The Jimquisition Explains: EA Access Isn’t a Good Deal

EA Access is live now, but Jim Sterling isn’t buying it.

We’ve talked about the problem with EA Access before, but The Escapist’s Reviews Editor has some harsh words of his own. Check out the video, and let us know if you’re buying into EA’s subscription service in the comments below.

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4 Comments on The Jimquisition Explains: EA Access Isn’t a Good Deal


On August 11, 2014 at 7:47 pm

he is not buying it because it does not come covered in oil or salt


On August 11, 2014 at 10:22 pm

The sad part is, this will probably be a success. For all the hoopla and grandstanding gamers do about hating EA and never supporting them by buying the games, the majority of them are just blowing a lot of hot air because hating on EA is the easiest way to fit in.

I have been begging and pleading with people for almost a decade to stop supporting XBL. I immediately recognized it as the giant scam is was. I kept telling people that if they keep supporting it, eventually other companies are going to take notice and say “hey, look at these idiotic console gamers paying for features they get free on any other platform”. I know I know “you don’t pay for the services, you pay for the quality”. That is pure BS! You’re not getting a premium quality, what you ARE getting is a placebo. They tell you it’s premium quality therefore your mind registers it as a premium quality. When it actuality, it’s nothing.

The main reason Call of Duty Plus failed is because even CoD gamer’s aren’t THAT stupid. This was what Halo: ODST was in subscription form. Selling gamers content they already own. However, Activision took it one step further and tried to legitimize the elite mentality of “I’m paying for something, therefore I’m better than you”. In any other game this would be a toxic mentality, and yet here we had Activision trying to encourage it. So they just automatically assumed CoD gamers would subscribe because let’s face it, they, like most other console gamers (not all, but most) simply buy anything and everything they’re told to buy.

Which brings me to the maincourse. The main saving grace about EA Access is it’s not mandatory to simply play EA games. The service itself in theory is pretty good. Quite honestly, it’s pretty much exactly what I expected to see from Sony when they first started talking about Playstation Now. Can you imagine if Sony had said “for a small monthly/yearly subscription you’ll be able to download from a large library of PS1, PS2 and early PS3 games on your PS3 or PS4. We’ll be adding new games every couple months until the entirtey of atleast the PS1/2 library has been uploaded”. Hell, I would buy atleast a PS3 just for that service alone. But, alas, it’s EA. The main problem with this service is actually the games itself. It’s sport games, shooters and Peggle. The one thing sports and fps’s have in common is a couple months after the yearly iteration comes out, the online starts to become something of a wasteland. The issue here is these games were built from the ground up to be played online. So essentially what you’re paying for is a 5 day long demo of a game you’ll have to buy anyway, unless you want to wait 18 months for it to get added to the online library. Access to games that were designed to be played online that may or may not see a small increase of online activity for a short amount of time. And Peggle. Like I said, in theory it’s a good idea and in the hands of someone else this could have been really really good. But in terms of what EA is offering, this on par of what to expect from them.


On August 12, 2014 at 5:30 am

5 bucks a month to play games I’m gonna be bored with in a month instead of shelling out 60 dollars a pop?

I consider that a deal lol.

Also watch other pubs follow.


On August 12, 2014 at 3:59 pm

oh god i just read jim’s review of risen 3
I would be ashamed to have written a review like that