The Darkness 2 Walkthrough

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Unleash The Darkness

  1. After the whiteout, The Darkness is yearning to be set free once again. Jackie has no choice. Crawl to the man outside. He’ll walk away and be replaced by one of his goons in an orange jumpsuit. Press “W” to crawl forward, then unleash The Darkness with “E”. And unleashed it will be.
  2. Watch the gory massacre, then talk to the hurt Vinnie (I think I missed his name earlier) by the dumpster by pressing “1”. After the conversation, walk down the alley way to the fence and you’ll be shown how to pick things up with The Darkness.
  3. Press “Q” to pick up the rod, then press it again to throw it like a spear toward the enemy up in the scaffolding. Do it again for the second enemy that shows up. When they have been “impaled”, use the “middle mouse button” to unleash an attack that destroys the fence.
  4. Keep moving forward and you’ll be taught how to attack using the vertical and horizontal slashes. Two enemies will be served up as fodder. Use a vertical attack on the fence ahead of you, by holding down the “middle mouse button”, then moving the mouse up or down. For the horizontal attack, hold down the “middle mouse button” as well, but move the mouse left or right. After killing the two smack talkers, keep moving forward.
  5. Jump over the low part of the fence with “space”. You’ll see Jenny ahead, bathed in light, but she disappears. Head over to the fuse box and attach to it with “Q”. Now rapidly press “E” to open it. See how the wires are facing horizontally? Use a vertical slash to cut them. The door will now open.
  6. As you enter the building, an enemy will have his back turned to you. He’s vulnerable to being grabbed because you can see his heart outlined with a glow. Press “Q” to grab him, then press “1” to execute him. Watch the bloody fireworks.
  7. Enter the room with the black and white checkered floor and grab the box (which is highlighted in an eerie purple) and throw it at the enemy to stun them. You’ll see his glowing heart letting you know he’s vulnerable. Grab him with “Q”, then press “1” to execute him as well.
  8. You can also grab weapons at a distance. Press “Q” to grab the gun, then head for the door out in the street. Kill the enemy by the door before you head out and walk out onto the street. You can grab car doors and use them as shields and when you’re done with them, you can throw it at enemies to decapitate them. Kill all the enemies as you move forward. You’ll see decorations above the street. Head there.
  9. As you keep moving, an explosion will occur and Jackie will be knocked into a building with an enemy about to shoot him (bollocks), but there’s a friend waiting in the wings. Wait for the darkling to attack and when he’s done eating, walk up to him and grab the uzi.
  10. You can switch between combinations of weapons here using the mouse wheel. Now head to the door and latch onto it with “Q”, then rapidly press “E” to break it. Head through into the alley and grab the relic surrounded by candles.
  11. Keep moving forward. You can run with “left shift”. You’ll get a notice that bright lights are bad for you now. Shoot the lights to keep things dark.
  12. Now head to the darkling to access the talent shrine. Press “E” to activate it, then purchase the “Eat Hearts” power located in the middle. You can cycle through each quadrant’s skills to choose the others you want. I’d recommend the health execution one as your first just in case you’re on your last legs. Exit the menu when you’re done.
  13. You’ll need to eat hearts to regain health so eat the heart of the dead enemy by the dumpster. Do so by pressing “E”, then move on to the gate. Watch the darkling open it and get ready for a fight. Kill them all and eat their hearts along the way.
  14. The alley turns left and pours out into the street. Grab a shield and kill more enemies as you head toward the sound of gunfire. You’ll see some of your friends in a standoff with the enemy. Help them out, then head down toward the subway, but before you go down, shoot the lights out on the lamp posts.

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