The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough

Ever since George Lucas systematically murdered everything that was good and great about this miserable existence on planet earth, Star Wars fans have been casting about for a story set in their beloved universe that doesn’t suck Bantha balls. As it so often happens, some overlooked creative talent was working at LucasArts (the neck-bearded one’s proprietary game studio) and in 2008, the publisher kicked off The Force Unleashed series with a game that had compelling characters and an interesting plot. See, was that so hard?

The Force Unleashed II puts you back in the role of Starkiller, a powerful Jedi teetering on the edge of the Dark Side. The first game ended badly for Starkiller, and the sequel finds him traveling about, getting things done with the help of an extra lightsaber and an expanded array of force powers, including everyone’s favorite: the Jedi Mind Trick.

If the original title is any indication, The Force Unleashed II is likely to have some unnecessarily tricky sections, so we’re providing a full walkthrough for the game. Check back on release day for the first installment! If you’re looking for factual information, try the cheats page, or check out lists of trophies and achievements.

Table of Contents

The Walkthrough

Kamino – The Escape

  1. Follow the instructions on-screen to get a little training in as you deal with the fake rebel soldiers.
  2. After the cutscene, Starkiller will plummet down the side of a Kamino building. Anything that gets highlighted in front of you is potentially capable of killing you — blast it out of the way with Force Push.
  3. Note that you only have a limited supply of Force power at any given time. Don’t go nuts trying to destroy everything in your path — try to dodge so that you can conserve at least a little power for when you can’t avoid an obstacle.
  4. ACHIEVEMENT: Destroy 12 pieces of machinery that are giving off lightning during this dive to unlock the “Stakross Medal of Excellence” Achievement.
  5. At the bottom of the fall, you’ll face a mess of stormtroopers. Follow the prompts on the bottom of the screen to get versed in a few of Starkiller’s moves. Right now you’re pretty underpowered — you can’t push or electrocute multiple enemies.
  6. TIP: Especially if you’re on a harder difficulty setting, get to know the block button. It’ll help keep you alive when you’re surrounded by blaster-wielding foes.
  7. Head outside when the room is clear and follow the tutorial prompts some more. You’ll be trained in double-jumping, grappling with enemies, and generally fighting stormtroopers. At the far side, blow down the door with Force Push.
  8. Through here you’ll fight another few troopers. They’re not too bad, although don’t get too close unless you’re killing them — stormtroopers now use a melee attack up close that hits pretty hard.
  9. Hop up on the machinery ahead as you clear out the troopers. You’ll find a platform here that you can pull out using the Force. Jump onto it and then onto the platform beyond.
  10. RED HOLOCRON: Grab the red cube on top of the next platform to get the first Chaos lightsaber crystal.
  11. Down on the other side, do a double-jump dash as prompted to get over the larger gap. On the other side, you’ll face Imperial riot troops. They can block your lightsaber attacks, but they are still very susceptible to Force powers.
  12. Grab those first two troops with Force Grip and toss them off the building. Easy enough. When a second team comes out mixed in with regular stormtroopers, feel free to do the same thing, or try out linking lightsaber combos to Force Push and Force Lightning at the end. The game will tell you how.
  13. On the next walkway, you’ll be attacked by TIE fighters as well as stormtroopers up ahead. Contrary to all logic, the stormtroopers are actually the bigger threat. The fighters just strafe the area and don’t seem to target you directly.
  14. Do what you can to take out the troopers at range if possible. You can pluck a TIE out of the air and crush it, then throw it at them, if you can stand to take the fire in the meantime.
  15. ACHIEVEMENT: Snag the “Sky Killer” Achievement or Trophy here for squashing 15 TIE fighters. It actually won’t take too long.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: See that fan directly to the left of all the stormtroopers? That thing will eat them if you use Force Push or Force Grip to chuck them into it. Five enemies tossed into a fan will net you the “Kamfetti” Achievement or Trophy.
  17. Go around the corner. You’ll see a big jet of fire ahead of you — wait for it to die down, then dash past it. Repeat the process a couple times, dealing with the stormtroopers setting up just beyond with Force Grip or your method of choice.
  18. RED HOLOCRON: Straight past the last fire jet, right behind where the stormtroopers were taking cover, is a Holocron housing a Meditation lightsaber crystal.
  19. You’ll get stopped as a door opens ahead of you and some stormtroopers move in to engage you. Toss them into the fan behind them, then round the corner and start picking off the troopers there, too. You’ll want to back up and draw them into your hallway to avoid taking too much fire.
  20. When you’ve killed the first squad, a second will come from the right to engage you, and you also have TIE fighters to deal with as well. Same thing: back up as necessary and get rid of the troopers more slowly, so that you don’t get rocked by their combined blaster fire.
  21. Up ahead, you’ll see a central turbine section that has a few enemy soldiers on top of it. You’ll need to deal with them before going much further, as they make it hard to fight the next set of enemies while they’re around. Hop up and slash them to pieces.
  22. GREEN HOLOCRON: Look left as you take to the rounded walkway that wraps around the turbine. See that green cube out on the far ledge? That’s a holocron that will increase your total health. Go get it.
  23. More troops on the other side of the turbine. Work in some lightsaber combos (Force Push seems most effective) to scatter the whole group quickly. Double-back around the corner or over the turbine housing if you need relief from fire.
  24. A few sets of reinforcements will arrive from the cylindrical elevator on the right. Just keep doing what you do — use combos to stop the attacks of multiple enemies faster — until you’re clear to blow open the door ahead.
  25. In this next section, you’ll have to use Force Grip to stop two massive fans from spinning. Beyond them are stormtroopers, so try to stay clear of stray fire while you destroy the fans.
  26. Past the environmental hazards, a couple of squads of troopers will pour into the hallway from the elevator, even as you kill their compatriots. Just keep hacking away and using your Force powers to keep the group off-balance until they’re dead.
  27. Drop down the tube just beyond and you’ll wind up inside the Kamino building.

Kamino – The Interior

  1. When you land, you’ll need to blow out a forcefield ahead by picking up objects and tossing them at two panels. Should be easy enough.
  2. As soon as the forcefield goes down, stormtroopers appear at the end of the hall. Whip those crates at them, too. Then follow the hallway around.
  3. YELLOW HOLOCRON: Right there on the table is another holocron for you. This one gives you experience points so you can upgrade your Force powers.
  4. Through the next door, you’ll be versed in using Mind Trick on enemies to cause them to commit suicide. After that, a couple of turbolaser towers across from you will open up on your hallway. Jump through the broken windows to the ground below.
  5. Here you’ll fight waves of stormtroopers. Use the landscape to your advantage — camp out behind pieces of debris in order to minimize the amount of damage you’ll take.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: You can earn the “It Burns!” Achievement or Trophy here just by tossing 15 enemies into these red forcefields. Avoid them yourself, however.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: There’s also the “Imperial Pinball” Achievement to rack up here. See those little spinning bulbs in the middle of the area? They’re generators. Toss troopers into them, or zap the generators with electricity, to bounce the stormtroopers all over the place. Perpetrate 10 generator kills to get the prize.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: One more. Those search lights are the targeting sensors for the turbolasers up on the wall above you. If you can trick 10 enemies into getting killed by shots from those lasers that are meant for you, the “No Match for a Good Blaster…” Achievement is yours.
  9. Keep pummeling your way through each new forcefield section, being careful to avoid the searchlights aiming down on you — if they find you, you’ll need to move fast to avoid getting cooked by a turbolaser.
  10. Eventually you’ll hit a door. Fight through the last of the stormtroopers and it’ll open up, revealing your first miniboss — a Wardroid, complete with carbonite gun and a shield.
  11. First off, stay clear of the Wardroid and Push or Grip those stormtroopers backing up the droid to get rid of them. When they’re down, use Force Grip on the Wardroid’s shield.
  12. Follow the button prompt (you’ll be tapping repeatedly) to wrench the shield from the droid’s grip. When that’s done, you can just play keep-away with this guy to inflict major damage.
  13. That carbonite gun the Wardroid is carrying is bad news, although it’s not the end of the world if he hits you with it. Use your Dash move to get way from the droid, as you’ll get more and more frozen as he hits you with the carbonite up close.
  14. At range, the Wardroid will fire carbonite shots at you, in a sort of bullet form. These you can catch with Force Grip and throw back at the droid. Do that and it’ll become frozen for a few short moments. Run up, jump and hit it with a few lightsaber attacks.
  15. Repeat the process for a few seconds and you’ll see a button prompt appear on the screen. Hit the button to go into a quicktime event — follow the instructions and you’ll slay the Wardroid and be able to Push through the door to move on.
  16. On the other side, you’ll hit another forcefield you’ll have to destroy by throwing crates. Knock out the shield, then use the crates on the gathering stormtroopers at the far end of the hallway.
  17. Continue down the hall until you’re back outside. Here you’ll face more troopers, including riot troops. The most effective way to deal with them is just to Push them off the walkway to their deaths.
  18. Keep moving forward, using cover to avoid taking too much fire and continually punishing your enemies. Some reinforcements will arrive on a dropship, but you should be able to handle them pretty easily.
  19. Further up, you’ll see a platform that the game prompts you to raise. Do so, jump up, and get to the platform to the right. There you’ll run into a few more enemies, with riot troopers mixed in. Fight them the same way you did below.
  20. Up ahead you’ll hit a gap. Here you’ll face your first Jump Trooper, and these guys use jetpacks. They’re slightly more difficult to hit with ranged attacks (apparently), but the game recommends Force Lightning.
  21. A handy trick is to Grip jump troopers, zap them with lightning, and chuck them at one another. That usually will take out both in one blast.
  22. YELLOW HOLOCRON: Grab this holocron when you jump the gap. You should get another Force Power upgrade out of it.
  23. On the far side, kill two more jump troopers and approach the door. Here again, you’ll face a Wardroid. This should be an even easier fight than last time now that you know what you’re doing.
  24. TIP: See those generators around the sides of the battle? They’re handy for blasting unwitting stormtroopers during this fight.
  25. Kill off the Wardroid and clear the way to the door and head inside.
  26. PURPLE HOLOCRON: Turn left just inside the door to snag another holocron — this one increases your amount of Force Power.
  27. Move a little forward and a drop ship will move into position to attack you from outside. You’ll need to dash forward and get out of there quickly or you’ll die immediately. Note that the perspective change means forward is Down.
  28. There are enemies ahead — ignore them. Any deviation from continually dashing will eventually mean death. You’ll get the points all the way to the end anyway. At the end, take the door back outside.
  29. You’ll be standing in front of a big tower. Catch TIE fighters and chuck them at the tower to knock it down and make a bridge — three should do it. That’ll make a path for you to reach the docking pad with Vader’s TIE on it.
  30. Go around the tower and cross it to the far side. When it slides away, you’ll be introduced to Force Fury. Activate it and you can just Force Lighting the two AT-STs with zero actual fighting on your part.
  31. With Fury still active, use Push to jettison the stormtroopers that show up to stop you. When they’re all gone, you’ll end this mission.
  32. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Escape from Kamino” Achievement or Trophy is your reward for completing the first level.

