take them out. Try to shoot out all the lights. When they’re gone, move forward past the ice cream stand on your right. The “Cotton Candy and Peanuts” stall will open and shine a light on you. They’ll also throw a heavy at you. Kill him.
  7. You’ll need to run past the light, then head left behind the “Cotton Candy and Peanuts” stall. There’s a relic behind the stall “The Lantern of St. Anthony”. Grab it, turn around, then head left past the “Popcorn” stand. Kill the enemies that appear, then turn left past the bumper car place you exited earlier. A Van will appear. Shoot out the lights and take on the baddies that pour out. There are some rods you can use.
  8. Head toward the pretzel stand, where two enemies will be waiting for you. Leave them in a pile of blood and guts, then head into the open gates where your darkling is waiting. When you enter, the blinding lights will hit you hard. Move forward and immediately turn right into the doorway. Follow the cord.
  9. Break the wooden planks, then inside, kill the generator. Keep moving through the rooms by breaking the planks. Using the vertical slash is your best bet. It will lead you back to the room with the lights, but this time you can break the fuse box to open the garage doors. The screen will go black directing you into another area.
  10. Move forward and kill the two running enemies in the back, then look up on the right hand side to shoot the light. On the right hand side as well, there are a small flight of stairs. Go up, to grab the relic, “AF and Hemah”. Now turn around and make a left past the funnel cake stand.
  11. As you approach the ice cream stand, kill the enemies that appear. Some will be holed up inside the popcorn stand, one stand away. Take them out. As you round the corner on your right hand side, another group of enemies will make their presence known. There’s a whip guy and a flashlight guy here, so be careful.
  12. When they’re down for the count, move forward and jump over the boxes next to the stand that has “Jesse” in graffiti. You’ll see a ladder up ahead. Climb it. Move forward. The room on the left has an ammo box and the one on the right has a talent shrine.
  13. You’ll see the darkling hop out the window. Follow him out, then follow the planks over the wall. As you drop down you’ll see the Alley Ball stand on your left, which provides you ammo. Move forward and head toward the “Last Chance Saloon”. It’s another flashback and your chance to win the blue, grumpy, teddy bear for Jenny.
  14. Press “E” to play. Shoot the bandits, but don’t shoot the sheriff and the bartender. After you win the prize, Jenny tells you she loves you as she walks away and disappears. The blue bear, however, is left behind. As you approach the bear, a slew of enemies will appear. Kill the van’s lights first, then kill the rest. Watch for the ones who dash, the ones with the whips, and the ones with the lights. Also, shoot out the lights on top that turn on.
  15. When they’re dead, look to the left of the saloon and you’ll see a castle. Enter it to grab “The Abysmal Maw” relic. Now exit the castle, turn right, head straight, turn right, and climb up the steps. The path will lead you left down a tunnel. When you reach the end, the screen goes black and you’ll enter another section of the park.
  16. Move forward past all the stalls and the path turns left. Use the shrine if you need to. Follow the path ahead. You’ll notice a sign above that says “Freaks Arcade”. The path turns slight right and you’ll see Victor on the billboard above. He’ll vanish of course.
  17. Move ahead and you’ll be faced with a heavy, a flashlight guy and some grunts. Take them out, then proceed down the road. You’ll see a movie theater on the right hand side, but you’ll immediately see more enemies coming from a distance by the gate that looks like the maw of a clown. Take these guys out and watch out for the ones who dash quickly.
  18. When they’re down, the gate will close and it’s up to your darkling to figure out a way through. He’ll find a propane tank. Grab it and throw it at the garage door. You’ll dent it, but it won’t work. This gives the bad guys ample time to throw flashbangs at you. Back up.
  19. A flashlight guy and a shield guy will appear. Take some cover if you’re in the light. When they’re gone, head left past the clown gate and into the alley. Enter the gated door. As you enter, grab the relic, “Crescent of the Sun”, through the bars on the desk.
  20. Move through and you’ll see a generator shining a light. Be careful here since it’s a chokepoint. A shield guy will eventually come forth, so you’ll need your space. Make them come to you down here. As you take them out one by one, kill the generator, then clear the room.
  21. Head to the red door, break it, then leave the building. Climb the ladder you see ahead of you. Use the talent shrine at the top, then follow your darkling to the second floor. There will be some grunts and a shield guy. Maneuver your way around and take them all out, then head for the exit. It’s the open door.
  22. You’ll notice that it’s extremely bright. You have to run for it. The double doors ahead will open filled with three bad guys. Kill them using your guns, then head inside from where they came. Follow the hallway, and you’ll see the generator. Destroy it, then jump back out to the roof that’s now nice and dark.
  23. When you jump down, Victor will appear along with his Brotherhood gang. They’ll be on the roof and ground floor of the “Arcade”. Stay on the roof, and grab some rods and fans. Use them against the enemies using the arcade for cover. There will also be two enemies on the ground. Kill them too. When they’re finished, head inside the arcade.
  24. As soon as you drop, however, you’ll be ambushed. Get ready to fight some grunts, a whip guy and a shield. When they’re finally dead, head up to the second floor of the arcade, go straight, past the pool table and make a left outside.
  25. You’ll see a truck inside you can use for some fireworks. Walk up the ramps, then head down. Enemies will be at the bottom. Take them out from up top. When you drop down, more enemies will appear from the garage door. Take out the enemies who dash as well as the flashlight guy. When they’re gone, the darkling will drive the truck. There’s also a relic here, “Siddhartha’s Tears”.
  26. Now look for the red door and break it open. Open the garage by pressing the button on the panel. Now head out after the explosive slow motion sequence. You’ll see Victor after a few paces, once you enter through the gate.
  27. Up ahead, you’ll see the castle of horrors. Enter it amidst all the skull piles and skeletons.

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