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I Don’t Have Time for This

  1. Jackie wakes up inside a closet as Frank and Edward help him out. Jackie is concerned for Jenny, and Edward tells you she’s okay. Move ahead and enter the door on the left. Jenny will be up ahead.
  2. She’ll run from you into the office and Peter will stand in your way. Press “1” to get him “Out of your way”. You won’t be able to get through, until you find a weapon. Walk all the way back to your room. You’ll see Dolfo in a wheelchair. Ask him if he can find a weapon for you.
  3. Dolfo tells you to go into the janitor’s closet. Turn around and head for the exit. Make a right and the janitor’s closet is up ahead. Press “E” to open it. As Jackie struggles to open it, the janitor appears. Does he remind of you of anyone? The darkling will turn off the light and the screen goes black.
  4. Turn around and the institution is skewed beyond belief. You’ll see embers floating across the hallway. Keep moving forward by following the darkling. He’ll start explaining what’s going on. Follow the darkling into the portal.
  5. When you come to, you’ll see The Darkness being siphoned from your body as you stand there helpless in the iron maiden. The screen will go white once again and you’ll become the darkling.
  6. Move forward, then head left as you avoid the light. Head for the fireplace in the middle of the room. When you get inside, swipe the rod to break it, then hop into the cellar. Drop down and there’s a small tunnel you can take on the right side.
  7. When you exit, you can break the beams on the shelf and kill the guy underneath. Now look to the barrels in the middle. Cut across the middle of them, then make a left. Move forward and up ahead you’ll see more beams that you can break. Right next to that shelf is a tunnel. Take it.
  8. When you exit, take the next tunnel you see. When you exit that one, run across the hallway and enter another tunnel. When you exit that, you’ll see some light and on your left hand side is a fuse box. You’ll need to time yourself to break the box since the light comes on and off periodically.
  9. When it’s dark, break the box, then the gate, then hop onto the pipe into the hole in the wall. Keep moving forward and you’ll see Jackie inside the Iron Maiden.
  10. Turn right and follow the tunnel, then head left into the opening. Watch the patrols of the two enemies and kill them when they separate. There’s a room across from the table. Go inside and grab the relic, “Pope John XII”, then head into the tunnel in the same room.
  11. Follow the yellow wire above, using the dark tunnels to your advantage. Kill the enemy by the table, and when his buddy investigates, gut him too. You’ll see the fuse here teasing you from the hole in the wall.
  12. Maneuver your way around avoiding the light. There will be one enemy you’ll encounter with his back to you. Kill him, then enter the room with the pipe. Climb the pipe then break the fuse.
  13. You’ll be inside Jackie as The Darkness implores you to reclaim him. Unfortunately, The Darkness gets taken and Jackie is about to burn.
  14. You’re back as the darkling. The waypoint will pip, so head toward there. Watch out for the flashlight guy who will now be patrolling the hallway. Back track around and use the boxes for cover. When you head into the hallway, hang a left into the tunnel. Watch the patrols from the other side of the tunnel.
  15. When it’s clear, exit the tunnel, make a right down the hallway, and enter the next tunnel on the right hand side. As you’re about to exit the opposite side, watch out for flashlights. Wait for the flashlight guy to move left, then take him out just in case. When he’s dead, turn around and look for the wooden planks that are glowing green. It’s close by. Break those, then enter.
  16. Immediately drop down as you hear Jackie’s blood curdling screams. Move down to the bottom. You’ll see an enemy turning a wheel. Get down, get behind him and show him your finger means business.
  17. When he’s dead, you’ll be seeing through the eyes of Jackie again as he escapes the iron maiden. A gate will open. Follow the darkling through as you both make your way through the hallways and up the stairs.
  18. When you make it to the top, hang a left and into the little hallway with the light. You’ll reach some drapes. Press “E” to push them. Keep moving forward and the place will start to look familiar. It’s Jackie’s Dad’s office.
  19. In the office, pick up the “Reliquary of the Blessed Blood”, then pick up your father’s gun. Head out of the office, and the door on the left will open. Go through and fight your way out. Kill the three enemies by the table, then go straight as you make a left in the tunnel.
  20. As you hang right, more enemies will be down the hall. Kill them all, and replenish your ammo with a box on the right hand side. Keep moving forward, then head right. Use “backspace” to see where you need to go.
  21. Take cover in the hallway with the wine racks. Kill the five enemies that occupy this room. Up ahead is an arched doorway. Enter it, head right, then left, past the gates. You’ll see a purple light up ahead. A cinematic will ensue where Victor stabs Peevish with the siphon and gives him a bit of The Darkness.
  22. It’s boss fight time. The fight should not be too bad. You can see Peevish’s location by the purple light. What you have to watch out for are his darklings. In any case, if you’re low on health it’s easy to run away. Keep pumping rounds at Peevish. When his life goes down enough, he’ll glow red. Keep the same tactics, but watch out for the increased amount of darklings.
  23. When Peevish dies, go up to his corpse and harvest The Darkness. It’s time go after Victor. Press “backspace” to reveal where you need to go, or follow your darkling. When you reach the darkling, break open the gate, then head through.

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