Cato Neimoidia

  1. First, quickly jet forward and start clearing stormtroopers off the landing pad. Use Force Push for maximum results. You’ll want to scatter them before they can do any real damage to you.
  2. You shouldn’t have many issues here. After a second, as you move forward, you’ll get a cutscene in which an AT-MP — basically a walking missile launcher — appears ahead of you on the other platform.
  3. You’re prompted that you can deflect projectiles by timing your block. You can do that if you want, but there’s a better way…
  4. ACHIEVEMENT: Instead, get behind Vader’s TIE fighter so that it’s between you and the AT-MP. Use Force Grip to pick it up and smash it, then wing it at the AT-MP to destroy it in one shot. The “Valet” Achievement is yours as well.
  5. With the ramp extending, you can cross to the far platform, but you’ll have to face a pair of Sith Acolytes. These guys resist the Force, so it’s lightsaber time.
  6. TIP: When acolytes shoot Force powers at you, reflect them with the timed block you just got prompted to try out against the AT-MP.
  7. You can fight these guys, but why bother? Get close to one and use your Grapple move — you’ll get an instant, throw-him-off-the-pad kill. Repeat the process to make short work of these guys.
  8. RED HOLOCRON: Look left of the door for another landing pad, curiously empty in the distance. Run straight out to it and cross the center to the stack of crates in the back middle. Clear them or go around them to find a Red Holocron behind them and the first Protection crystal.
  9. Now go through the door. Stand on the elevator to descend to the city walkway. Up ahead, you’ll see another AT-MP shooting missiles at you.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: You can catch those missiles with Force Grip. Do so and throw them back. Three should do the trick, killing the AT-MP and rewarding you with the “Return to Sender” Achievement.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: Alternatively, you can deflect missiles at the AT-MP by using timed blocks. Knock back 20 missiles that way and the “To The Face!” Achievement is yours.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: If you don’t have it already, toss a few more guys off the walkway to their deaths. After you’ve dealt with 50 troopers this way, you’ll get the “Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall” Achievement.
  13. Clear through the enemies and you’ll find you hit a dead end. There’s a ramp you can take downward to the right, and a cutscene will trigger some stormtroopers to descend in some weird elevators to attack you.
  14. Go back up, smash through those guys, and take a look at those three elevators. You can lift two of them with Force Grip — do so and they lock into place. Then jump up from the leftmost elevator to reach them and get up to the walkway.
  15. YELLOW HOLOCRON: Snag this holocron while you’re up here — it’s right in the way.
  16. Kill the stormtroopers ahead and cut to the right when the path presents itself. You’ll learn Sabre Throw — use it to cut out the repulsors under the platform ahead and kill the troopers on it. Jump across and do the same to the next platform.
  17. Hop down to the far side. There are two troopers you can kill from a distance. Inside, you’ll find yourself under attack from a hallway to the right. Among the enemies is a sniper, so avoid his red targeting laser.
  18. ACHIEVEMENT: See that round ball thing? Grab that and throw it at enemies — kill three enemies with it and the “Strike!” Achievement is unlocked. If you can’t get all there here, you’ll have other opportunities.
  19. These troops are easy — kill them and get outside. Here you’ll find a bridge with two acolytes guarding it, and a red forcefield beyond.
  20. Be careful of these guys, as they pack a wallop. You can use the Grapple move on them (ideally, throw them into the red forcefield for an instant kill), but you may have to finish them with your lightsabers. Just hack them apart as they get up.
  21. Follow the prompt to kill the forcefield. A few more stormtroopers show up to get chucked off the walkway in all directions. Follow the path to the right to the closed door. Blast it open and go through.
  22. Troopers are amassing on the far side of the door. These are mostly regular stormtroopers, but among them are a few enemies who are going to make life a little difficult — snipers and riot troopers.
  23. The best thing you can do here is avoid the sniper’s lasers while Pushing everybody out of your way. Try to pick something up and toss it at the snipers to kill them, as they’re much more irritating than they let on if they hit you with one of those shots.
  24. Pound through the troopers and you’ll find another ball you can throw for your “Strike!” Achievement. Use it on the troopers lining up in the next hallway. At the end of that is a door to blow down.
  25. RED HOLOCRON: Immediately out the door, turn left into the corner to find a Fury crystal.
  26. Start to cross the bridge ahead. You’ll get locked in by red forcefields and attacked by a pair of jump troopers. It’s lightning time.
  27. ACHIEVEMENT: You can blast both these guys with lightning to overload their jetpacks, killing them, turning them into missiles, and racking toward the 20 you need for the “Up, Up and Away” Achievement.
  28. ACHIEVEMENT: Dump your entire full bar of Force power into a lightning attack on one of these guys to snag the “Fully Charged” Achievement, while you’re at it.
  29. Break down the forcefields and some troopers appear at the far side of the bridge. After you do, another AT-MP will show up to huck missiles at you. Toss them or reflect them back for whatever achievement you haven’t earned.
  30. Move up. There’s a platform you have to lower with Lightsaber Throw just ahead. Board it and then climb up on the left to the walkway that’ll be on the right (or forward in the direction you were just traveling). Watch for sniper fire.
  31. Clear the round platform with the sniper and troopers, and zap the jump trooper attacking you from the back. When you turn toward the bridge to move up, another AT-MP will be throwing missiles at you. Throw them back.
  32. Deal with the AT-MP and the incoming riot troops as you see fit. Cross the bridge into the next building and get behind the round ball, which you can throw at enemies.
  33. RED HOLOCRON: When you move that ball, you’ll reveal a holocron that gives you a Healing crystal.
  34. Rush forward to Force Push the troops out of position and kill the more irritating ones. You shouldn’t struggle too hard, especially if you throw the riot troops at the snipers, dealing with both at once.
  35. Don’t leave by this door just yet, however: instead, stay close and try to draw missile fire from the two AT-MPs that are positioned on either side of the elevator building ahead of you. You want to kill them from a distance.
  36. Throw stuff at the enemies coming out of the elevator ahead and wait for missiles. Use the doorway for cover — trying to cross the bridge under fire from both those AT-MPs is pretty much suicide. This way, you can take them on at your convenience.
  37. Thrash through the last of the stormtroopers and you’ll face a different threat — a group of three acolytes and a handful of riot troops. These guys complement each another, the acolytes dealing massive force damage while the riot guys outfight you with lightsabers.
  38. Divide and conquer. Force Push the hell out of those riot guys, doing your best kill them or toss them off the side of the area. When the odds are a little more even, try to avoid taking Force damage with blocks and dodges.
  39. Get in close and Grapple the acolytes. Luck will have you toss them off the side, but you can just as easily close the gap and hack them apart. Then take the elevator up.

