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The Brimstone

  1. After leaving the car, you’ll be in front of the “Lucky Mannequin”. Head inside the open garage door. As you enter, you’ll be met with some creepy mannequins. Make a right inside the room, then enter the door being held open by a stool. It leads into a hallway.
  2. There will be two guys down the hall. Walk up to them as they are talking. One of them needs to frisk you. Get closer to the guy wearing the blue jacket and the frisking will ensue. Now move ahead toward the double doors, and past the security televisions and camera. You’ll get buzzed in.
  3. Keep moving forward past the hallway with the red curtains into a room full of more red curtains. For ambiance right? Explore the room a bit to find Venus. She’s the red head wearing the green top. Or lack thereof. Talk to her. After the chat, follow her to her room.
  4. She’ll lead you into an elevator. She’ll start talking to you in a serious manner now. When the elevator stops, keep following Venus amidst all the activity. The screen will go black right before you enter her room.
  5. Venus reaches under the bed to give you something. A gun. Now it’s time to head upstairs.
  6. From the door, make a left and kill all the bad guys in sight. Keep moving forward and make another left. You should see a string of lights above. Follow that. Make a right around the corner, then a left into the next corridor past the ladder propped against the wall.
  7. Go straight. You’ll see a drawing of some stairs telling you to go left. Keep going straight, then make a right. You’ll enter a room bathed in red light. Enter the only open door. If you can’t see it, look for your darkling. He knows the way.
  8. As you enter the hallway, a fuse box is up ahead, but it’s covered in light. Talk to the darkling and tell him to get up inside the vent he’s pointing to. You’ll then become the darkling for a bit as he enters the vent. Follow the vent and check out the enemy on the bottom, by holding space. Keep following the vent and focus on another event.
  9. As you keep looking down, watching the events unfold, you’ll notice a cross being dragged into a room. Just keep straight and follow the vent. You’ll finally reach your destination. Head down and when you drop, look for the door. There’s an enemy up ahead with his back turned.
  10. Walk up to him and press “Q” to execute him. When his throat is slit by the finger of death, head toward the double doors. Watch out for the light. Avoid it by hugging the wall on your left, but also watch out for the enemy that patrols here. When his back is turned, head to the pipe that is glowing green. Simply walk up to climb it.
  11. You’ll be up inside the ceiling. Follow the pipes on the right hand side of the walls to progress. When the pipes end, follow the red wire to enter another vent. Drop down when you reach the end, execute the enemy, then break the fuse box on the wall using the “middle mouse button” to swipe.
  12. The darkling’s job is done as the camera pans backwards incredibly fast, back to Jackie’s point of view. Break the fuse box, then enter the door. When you enter, grab the shield, then enter the room with the windows and the red curtains. There’s a talent shrine inside. There’s also a board in the room which you can focus on, indicating the guys you’re dealing with know a lot more about you.
  13. When you exit the room, the double doors will open to your right. Take out both of the enemies that appear, then enter where they came from. Grab the relic “The Key of Mictlan”. Take out the guys down the hallway. There’s a generator here so follow the yellow cord and blow it up.
  14. Now head to the door that says exit and break the fuse box. Head up the stairs, where you’ll be greeted by more henchmen in a section of the building that’s still under construction. Grab the shield. There are also some rods you can use. Don’t forget to take out the generator on your right.
  15. Keep moving forward and there will be more enemies that rush in. There are also generators on the left and right hand side. There will be an enemy that rushes forward with a crazy looking arm, so kill him first. When all the enemies are dead, move forward to reach the end of the room. Hang a left to make a U-turn.
  16. There’s a generator up ahead that you’ll need to run through, but when you do, you’ll be helpless in the next room as the screen turns white.
  17. You’ll awake with the sounds of a nail getting hammered, only it’s your hand they are hammering. It’s here where you’ll meet the antagonist sucking The Darkness into a mystical looking box. You’ll also see poor Venus in the background and a live transmission showing your home being overrun.
  18. You’ll also have to make a choice on the video for who to sacrifice. Eddie or Frank. I did not choose and let it go. Eddie dies on my end by not pressing anything.
  19. After some violent persuasion, you’ll black out and see a dark eerie light trying to break free through the cracks of the brick wall in front of you. Grab it and destroy it. Head into the twisted corridor as you witness The Darkness and Jackie having an internal struggle.
  20. You’ll reach another wall. Destroy it and you’ll see Jenny as The Darkness says he has her soul. You’re then back on the cross coughing up blood. As you start getting beat up, rapidly press “E” to resist. The Darkness will implore you to. Jackie will then try to pull out his left hand, which is still firmly in place by the nail.
  21. Soon, you’ll break free and the enemy beating you up will be nailed to the cross via his head. A slow motion event will ensue as another enemy is about to break your face in. Shoot him, then break the light.

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