The Darkness 2 Walkthrough

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The Pool Hall

  1. Guess what? Another alleyway. Walk down and speak to Jimmy the Grape, then follow him as he talks a bit more about the situation.
  2. Right before you open the double doors to the pool hall with the darkling waiting in the wings, access the talent shrine to grab some new abilities. When you’re done there’s a pool stick next to the dumpster. Now destroy the door and cause some mayhem. You won’t have a gun initially, but you’ll have plenty of pool sticks. Use them all, shoot the lights, and kill the enemies on the first floor. There’s an arcade to your right where a relic is located, “The Sister of Light”. Now up the stairs we go.
  3. Break open the door and you’ll see Swifty as he runs away. Kill his friends. When they’ve been wishboned, grab the ammo on the desk underneath the neon light that says “Grinder” next to the bar, then head to the exit. You’ll drop into a car salvage yard.
  4. A handful of enemies will be waiting for you, so grab a shield as you pick them off one at a time. Most of them will be hiding and shooting behind one of the wrecked cars.
  5. Move ahead and access the talent shrine if you need to. Don’t forget to look left to grab “The Dark Man” relic. Follow the darkling as you walk over the downed chain link fence. Three enemies will be up ahead. Take them out with style.
  6. Jump down through the maze of cars and demolish anyone you see. On the second corner as you turn right, there’s an explosive you can grab. Throw it at the guy on the scaffolding. Keep moving forward to the fence, then break the gate. Walk up the ramp. The screen will black out.
  7. Walk down and use the talent shrine and ammo box before you move forward. When you do proceed, you’ll slip a bit. You’ll see Swifty as he begins to operate the wrecking ball.
  8. You can’t shoot Swifty, but your darkling will figure out a way. When he finds an explosive, press “space” to focus on it. Grab it and throw it where Swifty is piloting the wrecking ball. After the first hit, enemies will pour out. Take them out from a distance and save up their hearts just in case you get low on life.
  9. There are also ammo boxes on the corners you can use to replenish your ammo.
  10. When Swifty’s life gets low he’ll also shine a light on you as the ball swings by. I stayed behind the bricks on the right hand side and popped out only when the darkling appeared with an explosive canister. When the life bar gets to zero, Swifty escapes, but the wrecking ball is out of commission. Walk up the crane’s arm. Head into the portable to acquire another relic, “The Trinity”.
  11. Head to the gate, break it open and walk to the door that’s slightly ajar. The screen will white out again and you’ll see Jenny. When she’s done dancing to “Black Betty”, walk up to her and press “1”. After a bit of talking, you’ll dance together. Press “1” to kiss her, but she’ll back up and tease you about going into the back room. Follow her.
  12. As you open the door she entered, Jenny is gone. Continue through to the back, and break the door to exit, as you keep pursuing Swifty. Follow the alley and you’ll see two enemies, not looking to pick a fight. Kill them if you wish. Head around the truck and you’ll see a ladder to the right of a garage door. Climb it. You’ll see Swifty running for his life as you press “space” to focus on him through a window.
  13. A generator stands in your way. Break it using The Darkness, then break open the gate. Walk up the stairs, then up the ramp. Shoot the generator to make it dark. Kill the two enemies that appear, then break the gate ahead. Walk up the stairs and break the light as you make your way to the top.
  14. Use the talent shrine if you need to, then head down the opening. Eliminate everyone in the room. There are plenty of explosive canisters here to make short work of them. Head to the exit. Break the fuse box to open the door, then eliminate everyone here too. You can grab the engines that are hanging up top to throw, for your own demonic pleasure.
  15. Enter the room inside the conveyor belt loop to grab another relic, “The Graven Image”. If you would like to use the talent shrine, head to the small room with the windows. Now look for the panel with the red light. Press “E” to open the garage door.
  16. Head through it and kill the enemies on the ground floor. Head up the stairs next to the forklift and eliminate more enemies on the second floor. Enter the room where the exit sign is, then open the door using the panel with the red light.
  17. Break the fuse to exit. It’s time to corner Swifty in the loading bays. Head into the loading bay and take out his little army. There are rods and explosives you can use. When the initial enemies are gone, head left up the small flight of stairs and destroy the generator.
  18. Break open the door ahead, grab the relic, “Chime of Deliverance”, then exit through the door. You’ll see Swifty inside a locked room, behind glass, past some pillars. Take out his friends. On the left is a generator. You’ll notice it’s there since the light is so blindingly bright. You’re going to have to run through the light to destroy it. Follow the cable into the room and smash it. When all his friends are dead, break the fuse box to open the door. It’s time to have a chat with Swifty.

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