Up to the Casino

  1. The Baron says something like, “let’s see you run,” which means just like on Kamino, you’re going to have to shag ass forward while the ground beneath you is ripped apart. Ignore enemies and dash profusely.
  2. BLUE HOLOCRON: Along the way you’ll see a holocron appear above you. Just jump and dash into it when it shows up — it should be easy, since it’s right in your face.
  3. At the end of the road, you’ll drop down into the casino proper. Finish off any stormtroopers in the room with you and blow open the door to leave. You’ll enter a gaming room filled with troopers, but the most important are the snipers on the second floor.
  4. Use dash to avoid getting shot and use the platforms in the center of the room to jump up to the second floor and deal with the snipers. You’ll find riot troops there, too. The red forcefield makes short work of them.
  5. GREEN HOLOCRON: Right in the center of the room is this life holocron, in front of the bridge that crosses one side of the second floor to the other. Can’t miss it.
  6. Once everyone around you is dead, find the door to the left of the forcefield on the lower floor. Just outside you’ll fight jump troopers and a few regular stormtroopers to your right. Past them is a door, where a larger compliment of enemies waits.
  7. The primary issue here are the two acolytes in this second casino room. They’re flanked by snipers, troopers and riot troops — push those guys out of the way quickly and take out the more annoying acolytes.
  8. When you’ve grappled and murdered the Sith, you can turn your attention to the riot guys if they’re still alive, and try to finish off that sniper. A few quick dashes and choice Force Powers should easily win the day for you.
  9. Find a cylindrical tube going down — it’s an elevator shaft — and destroy the repulsor with lightsaber throw to clear the tube. Drop down and you’ll enter the main casino floor.
  10. First thing to deal with in this room: an AT-MP to your right. Catch its missiles and redirect them. It should be laughably easy by now.
  11. Get up to the second floor, where you’ll find riot troopers. Also easy. Kill them and the red forcefield barring the way forward comes down, allowing two acolytes to enter and a sniper to draw a bead on you.
  12. YELLOW HOLOCRON: Before we do anything, backtrack away from the sniper and look for a bridge that crosses from one side of the second floor to the other to get this holocron.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: You probably already got the “Break the Bank” Achievement just by fighting in this casino room. If not, destroy a few of the things scattered around the room that look like slot machines and arcade games. These are gaming machines, and annihilating 10 of them unlocks your achievement.
  14. Now it’s time to fight some acolytes. You’ll find them on the ground floor. Try to stay clear of the area you just opened behind the red forcefield, because it houses another AT-MP.
  15. You should be getting good at fighting acolytes. Finish them and get the snipers on the second level. Then drop down and return the AT-MP’s missiles to its face. Done and done.
  16. There’s another elevator you can dismantle with your lightsabers. Do so and drop down into another gaming floor. This one is awash with carbonite fog.
  17. Be careful in here. It’s hard to see, and while none of the fights you’re about to get into are hard, venturing too far into the room will cause all of them to occur at once. First, deal with the lone Wardroid, who apparently has gone nuts with the carbon freezing and murdered some of the casino patrons.
  18. Kill this Wardroid the way you always do. When it’s down, head further into the room and another Wardroid will show up, along with acolytes and troops. Fall back away from the Wardroid and clean up the little guys first.
  19. Now take on the Wardroid to exit the room. The fog shouldn’t really be too much of a hindrance to you. Killing this droid clears the carbonite from the door, allowing you to blast through it.
  20. RED HOLOCRON: The next room has a Jabba the Hutt hologram in it and no enemies. In front of the hologram are three gaming machines. Destroy all three and a costume, Guybrush Threepkiller, is yours.
  21. Step through the door to leave this room and you’ll get a forced perspective of the bridge; time to run again. Just start dashing and don’t stop until you hit the end of the bridge. Starkiller will board a tram in the cutscene and you’ll have new work to do.
  22. You have to defend the tram from TIE fighters first off. Don’t bother to Grip them; just hit them with a tiny burst of lightning and they’ll overload and explode. Keep that up until you take out all the waves of fighters.
  23. Now turn around and face the big ship that’s been chasing you around all day. This one will lay into the tram — you’re basically racing it to see who gets destroyed first. The only way to hurt the ship is to reflect its missiles back at it, so ignore the turbolaser fire altogether. It’s not aimed at you anyway.
  24. Bounce back each volley of missiles as the ship strafes you. Watch out for the blinking red flares on the tram’s roof, as those indicate spots that are about to get bombarded with missiles that you can’t really block.
  25. As the enemy ship takes more damage, it’ll start sending two missiles at you at a time. However, blocking them doesn’t operate any differently. Knock them back the same way you have and you should destroy the ship right before your tram goes down. Cutscene time.

The Tram Station

  1. YELLOW HOLOCRON: When you reach the tram station, you’ll see the little boarding structure right in front of you on the right. Go around this metal nub and hug the corner for the holocron.
  2. Look up the ramp for a group of riot troopers heading your way. Snag one and turn him into a Lightning Grenade to make short work of all of them.
  3. The next platform will have you facing a host of enemies, among the jump troopers and riot guys. You shouldn’t struggle too hard, however, and Force Push will serve you well.
  4. Beyond them, head up and around the corner for another skirmish. Past these guys, snipers are drawing a bead on you from a platform further back. You can’t deal with them, so just rush upward until you’re out of the open area.
  5. At the top of the ramp is another Wardroid. Use that stack of exploding barrels beside where it shows up to inflict massive damage early. Then finish it off and get ready for reinforcements to show up.
  6. More jetpacks, riot troops and stormtroopers surround you next. Deal with the most irritating group — the riot troopers — first, and Force Push the little guys into oblivion. Then you can pour lightning into the last of the jump troopers before destroying the forcefield.
  7. Reinforcements show up on a drop ship immediately. Force Push them all to scatter them and take out the jump troopers. Mop up the mess and look for the AT-MP heading your way across the bridge up ahead.
  8. Also note that you can take sniper fire from here, so keep your head down. Deal with the AT-MP and its missiles from a safe position before venturing across the bridge to your left. A forcefield goes up as you’re crossing it, exposing you to sniper fire.
  9. Stand beside one of the pieces of architecture lining the bridge to protect yourself from fire as you clear the forcefield. Now you’re clear to go kill the snipers without issue.
  10. RED HOLOCRON: Look up and to the left over the walkway the snipers were on and you should see a Holocron hovering in space. On the left side of the walkway leading up to that spot are three crates you can Grip. Climb them or set one near the Holocron and you can jump to reach it, snagging your second Chaos crystal.
  11. Take a right toward trooper reinforcements, flanked by a pair of Wardroids. Do your best to take the shields from the droids early; you can then use the troopers as Lightning Grenades against the bigger enemies.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can trick the Wardroids into carbonite freezing their allies (which isn’t difficult), you can shatter them with your lightsabers. Ten such shatters unlock the “Shattered” Achievement.
  13. Break down the red forcefields and head inside. In the next room, a drop ship and some jump troopers will blow out the windows, but jump troopers are easily killed with lightning, so this is a non-threat. Watch for rioters to show up from the other hallway, however.
  14. BLUE HOLOCRON: Check the left side of this room for a cube that’s just hanging out.
  15. Head down the hall and out the next door. You’ll be moving down a walkway littered with barriers that stormtroopers are hiding behind. These fights will be alternately filled with snipers, jump troopers and Wardroids.
  16. Use the various objects for cover and you can effectively dictate this entire fight. You’re pretty much invulnerable to sniper fire and regular blaster fire, and powers like Force Grip and Mind Trick will help deal with enemies without exposing yourself.
  17. You know how to handle these enemies. Just keep moving forward and blowing through barriers.
  18. GREEN HOLOCRON: After you fight two or three Wardroids, you’ll find this Holocron right in the middle of the walkway.
  19. That irritating ship is back, but this isn’t really a boss fight. First, hide behind the cover in the back of the area to avoid the ship’s blasters. When it overheats, you can throw your lightsabers at it to damage it.
  20. Next, step just past the cover and wait for the missiles. The ship fires a single missile for you to reflect first, then a line of four. From the back of the area, bounce the first missile back, then move forward as you bounce back one of the second set. That way, you can avoid taking splash damage as the other missiles impact the bridge around you.
  21. Keep it up. Bounce back enough missiles into the ship and you’ll get the opportunity to do a quicktime action with the Force. Tap the button as prompted and you’ll crash the ship into a spire to the left.
  22. Nice work. Repeat the process and crash the ship to the right this time. That’ll destroy it.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT: That fairly easy fight nets you the ”The Nemesis in Flames” Achievement.
  24. After the cutscene, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of a cage area that leads into the arena. An elevator descends beside you after you leave the chute where you start.
  25. RED HOLOCRON: See that Holocron across the cage area from you? It seems impossible to get to at first, but if you ride the elevator up some, you can hop onto the skeleton that’s hanging in the center of the room. Cross over the ribs and spine and then jump and dash down to the walkway housing the Holocron. You’ll receive a Corrosive crystal.
  26. YELLOW HOLOCRON: Just above the red holocron you just snagged, use the elevator to hop across to this one on the third level before you get to the top of the shaft. Be careful not to ride the elevator too long, or you’ll trigger the next cutscene.
  27. Now, ride the elevator back to the top.

