The Darkness 2 Walkthrough

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Escaping the Brothel

  1. Once you’re in control again, look left to grab the relic, “Thumb Screws”. There’s a talent shine you can use here as well. Now break the red door and follow the corridor out. You’ll see an enemy set on fire. Follow the path that he was going to go before he expired.
  2. Enter the door on the left and head through, then follow the string of lights on the walls. You’ll see another enemy burned alive. Make a right as the fire in front of him grows. The string of lights will be on your right. You’ll see the elevator shaft up ahead.
  3. Get on top of it and climb the ladder on the left hand side. When you reach the top, follow the wooden planks. You’ll get attacked here. Use your demon arms to make short work of them.
  4. Head to the open door on the left. As you enter, fire will burst on the left side. Make a right toward the red door. Destroy it. You’ll be up against two enemies. Kill them, then head toward the end of the room and up the stairs.
  5. Head for the exit. If you go on the right side, the floor will collapse. Take the left hand side to go around and through the exit. You’ll find the last exit that leads outside. Break it.
  6. You’ll see your crew on the bottom, now to find a way to get down. Make a right and drop down on the rooftop. Head through the gates and up the stairs on the left side. You’ll pass a brick wall on your right side full of colorful graffiti.
  7. As you start to descend, you’ll see a group of enemies run across the rooftop. Go through the gates, hang a left and kill the two enemies that drop down. Grab the fan for some slicing action. Keep moving forward up the stairs ahead, then make a left down a narrow rooftop path.
  8. Turn right and you’ll see the exhaust chimneys. Grab the fans and kill the enemies across the way, from a distance. Kill the ones who get up close with the demon arms. When they’re dead, move forward and head slight right. There’s a path with a pair of wooden planks used as a ramp. Climb the ramp, then drop down.
  9. You’ll be hit with light after a few paces, so run through and drop down on the other side. Move ahead and you’ll be met with enemies who have guns. Kill the guy on the scaffolding on the right, then kill the rest. Follow the darkling, he’ll be waiting for you on top of the stairs.
  10. Follow the path and you’ll be hit with light once again. Run past it, drop down, then kill all the enemies on this rooftop. Fans and rods aplenty here. Move up. You’ll see some stairs ahead that runs over a pipe. Make a right where more enemies will appear. Decapitate them, then head into the window, which used to be a wooden board, that your darkling destroyed.
  11. Your friends will appear urging you come back home. Hop in the car to quickly get back to the mansion.

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