Video: The Elder Scrolls Online Character Creator

The title says it all! TESO Art Director Jared Carr takes us through the character creation process. From the standard fare customization options like height and weight, to more exotic choices (tattoos, shoulder width, arm size, and even horn style), there certainly won’t be a dearth of character choice in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Some comment fodder for you Game Fronters out there: Do you plan on taking TESO for a spin? Our Ron Whitaker and sounds pretty jazzed about the game, saying he’s fine with the monthly subscription fee that many MMOs have now shed. Penny for your thoughts, Internet?

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5 Comments on Video: The Elder Scrolls Online Character Creator


On October 17, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Another MMO with a 15 dollar subscription fee. Do these people know this model does not work anymore with the exception of World of Warcraft. Tell me what other MMO out there is successful with this model?

Everything has gone free to play or cancelled. Why do these game companies create a game that we the player has to flip the bill for. Technically its a 60 dollar one month rental. Which in fact is about 4 months of game time.

Now if we downloaded the game for free and the payment is 15 bucks a month sure I have no problem with that model. I get to try the game and if I don’t like it I can cancel and all I invested was 15 bucks instead of 60.

This is the true way on doing this model.


On October 17, 2013 at 8:26 pm

I’m glad to see several upcoming MMO games requiring a subscription fee. In my eyes it is a sign of quality, but more so these games lack the invasive micro transactions that ruin gameplay and game economy so much. I’ll never respect a game that has concepts like planetside 2, neverwinter, or even guild wars 2′s micro transactions, no matter how great the gameplay is. The golden years of vanilla WoW must have really rubbed off on me.

Although I guess I should favor these pay2win-ish titles since I have so little time to play games anymore but lots of disposable income =/. It just pisses me off playing F2P games having spent hundreds of dollars knowing i’m footing the bill for freeloaders.


On October 17, 2013 at 8:54 pm

Is a monthly fee such a burden? Seriously it isn’t a lot of money. Great many things you can spend far more on for less entertainment for the money spent. Spent seven years in WoW with an untold number of hours played. If this is as good I will have no issue with a monthly fee.


On October 18, 2013 at 9:29 pm

@ Ares

7 years playing WOW huh. Tell me what has Blizzard been doing with the billions of dollars they have made from there subscribers? They have done absolutely nothing that makes this game look like the money we invested in.

1.The game has not had a visual overhaul unlike other MMO’s. Its still the same Vanilla WOW from 7 years ago.
2.Hardcore Raiders being punished on behalf of the casual players. I agree everyone should see all the content of the game. But they shouldn’t be rewarded for it.
3.Blues and greens replace purples during each expansion.
4.Giving away free gear.
5.Selling mounts and pets instead of it being earned in dungeons.

And I can keep going. Tell me add all the money you have given blizzard over the years which is over $1,000 dollars. Do you think the investment you have made shows for it?


On October 21, 2013 at 8:08 pm

Combat still looks like WoW, so it’s a no sale for me.

I’ll look forward to the free-to-play version a year from launch or when somebody creates private servers that support modded armors/weapons.