Boss Fight: Gorog

  1. This fight can be frustrating. The Gorog slams down his hands on the area you’re running around on, and his palms are bigger than the game seems to suggest. You’ll need to learn a few of his moves to avoid getting pounded.
  2. First, watch for the red markers that appear on the ground, and get clear of them — these indicate where a hand will fall when the Gorog attacks. He has a couple of flat-hand moves and a couple of fist-pounds.
  3. You’ll also want to stay well back from the edge to try to avoid his roaring breath move. This one will knock you down every time and is really hard to dodge.
  4. This fight goes on forever, so be ready. The key at first is to just damage the hands as much as possible, but paying special attention to the wrist shackles. You want to hurt the Gorog into getting it to pound down both fists at once. Then, hack away at the nearest wrist shackle and try to get it damaged.
  5. It’s not an easy undertaking, especially at first. You’ll need to get to the outside of the hand in question and hit it as hard as you can, then be ready to move again. Watch for the Gorog’s sweeping hand motion. You can quickly double-jump it, and then you’ll often find it’s followed with a fist pound, which gives you an opportunity to do some damage.
  6. When you damage one of the shackles, you’ll get a prompt to hit the Force Push button repeatedly. Doing so will push the Gorog’s hand up and get it locked in. Time to repeat the process with the other hand.
  7. Down to just one hand, Gorog increases the roar move and changes things by adding attacks to his right hand. These are basically the same ones you saw before, so you should know how to deal with the sweep and palm slap. When you get the chance, hit the shackle.
  8. Eventually, you’ll be able to lock in the second hand. That leaves just the Gorog’s face, and it isn’t happy. Do your best to avoid its roaring breath attack. After that, you can use Force Grip to snag the chain under the Gorog’s chin and inflict some major damage.
  9. Repeat the whole process. You’ll need to keep dealing the Gorog damage until it eventually breaks free of its bindings in a cutscene.
  10. Now you’ll be up on the edge of the arena, and things haven’t really changed much. The Gorog has to hang on while it fights you, so it can only use one hand a time and its moves are much more deliberate. However, it only really adds one new one — a multiple fist-slam that covers most of the area.
  11. Try to dodge mostly to the left to avoid getting too hurt, and hit the Gorog in the face with lightning and Lightning Grenade stormtroopers. You should also hack away at the hands.
  12. Before long, the Gorog will destroy a building to the right and you’ll be able to climb the tower there. When you do, its huge hand will grab the tower and try to grab you — but as long as you’re not near the front edge, you’re totally safe. Step up and start hammering with your lightsaber, doing as much damage as possible.
  13. If you don’t take too long, you’ll end up on another piece of a tower similar to yours, and you’ll need to run across to the far end. Get there and it should trigger quicktime event during which you attack the Gorog, cutting the metal panel off its head and hurting it. Then a cutscene will let you join back up with General Kota.
  14. After the cutscene, you’ll be at the last stage of the boss fight: saving Kota. As you plummet, try to avoid taking damage from any debris so you can keep your strength up.
  15. ACHIEVEMENT: In fact, if no debris hits you for this entire fight, you’ll receive the “Stay on Target” Achievement.
  16. The key here is to charge up your boost, as prompted, and close the gap between you and the Gorog. Try to make sure you’re not in danger of being hit before you hit the button to charge up.
  17. When you do reach the Gorog, you’ll have a chance to lay into it. Avoid its arms by swinging into the corners of the screen, opposite wherever he’s swinging from. That should keep you relatively safe.
  18. In the meantime, keep blasting lightning to weaken the Gorog. After a few seconds, you’ll come in close to his face. Feel free to cook him if you want, or just pitch your lightsaber at him.
  19. A few rounds harassing the Gorog’s face and that should be the end of the battle and the level.
  20. ACHIEVEMENT: The ”Bring Down the Giant” Achievement is yours for your victory.


  1. This is actually just a holocron-grab. There’s only one path, there are no enemies, and the level ends with a cutscene after just a minute or two.
  2. YELLOW HOLOCRON: First, hop up on top of the Rogue Shadow (your ship) and snag the holocron floating above it.
  3. BLUE HOLOCRON: Now go around the back of the ship and look for a big boulder you can move with The Force. Lift it away to reveal your holocron.
  4. Push Up on the D-Pad to use your Force sense and find the path ahead. You’ll be climbing a few platforms to the left of the Rogue Shadow to move forward. Stop at the top, where you’ll find Yoda’s little hut a little to the right of the path that goes further into the sawmp.
  5. RED HOLCRON: Go to the right of Yoda’s house, and look for this one among the trees. You’ll get a Life Drain crystal when you pick it up.
  6. GREEN HOLOCRON: Back at Yoda’s house, you can go around the back of it a little down the path, where you’ll find another movable boulder that obscures this holocron.
  7. RED HOLOCRON: You’ll find this one right on the path through the swamp. It contains a Focus crystal.
  8. YELLOW HOLOCRON: Another one that’s right on the path as you advance.
  9. Finish the level by approaching the cave and watch the cutscene.

Aboard The Salvation

  1. Hop off the tram and follow Kota around until you get to another cutscene. Afterward, you’ll be free to go on your own. When you come to your first locked door, zap the battery to the left of it with lightning to power it up.
  2. In the next room, you have to do the same thing, only this time you’ll have to plug the battery in first with Grip, then zap it with lightning.
  3. As you go forward, you’ll find yourself on a big elevator. After a second, it’ll fall. At the bottom, turn around and hop up to the exit to continue.
  4. Keep moving forward. You’ll have to wrench open a door with The Force to proceed down the hall. When you come to another door you have to tear open, a robotic Terror Spider will attack you.
  5. In fact, you’re dealing with a lot of spiders. Fight off this first wave with your regular attacks — lightning works well. When a second group falls, you’ll be taught in the ways of Force Repel. Use that to eradicate the other spiders.
  6. You can just keep jumping into the air and using Force Repel on these guys to eliminate a bunch of them, although you might have to move around and do some standard fighting to keep your Force powers refilled.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: Knock out 200 of these spiders — you’ll do that easily just in the course of playing through this stage normally — and the “Arachnophobia” Achievement is yours.
  8. The worst of these spiders is their ability to latch onto you. If that happens, quickly hit the Left Stick to shake them loose. Even with that to deal with, these guys shouldn’t be much more than an annoyance.
  9. RED HOLOCRON: After you’ve fought through the last of the spiders, tear the door open and continue down the hall. The holocron is just waiting for you, and contains a Regeneration crystal. You might want to use that — it’s extremely handy.
  10. Keep moving and you’ll come to an elevator. Expect a spider ambush on here. Fight through them and follow the hall until you get to the med bay.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: See those blue liquid tanks? Those are bacta tanks, and destroying all you find aboard Salvation will earn you the “Master of Destruction” Achievement. You have to do it in one go without dying, however.
  12. Destroy the tanks and head through the fiery door on the left. You’ll see Juno on the other side, but you can’t get to her yet. Backtrack to the room you just left.
  13. You’re facing the “elite” forces Kota mentioned earlier. These guys are stealthy but not especially difficult, provided you know how to handle them.
  14. First off, block whenever you can’t see your enemy. They like to appear behind you and slash you, or shoot you with projectiles from unseen locations — either way, you need to block that.
  15. If you get an idea of where an enemy is — like if he appears for a second — don’t bother attacking him unless you can stun him first. Lightning does this really well (it’s especially useful if you can parry an attack), as does Mind Trick. Use either one on these guys and they’re vulnerable to attack.
  16. Once you get their moves down, you should have an easy enough time. Don’t leave yourself open to attack, and move quickly to parry or stun anybody who comes close to you.
  17. When the soldiers are dead, look to the fiery door for a battery to the right of it. Pull it with Grip and move it to the locked door across from it. Charge the battery and you can leave.
  18. You’ll quickly find yourself in another section of the med lab. Watch out for another stealth trooper attack, which you can handle in the same way. There’s one group in the first half of the room, another in the second half.
  19. TIP: Make sure you take out the two or three bacta tanks here along the way.
  20. Up ahead, you’ll enter a room that has a door ahead of you and a path to the right. Spiders attack, but you should already see that they’re simple to deal with. Don’t go forward just yet.
  21. GREEN HOLOCRON: First off, turn around and look at the door you just came through. You should see a blue battery in use by the door on the left side of it. Pull it out with Grip and take it down that path to the right. Around the corner, you’ll find a door that needs a battery. Plug it in and inside are three bacta tanks you need to destroy, the center one of which hides a holocron. That should be all your bacta tanks, by the way.
  22. Back to the last room. Grab the battery in front of the other sealed door and install it to open the path forward. In the next room, you’ll see Juno and Boba Fett. Blast through the glass ahead and you’ll be ambushed by stealth troops and spiders.
  23. The same rules apply here. Kill the spiders when you can and block whenever possible to avoid the stealth troops. You should hack through all of them before long.
  24. Keep moving along the path after you tear the doors open. Down the hallway you’ll encounter spiders, before moving into a section that looks like it’s been melted. Go through the holes until you come out in a narrow area where the floor is missing.
  25. BLUE HOLOCRON: You’ll be standing on a ledge when you get out into this area. The game will pan forward, showing you all the weird melted holes ahead of you. Step to the left edge of your ledge and rotate the camera so you can see below it — you’ll notice another ledge beneath, one which houses a holocron but will give way after a moment when you put your weight on it.
  26. Start moving ahead to the right. Jump across to the platform there, then back to the other side, and then across one more time. You should be at a hole that has some batteries in it: grab one and float it across to the next ledge ahead of you.
  27. Jump to that ledge and you’ll find an unpowered door there. Plug in the battery to get through, then climb back up on the left side to get through the melted hole.
  28. When you jump across here, you’ll be on a series of fallaway ledges. Keep moving forward until you get to the exit — dash if you need to.
  29. Through the hole you’ll find another door, which leads to a hallway with a hole in the floor at the end. Drop through it to enter the engine rooms.

