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Defeat Victor

  1. Move forward through the narrow hallway. When you reach the long hallway, Victor will start throwing vertical blades at you. Break them, by slashing horizontally. Keep moving forward as you do this. When you reach the end of the hallway, head right. You’ll be prepped with some guns, ammo, and a talent shrine. When you’re ready, break the planks.
  2. Reach the end of the room where Victor will be waiting. He’ll talk for a while before he does anything. His main attacks are the blades he throws. You need to slash horizontally and vertically, accordingly. Plus, he’ll utilize a smaller attack where he rapidly shoots out dark energy.
  3. Periodically, he’ll summon his goons to fight, which are actually not too bad since, the more annoying ones don’t appear. Save some of their hearts for later. Constantly use swarm and gun channeling if you have it. It helps a lot.
  4. When Victor’s life is empty, he drops the siphon. Walk up to it and pick it up with “E”. Jackie will beat the crap out of Victor, and will then stab himself with the siphon.
  5. Jackie wakes up back at the asylum with Tony and Swifty at his side. After they leave, exit your room and Vinnie will wonder if you’re okay. Jackie will keep saying he needs to see Jenny, so Jimmy allows it after he injects Jackie. Follow Edward to see Jenny.
  6. On the way, Doctor Vick shows up side by side with Doctor Jimmy. When the conversation is over, follow Jimmy. As you see Jimmy waiting by the nurse’s station, the darkling opens the door on the right. Follow him up the stairs. As he helps you, he sacrifices his life. Thanks monkey. I’ll miss you pal.
  7. As you head out on the ledge of the rooftop, you’ll be followed by Eddie, Jenny and Vick. They’ll try to convince you that if you jump, you’ll die, that the world you’re in now is real.
  8. You have to make a choice now. Stay with Jenny using the “LMB” or reject the asylum with “RMB”.
  9. I chose to reject the asylum, since Jackie has been going through so much to get Jenny back, but as always, it’s up to you. If you do choose this, you’ll be transported to hell. When you land, move forward and head for Jenny.
  10. Three enemies will appear. Kill them with The Darkness and grab their gun. Jenny will be taken up. Follow the path where the waypoint marks. You’ll be attacked by more enemies as you ascend. Take them out. Eventually you’ll find a relic, “Ashes of the Unnamed”. Grab it, then break the spikes to continue.
  11. Keep moving up and killing all the enemies that appear before you. Soon, you’ll reach Jenny. Kill all the enemies surrounding her, then break one of her binds. Go through the opening and keep following the path, while killing more enemies. Shield guys start to show up, so be careful.
  12. When you reach Jenny again, destroy all the enemies surrounding her, then break her final set of binds. You’ve freed Jenny. Or have you? After the credits end, you’ll be back in the game. Press “E” to let go.


Alright, so if you choose to stay with Jenny, you’ll stay in the asylum and dance with her on the checkered floor of said asylum until the credits roll. If you choose to reject it, like I did, Jackie will go to Hell to save Jenny, but she’ll then be host to the Angelus, the opposite of the Darkness, after the credits. Make your choice and watch what you decide.

Congratulations! You’ve just beaten The Darkness 2! And remember, there’s still the co-op to go through.

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