The Darkness 2 Walkthrough

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The Subway

  1. Before proceeding, shoot the light out on the ceiling then grab the gate and destroy it. You’ll see your darking buddy enter a vent. Turn right down the hallway and shoot all the lights out on the ceiling. As you move down said hallway, civilians will immediately be fleeing. Wait for the enemies to pop up and kill them. Did I mention, don’t forget to shoot the lights out?
  2. Move into the lobby and walk through the subway gates. Down the corridor, another civilian will flee. Shoot the enemy that appears. As you round the corner, you’ll see the darkling attack another enemy and hopefully urinate on him when he’s done.
  3. Walk down the stairs and head onto the train platform. Kill the enemies taking cover behind the pillars. But before you head forward, Turn around and head to the back and you’ll see a relic beneath the stairs. Grab “YHWH’s Lament” as it sits in a circle of candles.
  4. Keep moving forward on the train platform as you continuously take out the orange jumpsuit apparatus crew. The darkling from time to time will stop and gesture you forward. There will be a talent shrine in the middle you can use. Gourmet Hearts (grab more health) and Relic Hunter (icon for relics appear when you get close) are good choices, since they only cost 50 essence each. When you’re done, let’s get back to the action.
  5. Move ahead, and you’ll see more enemies on the other side of the train platform to your right. Kill the ones on the tracks, then when it’s safe, jump the tracks onto the other platform. Remember, keep breaking the lights when you can.
  6. Head down to the tracks by the tiled wall where it says “Canal”. You should see your darkling buddy down there waiting for you. Head down the rubble and kill an enemy. When you get down far enough, a speeding train decides to come hurtling toward you from behind. Jackie will manage to avoid it by the skin of his teeth.
  7. Move toward the wreck through one of the train cars then exit to see the aftermath of the crash. After just a few paces, a dazed enemy will exit one of the train cars. Kill him, move up, then kill more of his buddies. Use the cover provided for you. There are also some rods on the left hand side you can use for a personal javelin throwing competition.
  8. Follow the darkling as you climb over the rubble and you’ll see Jenny once again urging you to follow her. Unfortunately there’s an oncoming train. But right before the train hits you, the screen will go white and you’ll be transported to a foreign place full of green doors, a circular hallway and a man in pajamas up ahead. His name is Johnny. Talk to him by pressing “1”. When he’s done talking, go up to Tony and talk to him too.
  9. When he’s done talking about vegetables, the screen will white out again and The Darkness will be doing some fishing down a guy’s throat.
  10. Walk forward and you’ll see Tony. You can’t miss him. Talk to him about what happened. It’s time to get in that limo

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