The Engine Rooms

  1. Ahead you’ll see two red conduits of lighting. Dash through in between bursts of electricity. Beyond them, you can go left, past more red lightning, or right, where you’ll have to wait for an electrified wheel to stop spinning so you can jump through it.
  2. Keep moving forward, waiting for the traps to stop before going through. If you get to a dead end, hop over the turbines in the center to find a path moving forward. At the end, you’ll come to a big spinning fan-like turbine. Stop it with Grip, then jump through.
  3. The next room has more engine traps. You can take the left path or the right again, but they both go to the same place.
  4. YELLOW HOLOCRON: Check the left path (or hop over the center turbines) to reach a holocron located between two spinning electric wheels.
  5. Drop down the hole at the far end of the room. This next engine section includes spiders and the same traps you’ve already seen. Deal with them all accordingly, then stop the fan turbine at the far end to move into another room.
  6. More red electrical columns. Wait for them to stop and dash through. There are more spiders on the other side and another hole waiting.
  7. At the bottom, you’ll enter a big room with a turbine to the right. You’ll be up on a ledge, and below you, rebels will be fighting a bunch of Imperial forces, including a big Terror Droid thing. That monster is tough to fight, so hold off before going down there.
  8. First off, stay up 0n the ledge and try to draw stealth troopers and spiders up to your position. Up here, you can dispatch them safely without having to engage a bunch of other targets.
  9. With that done, you can jump down and try to dodge the Terror Droid as you fight it — or you can trigger Force Fury and just annihilate it with Force Lightning. It’s the cheaper tactic, but the more practical.
  10. When you do drop down, you’ll see that there are two elevators on either side of the room that you can raise. Pull them up and get back up to the second floor.
  11. YELLOW HOLOCRON: See that big turbine thing on the side of the room? From the second floor, you can jump over to the point that juts out from it and grab the holocron there.
  12. Up on the second floor, go through the door on the far side of the room from where you entered and you’ll ride an elevator to the top. Follow the path until you hit a cutscene and you’ll find yourself joining a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Terror Walker

  1. You’ll spend the majority of this fight avoiding the big droid. The Terror Walker is dangerous up close — it has lasers, stabbing attacks with its legs, a shockwave move, and others. However, you don’t actually want to engage it up close at all. Start by jetting away with the dash move.
  2. The Terror Walker is covered in a shield at the moment, and you need to get rid of that. To do so, go to the reactor in the center of the room. There are four pylons surrounding it that cool the reactor, and if you raise them, it’ll overload.
  3. So dash around the center of the room, keeping the reactor between you and the Walker. Lift each of the pylons as you go and you’ll knock the shield off the Walker. Once you do, it’s time to do some damage.
  4. You’ll have to avoid or kill spiders in the meantime, but the best way to handle the Walker isn’t to attack it directly (although lighting works well, especially if you’ve powered it up or have Focus). Instead, look for the red-marked crates around the edge of the room. Pick one of those up and nail the Walker with it to stun it.
  5. Now you can run up and blast the Walker in the face with your lightsaber and whatever other powers you deem worthy. Lightning is the most effective outside of a regular attack. Either way, go nuts until the Walker is down to about half health.
  6. When the Walker stands back up, get away from it. Play keep away and do some more damage if it doesn’t have its shield back — that’s your next landmark, so to speak, in this fight.
  7. While you’re doing that, pay attention to spiders and stealth troopers attacking you. Keep away from the Walker and kill the more annoying ones.
  8. You’ll get a cutscene as the Walker gets its shield back. It’ll show several batteries being knocked out on the wall. There are four of them scattered at intervals around the room — repeat the process you pulled with the pylons, running over, charging them up and plugging them back in.
  9. When you get all the batteries back in, the reactor will overload again, knocking out the Walker’s shield. However, now you need to watch for periodic shockwaves spreading away from the reactor, so be careful.
  10. Repeat the process of snagging an explosive crate and nailing the Walker with it. When it goes down, go back to pounding it until you knock it’s health all the way down. Use lightning as well if you need to fight it when it wants to fight back.
  11. Once you’ve killed the walker far enough, follow the prompt to trigger the quicktime event and you’ll take over the droid. Three or so additional Terror droids will attack you, but you can turn the Walker’s weapons on them. Each of the face buttons activates different attacks, but the lasers seem to be the most effective.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill all three droids and the “Droid Rage” Achievement is yours.
  13. When you’ve killed all the droids, drive the Walker to the reactor and hit the button to destroy it.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: “The Exterminator” Achievement is unlocked by finishing off the Terror Walker.
  15. Turn around and you’ll see the droid acting as a bridge up to a melted exit from the room. Head out.
  16. RED HOLOCRON: You’ll get this one right in the hallway out of the reactor room. It contains a Wisdom crystal.

The Battle for The Salvation

  1. Before long, you’ll reach the hangar. You’ll need to repel some boarding parties that contain various enemies to start.
  2. Drop down and head over to the left. You’ll see stormtroopers and a lightsaber-wielding warrior heading your way. Use Force Push to scatter the stormtroopers, then use your grapple move to deal with the Sith.
  3. You’ll need to repeat the process with troops on the right. Shortly after that, or during it, a big boarding ship will dock into the hangar and release an AT-MP and a regular AT-ST. These are going to be irritating.
  4. Scatter the stormtroopers and use the walkways in the center of the hangar for cover. You’ll want to get to a place where the AT-ST can’t easily shoot you with its blaster cannons.
  5. Now grab the missiles from the AT-MP and throw them back at it. You’ll do some damage to the AT-ST in the meantime if they’re close together, as well as kill the AT-MP.
  6. After that, zap the AT-ST with lightning or throw any of the one million explosive barrels scattered around the room at it. You can kill it with a quicktime event.
  7. Right after the AT-ST goes down, another boarding ship shows up — this time with two AT-MPs and an AT-ST. There are also snipers on one of the catwalks on the side of the room.
  8. Climb one of the middle catwalks — there are ledges on the sides closest to the walls — and jump up to where the snipers are. Kill them, as it’ll make fighting the big guys below much easier.
  9. YELLOW HOLOCRON: While you’re up here, check in the boarding craft back in the section away from the walkway you just jumped to and you’ll get your holocron.
  10. From up here, you can catch missiles from the AT-MPs and throw them back at your leisure without taking much damage. You can also use Force Lightning on your enemies.
  11. When you’ve evened the odds, drop down and finish the AT-ST and the stormtroopers. Then climb back up on one of the middle walkways and use Grip to yank loose the clamps holding the boarding craft in the hangar. They’ll drop free and the Y-Wings will be able to launch.
  12. Feel free to leave by the newly opened door. Time to head back to the engine rooms.

