The Entire Deus Ex: Human Revolution Conspiracy in One Handy Infographic (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

WARNING: INCREDIBLY DETAILED SPOILERS! If you have any desire to be surprised during Deus Ex: Human Revolution, DO NOT CONTINUE.

The entire Deus Ex series is, uh, convoluted. There are tons of characters and secret alliances, backroom discussions, hidden agendas and flat-out crazies. When you’re playing the games, it can actually be difficult to follow all the threads. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one big timeline that shows all the important information, the players, and their motivations?

Well, now there is! Because we made it. Actually, it’s not one big infographic, but a series that will culminate in one big infographic. In the meantime, we’re releasing three, one for each title in the Deus Ex series, to help make a little more sense of what the hell is going on in each. Up first: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Hit this link to see the entire image (we know, horizontal scrolling’s annoying, but it’s a timeline and it was the way it made the most sense).

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2 Comments on The Entire Deus Ex: Human Revolution Conspiracy in One Handy Infographic (MASSIVE SPOILERS)


On September 28, 2011 at 2:43 pm

I didn’t find the story in DX:HR all that convoluted. The main plot was presented in a linear fashion. Only a handful of sidequests were the exceptions to the rule, and most of them went about filling in Jensen’s past.

And yeah, some characters like Megan Reed are left up in the air as to motives and alliances. She screwed Jensen over, and it’s pretty evident in the cutscenes from Jensen’s attitude towards her until the end is anything but favorable. I think you need a 4th aux group there representing those with a big question mark. Tong belongs there as well. Reed and Tong were obviously out for themselves, period.

But after thinking about, I realized there were no likable characters in DX:HR. Everyone was truly out for themselves despite spewing some rhetoric about “the greater good”. I could tell from early on that Jensen was screwed no matter what. The multiple choice ending wasn’t much of a choice for me. Given the forced set of events the game plays out on the main protaganist, the 4th button ultimately made the most sense among them all. It was the only one that seemed like the “right” choice, given Jensen’s righteous role in things. If only they had given us a 5th choice of just walking away. Kind of like what Craig did in the South Park “Pandemic” episodes.

In fact, the only character I found in DX:HR “likable” ended up not beig human at all.


On September 28, 2011 at 3:12 pm

I forgot about Malik. She was somewhat likable. So I redact my last sentence.

Sure she was a side character. But she was somewhat important to Jensen in the beginning, even if just there for moral support.