The Darkness 2 Walkthrough

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Father and Son

  1. Go through the door, then head up the stairs to the door that’s open a crack. The screen will black out and when it reappears, access the talent shrine if you need to. When you’re done, break the wooden beams barring your way through the hole.
  2. As you enter the kitchen, goons will appear. Use your father’s gun to show them who is boss. Keep note of the enemies that shoot at you from the second floor in the distance. Head toward the light, then hang a left. Go up the stairs, then pull the beam off on the wall on the right side to create yourself a platform to access the second story. Watch out for those annoying whip guys as well as the flashlight mofo.
  3. As you walk up, turn right and there’s a room you can access after you tore the wall down. Grab “The Silent Night” relic. Turn slight left across the planks. You’ll see the blue teddy bear up ahead. A dashing enemy will appear. Stun him if you have the swarm, otherwise shoot him until he’s dead. Now exit the bedroom.
  4. Two enemies will be waiting for you on the right. Kill them both. Now head for the hole in the wall where a talent shrine is. When you’re done, exit the room using the opposite hole in the wall. Head right down the stairs and into a great room.
  5. In the room is a piano covered by a drape. Examine the picture of your father by pressing “E”. As you examine it, Victor will appear behind you talking about your father and his obsession with The Darkness.
  6. Victor will have you reeling on the ground and send his goons after you. You’ll have to survive about two waves of enemies, featuring Mr. Whip, Flashlight Guy, Heavy Dude, Dashing Man and Shield Homie. This fight can get quite annoying. Things do get easier if you have swarm to stun them and gun channeling, especially when you can shoot through the walls. Just remember to avoid the sunlight. After the fight is over, pursue Victor.
  7. A door at the back wall will open. You’ll enter a hallway where a talent shrine is located. If you need to use it, do so. When you’re done, head up the stairs. Behind the stairs, however, on the second floor is relic, “The Deceiver’s Grasp”. Now turn around and look down at the hole in the floor. Take the enemies by surprise.
  8. When they’re dead, drop down the hole and into the doorway ahead. You’ll enter another great room. Take out the baddies that appear, then walk underneath the bridge. Hang a right on the stairs. You’ll be greeted by a whip guy and later on a shield guy on the right hand side. The left hand side will be occupied as well.
  9. Fight your way through, on the right side, then hang a U around the second floor. You’ll see a closed door. Shoot the light that bars the way, then destroy the door. Head left down the hallway, left up the stairs, then left into the attic.

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