Backtracking to the Engine Rooms

  1. Follow the hallway until you find a hole you can drop down in the left wall. When you get to the bottom, you’ll have to kill a couple of Sith guys with lightsabers. Throw them into any moving engine part and they’ll die immediately.
  2. Deal with the rest of the stormtroopers as you move forward. You’ll hit a wall of red electrical columns with snipers on the other sides — nail them with lightning.
  3. To get through, look for a black disc you can pick up with Grip, and move it into the spinning electric wheel to the right of the red columns. It’ll short out, allowing you to pass through. You’ll use this technique repeatedly.
  4. Move to the back and stop the big fan turbine thing with Grip to go through it. On the other side, kill the stormtroopers and head to the left, where you’ll find another wheel you can short out. This time, the disc is behind it.
  5. A little ahead, you’ll hit a spot where you can overload the engine parts with Force Lightning to clear the path. Beyond that is a hole to drop down. At the bottom, overload the electric wheel on the right with another black disc.
  6. Just past the wheel, an AT-MP blocks your path. Wait patiently and throw its missiles back at it to destroy it, then stop the turbine beyond it to get through. Kill the troopers and look to the upper right corner of the engine ahead for parts you can overload to make a hole.
  7. Turn left when you’re through the hole and overload all the engine parts over there to reveal a path. Don’t go that way yet, but jump over there, then follow the path around to the right.
  8. GREEN HOLOCRON: You’ll find stormtroopers and jumptroopers down here, but they should be easily dealt with. Around the corner is your holocron.
  9. Backtrack to the tunnel and take it out of the engine room. Jump on the round platforms to get to a tunnel above them and a hole you can drop through.
  10. RED HOLOCRON: You’ll find this one, with your second Meditation crystal, along the way to the hole.
  11. You’re back in the venting room with the big turbine, where you fought your first Terror droid. From up on the catwalk here, you can engage stormtroopers on the ledges below. Deal with them, then jump down and stay on one of the ledges for an advantage.
  12. There are a bunch of Sith guys on the floor below, as well as stormtroopers and an AT-MP. First, catch the AT-MP’s missiles to destroy it. Then you can maybe zap a few of the stormtroopers from above.
  13. When you’re finally ready, drop down and deal with the Sith. Use the grapple move to scatter and stun them, then run up and kill them while they’re down. You can also throw them into the flame jets. There are a lot of them, but this method makes them very easy to deal with.
  14. Watch out for a sniper or two to appear while you’re fighting. When the room is clear, you can leave by the marked door on the second floor.
  15. At the end of the path, you’ll hit a bunch of stormtroopers and find yourself back in the narrow space with the pit below you, and all the melted out spots you have to jump to. This time, it has jumptroopers and snipers populating it.
  16. First, clear the way to the hole and jump up. You’ll have to lower a walkway in front of you that has snipers on it. Kill them, then bend down the walkway beyond it to make yourself a path moving on.
  17. On the second walkway, stay clear of sniper fire and start dealing with jumptroopers, using Force Lightning. When you’ve cleared yourself a path, you can jump down and keep moving on.
  18. Check the side gaps as you move through here for clusters of troopers to kill. Keep going all the way to the bottom, jumping from ledge to ledge, and give yourself a spot to avoid sniper fire while you kill jumptroopers, and then deal with the snipers below.
  19. Go back down through the melted path, killing the snipers along the way, until you hit the hallway beyond. Here you’ll have to deal with a Wardroid — only it carries a flamethrower rather than a carbonite gun. All the same strategies still apply, however.
  20. In fact, you might want to engage the droid with lightning and saber throws a little more than you otherwise might have against the carbonite model. The flamethrower hurts more, and its projectiles are less effective to use against the droid.
  21. Still, this should be run-of-the-mill for you at this point. Kill the droid and go up to its boarding pod.
  22. RED HOLOCRON: Inside the Wardroid’s boarding pod, you’ll find a holocron good for an Incineration crystal.
  23. Right after your battle with the first Wardroid, you’ll hit another encounter with another Wardroid, but this one is flanked by stormtroopers and a few Sith. Ignore the droid, as it isn’t as threatening as it seems to be.
  24. First, scatter and kill the stormtroopers with Force Push. Next, keep your distance from the Wardroid and draw the Sith toward you. When they get to you, throw them with Grapple and kill them while they’re down, quickly. Try to avoid fire shots from the Wardroid in the meantime.
  25. That should clear all the little guys, leaving you free to destroy the Wardroid the way you know how. When you’ve killed it, you can check the hallway off to the side but it dead-ends. Instead, plug the battery into the door behind where the Wardroid came from to attack you.
  26. Through the door, you’ll see an explosion off to your left (and there’s a path there, but more on that in a minute). In here, watch for sniper beads and stealth troopers. Break for the path to the left to avoid sniper fire, and kill the couple of invisible guys before proceeding.
  27. ACHIEVEMENT: The left path is exploded a little bit, and when you go through, you’ll find a room littered with red-lit spider terror bots. These are bombs — they’ll explode if you get too close, but you can blow them yourself with lightning or repel. Scour the room for them — blow up a few by getting close because you can’t get them any other way — and you’ll receive the “Jedi Bomb Squad” Achievement for taking out all of them.
  28. BLUE HOLOCRON: The exploding spider room also includes one of these for your trouble.
  29. Backtrack to the hallway with the snipers and fight your way forward. Next you’ll be back in the med lab.


  1. The med lab only has a few stormtroopers, so push through them and get to the door on the far side. When you open it, you’ll see you have a Wardroid, snipers, stormtroopers and Sith waiting for you.
  2. Why fight these odds on their terms when you can fight them on yours? Backtrack into the big med lab room and draw the Sith and troopers in with you. Suddenly, they’re cut off from the snipers and Wardroid. Kill the troopers and Grapple the Sith to make short work of all of them.
  3. Back in the other room, use Push or Lightning to dispatch the snipers and mop up any remaining troopers, then finish the droid.
  4. Get the battery from behind where the Wardroid was and put it into the sealed door on the left. Follow the path until you find a broken elevator. Lift it out of the way and you can descend.
  5. YELLOW HOLOCRON: You’ll come across this one at the bottom of the shaft as you exit. Turn around and face away from the path out of the shaft to find a tunnel you can enter.
  6. Follow the hallway until you hit the weapons rooms. The first has a few stormtroopers inside, as well as a Sith you can quickly kill. Then take the battery out of the turbolaser and install it in the door to move on.
  7. The next gun room will be filled with boarding Imperials, including several Sith and a Wardroid. You’ll want to deal with the little guys quickly, so dash past them and avoid the Wardroid as much as you can.
  8. TIP: A good way to deal with these Sith as you’re trying to dodge the Wardroid is to dash toward them and hit Force Push. You’ll combine the two moves, catching the Sith off-guard and sending him flying. Then you can dash over and use your lightsabers to stab him on the ground for a quick kill.
  9. Clear out the little guys the way you’ve been doing, then fight and destroy the Wardroid. When that’s done, take a battery out of one of the turbolaser cannons and plug it into the cannon that got blown apart. Zap the cannon with lightning and it’ll blow out the door so you can leave the room.
  10. Climb out and keep moving until you big bay that’s open to space on the right side. Try not to drop down just yet, but rather stay up on your high ledge and throw missiles back at the two AT-MPs in the area below you. They’re much easier to clear from up here.
  11. If you do fall down (the ledge can give way under punishment), you may find yourself in a bit of a situation. In that case, dash away from the big force field, toward the stormtroopers and snipers. Hit them with force push as you go and keep killing them until you can get around the corner to the right.
  12. From here, you can engage the AT-MPs without taking full damage from everyone else in the room. Try to heave their missiles back at them from here. You should also benefit from the two stupid vehicle drivers shooting one another in the back, attempting to get to you.
  13. As soon as you’ve killed the two AT-MPs, you’re down to mop-up. Finish anything that’s still alive on the ground and use Force Grip to throw something at the two snipers still up on the second floor. You’ll get a message from Kota before you proceed.
  14. RED HOLOCRON: Before you do anything else, go around the front of the cannon, on the side of the room with the force field. In the corner of the area, opposite the force field on the right side, is a floating holocron, way up in the air. Use the two big gray cubes to make a ledge to get to it by stacking them on top of each other, then jumping up. That gives you your second Regeneration crystal.
  15. Now go back around the back side of the cannon and climb up to the top. As soon as you get there, you’ll be prompted to do some quicktime stuff to fire the gun.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: Completing the gun-firing portion of the level nets you the “Crack the Sky” Achievement.
  17. Leave by the newly opened door. You’ll hit an elevator beyond, and the path will then lead you to the tram you took with Kota. As you start to ride it, it’ll get filled with spiders. Keep hacking away at them and using Force Repel until you reach the end of the track. Then follow the path to clear through the end of the mission.

Kamino: The Return

  1. The plan is to crash The Salvation into the cloning facility on Kamino, and your job is to make that happen. The opening section just has you following quicktime prompts, so keep an eye out for which button you need to spam to get through.
  2. After a minute or two of sweeping wreckage out of Salvation’s path, you’ll have to use The Force to blow open the viewport and get out of the ship. You remember this — dodge and destroy debris and TIE fighters as they come your way until you land on Kamino.
  3. You’re back in that courtyard with the turbolasers from the last time you were on the planet, but there are a lot more big enemies here to deal with. Chiefly, you’re starting off against a couple of AT-STs.
  4. Use the wreckage debris to keep yourself out of the firing paths of the AT-STs. The two turbolaser turrets at the far end of the compound will attempt to target you, and you can trigger them and let them blast the AT-STs to make the battle a little easier.
  5. Other than that, pick up the hunks of wreckage and toss them at the AT-STs to destroy them. You can get in close and finish them with a quicktime event, or just pound them until they’re destroyed.
  6. After you’ve dropped the AT-STs, an AT-MP or two will show up with a compliment of stormtroopers. Repeat the usual strategies — scatter the stormtroopers, catch the missiles and throw them back, and use the wreckage for cover.
  7. When you’ve cleared the enemies from the courtyards, you can go deal with the turbolasers. Look for two piles of wreckages you can climb, then jump to the walkway on one side of the courtyard to get onto the second level.
  8. Once you’re up top, kill the stormtroopers in front of you (and watch out for jumptroopers, who like to show up from outside and come after you) and make your way down to the far end. When you’re in the clear, approach the turrets where you can see them through the window, and use Grip to destroy them.
  9. YELLOW HOLOCRON: You’ll find this one on the left side walkway when you hop up out of the courtyard to go destroy the turbolaser.
  10. GREEN HOLOCRON: Watch for this one when you climb up on the wreckage to get up to the hallways. You’ll be able to snag it pretty easily.
  11. You’re done with everything — go to the back of the courtyard, under where the turbolaser turrets are stationed, and tear the metal wreckage away from the center of the back wall to open the way forward.
  12. You’ll hit an elevator just inside. At the top, clear out stormtroopers and snipers quickly, then deal with the two lightsaber-carrying Sith that come your way. You should be able to throw everything off the side of the building.
  13. More stormtroopers enter by the door on the left side. Dispatch them and head that way. In the hallway, you’ll be confronted by several troops, including jumptroopers, snipers, and a pair of Sith. Run past everything and get the snipers first.
  14. Now turn around and grapple the two Sith guys and throw them over the edges of the hallway, and mop up the jumptroopers with lightning. After that, the door will open to reveal a fire Wardroid. Throw his fireballs back at him and use saberthrow to butter him up for the kill.
  15. Move into the next room. You’ll see a handful of snipers here, including a couple on the upper level. Kill them all (it’s easy) and Kota will unlock the door to the next hallway.
  16. This one’s a little more difficult, but there’s a cheap trick you can run here to win this battle without a problem. You’re facing Sith, snipers, jump troopers and a Wardroid all at once, but if you draw them into the room you were just in, the droid and the Sith will both fall over dead because of a glitch — at least, on the PS3 version I played.
  17. If not, make use of the space you have and fight on your terms. Kill the Sith guys fast by throwing them over the sides, get some space between you and the droid, and use lightning to clear out the jet pack troops. That should even the odds up a little and give you a chance to focus on the Wardroid.
  18. Get back to the hallway and mop up. Just beyond is another room filled with stormtroopers. Try to get to cover in the corner to the left and clear out the jumptroopers, then just push all the stormtroopers to their deaths.
  19. BLUE HOLOCRON: Go around the central section, the one with the upper level, and you’ll find a platform you can use to get to that top area. You’ll find the holocron around the corner.
  20. After you clear your room of resistance, you’ll see Kota being pinned by some drop ships. Stand at the edge of the room facing outward and catch a couple of TIE fighters with Grip. Throw those at the drop ships to destroy them.
  21. Another hallway. More jumptroopers, snipers and Sith are waiting, but you can handle them by now. Pound through them one type at a time and push to the next section.
  22. The last room you reach has two fire Wardroids inside. At first, this can seem tough, but the trick is to give them space and yank both their shields away. Then you can play keep-away with your saberthrow.
  23. You’re using two lightsabers, so you should be able to hit both droids with each throw. Stay back and avoid taking damage while you whittle them down. Before too long, you’ll get prompted to do your quicktime attacks and finish the droids off.
  24. Leave the room and you’ll see Kota. He’ll make a path for you, so push down your section of the bridge so you can use it to jump out to the platforms and reach him.
  25. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll grab the “Meeting of the Jedi” Achievement for linking back up with Kota.

To Vader

  1. Follow the hallways until you wind up back outside. You’ll see stormtroopers on the path below you. Drop down and you can throw some crates at them before giving them a chance to shoot back.
  2. When you hit the ground level, you’ll face some snipers and a Terror Droid. Note that if the droid irritates you too much, you can just run past it — when you hit the other side of this section, you’ll be able to jump up and out of its reach.
  3. If not, try to stay away from the droid and dodge its lunging attacks while cooking with lightning and the like. Just avoid taking as much damage as possible until you can activate your quicktime and finish the monster. Then it’s just a matter of blasting snipers as you move to the far end of the walkway.
  4. Climb up the platforms with the snipers and on the other side, you’ll face more troops and another Terror Droid. Kill it and the troops, but be careful not to toss the crate that’s right at the beginning of this section of the walkway — you’ll need it.
  5. RED HOLOCRON: After you’ve dealt with the droid and the reinforcement stormtroopers that come around the bend up ahead, move a crate over to the round turbine section ahead of you to reach the holocron. Your reward is a Disintegration crystal.
  6. Head around the corner. You’ll face yet another Terror Droid, but this one is backed up by an AT-MP. This is kind of useful, as you draw the droid into the AT-MP’s line of fire and let the Imperials wail on each other. Use the round walkway if you need more room, or the various jutting platforms to the left.
  7. Kill the droid and its backup and just up ahead, you’ll face the exact situation again, but with extra stormtroopers. Back up and repeat the process you just used (or fire up Force Fury and just blast them). Mop up and continue forward.
  8. Back inside, smash through a few troopers who meet you at the door and continue until you hit an elevator. At the bottom, you’ll face a fire Wardroid that’s backed up by a bunch of spiders.
  9. This battle can be a little irritating, because the little guys confuse your targeting. Quickly get rid of the Wardroid’s shield and try to draw it toward the outside of the room. Once it’s kind of hung up behind the columns, you can get around to a more open section and kill spiders.
  10. If you can make it work, saberthrow will mop up spiders as well as damage the droid. The same is true of Lightning, especially if you’ve amped yours up by this point. Do what you can to damage the droid, then mop up the spiders once you’ve put it down.
  11. RED HOLOCRON: Check the outside of the room for Shock crystal holocron.
  12. Leave the room and you’ll find yourself entering a huge cloning facility. Ahead is a walkway to a big platform — start by zapping the jumptroopers littered throughout the area.
  13. You’ll need to be careful here, as you’re about to enter what might be the last big battle of the section. Tubes will start to rise out of the ground, unloading Sith Force users and lightsaber warriors on you. They’ll flood you if you’re not careful.
  14. The trick here is to act fast and keep your distance from the enemies. You’ll get tag-teamed if you’re not careful, so you want to draw one or two guys your way, Grapple them, and throw them off the side as fast as you can. When you toss them, hit them with follow-up Force Pushes to knock them all the way off.
  15. Guys will keep coming at you as you fight, so try to keep your guard up. After you’ve dealt with most of the Sith, stealth troopers will get added into the mix. These guys are even more annoying, as their ability to stun you can leave you vulnerable to getting bounced around by the other enemies.
  16. TIP: When the stealth troopers show up, hit them with Mind Trick — especially if yours is amped up. This will take them out of the fight for a time, allowing you to either just toss them off the side with Push, or concentrate on someone else.
  17. When you weaken the enemy force enough, it’ll be just mop-up. After the last guy dies, a staircase will rise that allows you to reach the cloning platforms. You need to climb to the top of this spire.
  18. ACHIEVEMENT: Get to the top of the spire without falling for the “Top of the World” Achievement. It’s doable if you take your time and make careful jumps.
  19. The climbing here isn’t too tough. Move up the platforms, then hop onto one of the goofy silver droids along the outside. Keep moving upward and pull the big tubular walkways down with Grip when you need to open a path.
  20. A little higher, jumptroopers will come after you. Stand your ground and zap them till they’re gone, then rotate the tube ahead around to you. When you cross it, you’ll hit a platform where two lightsaber Sith and a Force-using Acolyte wait. You know how to kill them.
  21. Rotate that same tube back to the right and you’ll make yourself a way forward. Climb up some more and you’ll have to raise a tube from below to make your way onward.
  22. Before long, you’ll hit another central section of cloning platforms after you climb up some more. Ride one as it rotates around, then hop off onto a droid on the left. Climb up to the tube to another platform, and kill two Acoyltes.
  23. Force open the door and inside you’ll enter another big room filled with Sith. Use Grapple to toss them, then dash over and stab them on the ground for best results. Try to keep moving and keep kill enemies so that you don’t get pinned down.
  24. Force open another door here and you’re back to climbing. This time, it’s all cloning platforms, so be careful. Some rotate, some don’t, but all the jumps are precarious.
  25. There are also stealth troopers on these first few platforms, so be careful. Land and block, or use Mind Trick to throw them off their game and you can toss them.
  26. After you climb a couple levels, you’ll be safe from stealth troopers until the last level before the end. Look for the tube walkway above you as indication of how close you are. This section has multiple stealth troops per platform, but if you block you’ll be okay.
  27. YELLOW HOLOCRON: Check all the cloning tubes as you go from level to level. When you hit the section with the second batch of stealth troopers, look to the left for a platform with a tube that has a holocron inside. It’s easy to miss, but the holocron is really obvious once you’re looking for it. You should snag the “Holocron Hunter” Achievement as well.
  28. Hit the top and you’ll find another door to force open. Beyond is an elevator that leads up.

Kamino: The Confrontation

  1. At the top of the elevator, you’ll be moving through the central cloning facility. Just keep moving forward until you get through it and reach the game’s final battle with Darth Vader.
  2. As you start the fight with Vader, you’ll start to get an idea of how it works. When you get in close, you can’t do anything to him but hit him with your lightsaber, so start with that. Work in lightning to charge your lightsaber attacks and do a little extra damage.
  3. When lightsaber fighting Vader, you’ll want to try to avoid massive combos, as he blocks them for the most part anyway. Instead, hit him as much as possible, but look for Vader to start winding up for a strike against you. When that happens, block him to knock him off his guard and put some hurt on him.
  4. The majority of your fighting will be close-range lightsaber dueling. Vader mostly just stands back and blocks you as you blast away at him, so if you can get in a rhythm blocking his attacks, you’ll have a pretty easy time.
  5. Occasionally you’ll get zapped into a quicktime event with Vader as you cross swords with him. Follow the prompts and you’ll do him a little bit of damage.
  6. After a while, you’ll hurt Vader enough that he’ll run for another platform. Follow the prompts to Grip it and bring it down, then follow him.
  7. Here Vader will start tossing cloning tubes your way. Catch them and throw them back — this is another way you’re going to do a lot of damage in this fight.
  8. When Vader runs out of tubes, follow him and engage him with sabers again. This time, he’ll activate a bunch of clones to attack you. These guys use lightsabers, but they’ll also absorb Force attacks.
  9. However, you can use Mind Trick on these clones to get them to attack Vader. This is especially useful for thinning their numbers, or distracting Vader so that you can attack him and do some damage. Get used to dealing with these clones, as you’ll repeat this process quite a few times.
  10. When they’re Mind Tricked, you can have an easier time of dealing with the clones as well. They’ll refill your health, so make use of them. Lightsabers are effective against them, even though there is a Force-using type and a Lightsaber type.
  11. Hack through the clones, catch Vader’s tubes and toss them back at him, then follow him again. You’ll repeat this process until you do enough damage to cause Vader to hop up to another platform, which you’ll have to wrench down with the Force again.
  12. Climb up to Vader’s next platform and engage him again. This is the last level you’ll hit, and Vader will continually fight you, jump away, send clones, and throw tubes, then repeat the process as you close the gap.
  13. Keep Mind Tricking the clones to keep Vader busy, and use the tubes against him whenever possible. Throwing those at him is more effective than trying to hit him with your saber.
  14. Jump to Vader’s new platform every time he move and hack away at him. Keep using his rhythm against him to block his attacks, and you’ll be able to make the fight go fairly fast.
  15. After you’ve hurt Vader some more, he’ll start fleeing you more quickly and siccing clones on you. Pay attention for the platform at your feet to start rumbling — that means Vader’s knocking it loose. Run for it and get back to his platform to fight him.
  16. This will happen two or three times. When it does, just abandon fighting the clones to close in on Vader. You might have to deal with them when you get to Vader’s platform, but if you don’t move fast, you’ll fall to your death and have to start over much earlier.
  17. The third time you have to move, you’ll close on Vader and trigger one more quicktime event. After a cutscene, you’ll chase Vader outside.
  18. This last portion of the fight isn’t too tough, but it can be annoying. Hammer away at Vader with your lightsaber and whittle down his health. Keep blocking the same way you’ve been to avoid taking much hurt off him.
  19. As you smack Vader around, you’ll want to avoid getting him toward the edges of the platform. If you do, he’ll knock you back with electricity, which is really annoying.
  20. Also, keep an eye out for Vader to raise his hands and start to draw some of the rampant lightning in the area toward himself. Block when that happens, or you’ll take a big shock.
  21. At half-health, you’ll trigger a quicktime in which you knock Vader into a lightning tower. Hammer him when that happens to do a ton of damage.
  22. Vader will get loose and keep battling you, but he’s on the ropes now. Duel him some more and you’ll hit him with the lightning tower a second time, triggering the final quicktime event. It’s lengthy, but you shouldn’t have any troubles.

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On October 26, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Lots and lots of those stuff wow

Ocarina Girl

On October 26, 2010 at 9:40 pm

That’s all there is? That’s like the first quarter of the game. Lame.


On October 26, 2010 at 11:46 pm

Yeah I am stuck on the 2nd part of Kamino when you have to climb the city I can’t figure out how to get any higher after you fight in the interior then have to go back to the exterior.


On October 28, 2010 at 2:34 am

yeah im stuck in the same part a john wtf??


On October 28, 2010 at 2:48 pm

Jon and Dustin try reloading the level. i once had a sitution where a droid necessary to get higher did not appear. I reloaded the level and he was there.


On October 29, 2010 at 1:31 pm

ANy tips on the boss battle with Vader on Kamino, I can’t seem to figure out what to do next when he’s on the platform standing there after hurling all the clone pods at you.


On October 29, 2010 at 4:27 pm

weres the rest ov the walkthrough ? i need help…i cant seem to defeat all the big walking droid things in the hanger just b4 u get too kamino…any tips???


On October 30, 2010 at 4:21 am

i cant remove the energy pod from the turbo laser canon to activate the anoter cano in tehe Amidship level ! ther coms a tifighter and blows it up! its borring! péease help!


On October 30, 2010 at 6:11 am

hi tgl remove the fuel cell from the door and put it in the gun the doors on the right of the gun


On October 30, 2010 at 6:15 pm

can any one tell me how to run across the long walkway and not die. Been @ it for two days ready to break this game and trash it.


On October 31, 2010 at 4:10 am

Hi TGL, did you ever figure it out? I am stuck at the same place, as soon as I try take the power cell out a tie fighter blows up the cannon.


On October 31, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Guys, anybody considered, that that “CANNOT REMOVE ENERGY POD FROM T_LASER” could be a DRM. It might be some clever copy protection…


On October 31, 2010 at 3:45 pm

I beat the game almost five times now. I also bought the collector’s edition


On November 1, 2010 at 12:38 am

this game to 2 easy and to short what a let down.


On November 1, 2010 at 5:13 am

Same problem with energy cell & laser… Anyone figure it out?


On November 2, 2010 at 2:56 am

Having trouble with the Gorog- I tie up his hands, bash his head, but have spent two days trying to jump on his head and actually do something. Any ideas? I’m bashing X as hard/quick as I can, but he keeps just pulling me off.

Phil Hornshaw

On November 2, 2010 at 5:51 pm

BGD: Wail on his head while he’s tied up and look for the opportunity to use Grip on the Gorog’s chin. You’ll pull him down and smash his head against the walkway. You need to do that to damage him enough to trigger the second half of the battle.


On November 3, 2010 at 2:45 am

Phil: I pull his head down, then get the cutscene where I jump on his head with my lightsaber out and start cutting at his plate. I have yet to have any effect sawing with the lightsaber- it always says I didn’t push X enough times/fast enough, and he pulls me off.


On November 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm

for those people who cant remove the energy pod from the laser, I finally figured out redoing the level on a different difficulty will get it to work


On November 5, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Instead of trying to remove the battery from the laser cannon, I myself did something else… before jumping down the elevator round shaft (by pushing up the elevator floor) and getting to the final level with the cannons, you can keep gripping a spare battery from this level to the cannons level… what the catch in this ?? the issue here is NOT to lose your life in the cannons level otherwise the spare battery will disappear… worth a try though :)


On November 12, 2010 at 6:03 am

i’m stuck on destroying the dropships witrh the tie fighters i jus cant do it


On February 21, 2011 at 10:32 am

Indeed, laser cannon battery is stucked so you need to restart level with easier difficullty of carry battery from other levels. It works. Later just put it in wreckage laser cannon and you will be able to shot the doors.

But later. You going down with the starship, where you need to use force throuing other flaming wreckage in space. On the end of this scene, starship gets on fire and you need to press “E” a lot, but I never able to press the button fast enough. How to pass this part? is this another bug?


On March 18, 2011 at 6:30 am

There are 2 cannons that have batteries. 1 has a cover over the battery in the main room and the TIE fighter crashes into it when you try and take it. The correct battery to use is in the smaller room opposite where you came in, the door is to the right of the door that you have to blast open with the busted turbolaser


On April 5, 2011 at 3:34 pm

Hey for TFU2 on DS I am having trouble in the Salvation: Reactor Core boss. Everytime I pull the droid’s field generation armor exactly as I should it wont come off. Please tell me how to defeat this boss!


On April 5, 2011 at 3:36 pm

P.S. : if you dont have TFU2 for DS…I am embarressed (im embarresssed that I cant spell embarressed too)…but not completely.


On June 29, 2011 at 2:11 pm

i want to know which side to take when vader is dead


On July 3, 2011 at 12:41 am

For all those stuck on the “Can’t remove energy pod from gun”…..really????!!!!?!?!?!?!

There are four guns in the area….the first one u use pod to open door…then second on tie fighter destroys when u try to remove pod<- issue y'all are having….the third one gets blasted across the room as soon as u enter…and in the next room there is another. This is the energy pod ur supposed to put in the one no longer on its stand to blow open the door to the next room….hope this helps someone because it really wasn't hard to figure out….and yes I like dots…..peace….


On July 10, 2012 at 7:16 am

Once done at the end of the game on the light side and they capture Vader and take off at the end of the story, is there a cheat code or any other unlockable way to continue the game after that i would like to know. Thanks botime82