The Last of Us: Artifacts Locations Guide

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Earn the “It Was All Just Lying There” trophy by finding every artifact with our Last of Us collectible locations guide. These pieces of the past are the most numerous collectible, revealing hints about the events before the apocalypse with notes, diaries, or signs. There are tons of different types of artifacts, so if you’re looking to inch closer to that platinum trophy, or just want to experience everything this action-survival game has to offer, check out the full guide below.

Become a master survivor with our Last of Us video walkthrough, showing you how to sneak or fight out of every chapter. For more collectible locations, trophy guides, unlockables and extras explore the in-depth articles on the Last of Us cheats.

Artifacts Locations Guide

Chapter 2: Quarantine Zone

  • Artifact #1: Collected while progressing through the story.
  • Artifact #2: Collected while progressing through the story.
  • Artifact #3: In the area where Joel learns to listen, climb the stairs up to the second floor of the building and enter the door on the left. Look on the table near the window to find the note.
  • Artifact #4: After passing through a bus in the settlement, continue past the stand on the left to find the note on the ground, at the second counter.
  • Artifact #5: Straight ahead of the previous note, look for a note hanging from the container to the left of the fence where two civilians are standing.
  • Artifact #6: Defeat the enemies in the second combat encounter to collect the key from one of their bodies.
  • Artifact #7: At the docks where Joel finds Robert, look on the railing to the right near the water to find this note.
  • Artifact #8: Continue left past the two blue shipping containers from the previous note. Move toward the boat ahead, and look near the railing just beyond a yellow forklift.

Chapter 3: The Outskirts

  • Artifact #9: After the cutscene in Joel’s apartment, turn around and grab the artifact off the lit stand in the living room.
  • Artifact #10: Leaving the apartment, you’ll take an elevator down into a dark area. After stepping off the lift, look to the right and across near the wall.
  • Artifact #11: Continuing forward, get by the patrolling enemies until climbing up the collapsed road. Straight ahead, look at the base of the street lamp on the sidewalk on the right.
  • Artifact #12: Entering the tall building, you’ll quickly reach a stairwell. On the first landing on the way to the second floor, you’ll find a dead soldier with the artifact.
  • Artifact #13: At the bottom level of the building, look for the large stairs leading up into concrete rubble blocking the way. Up the steps, the artifact is beside a body on the right.
  • Artifact #14: Ahead of the previous artifact, there’s a store on the left. Look behind the counter and open the drawer beneath the cash register.
  • Artifact #15: Leaving the underground and stepping out into the street. Climbing over the crashed truck blocking the street, turn around and look inside the truck trailer.
  • Artifact #16: Getting through the Museum, Joel will eventually reach stairs leading down in an alley. Look to the right at the base of the stairs to find a dead body in the alcove.
  • Artifact #17: Swimming through the subway to reach the opposite landing, look just right after climbing up onto dry ground.

Chapter 4: Bill’s Town

  • Artifact #18: Early on, there’s a brick building ahead with a platform and stairs leading inside from the left wall, and another set of steps going down ahead of the entrance. Enter through the platform, then check the back corner of the office through the first door on the left.
  • Artifact #19: Later, you’ll reach a street with a store called “Marquis” on the left side. Enter the store and check out the office behind the checkout counter. There’s a desk with a printer, just left of the next door. That’s where you’ll find the artifact.
  • Artifact #20: Check out the junk barricade at the end of the street past the store from the previous artifact. Look near the wall, right of the center line.
  • Artifact #21: After acquiring the bow, continue until Joel is stopped by a wire trap. Turn left and enter the open door at the end of the alley. Go up the stairs and enter the apartment, looking at the right wall of the living room. There’s a black pointer painted on the wall giving away the artifact’s location.
  • Artifact #22: Inside the diner, check the counter just right after the cutscene.
  • Artifact #23: In the same diner, turn around to find a small room with a couch and a TV. The artifact is on the coffee table.
  • Artifact #24: From here, follow your friend up the stairs. He’ll move right — circle around the steps to enter another room at your rear. The artifact is on a circular table, covered with empty beer bottles.
  • Artifact #25: At the back of the church, behind the pulpit, there’s an open door. Go in and look on the table with the trays to find another artifact.
  • Artifact #26: Enter the house through the sliding doors after finding the backyard through the white picket fence. Climb up to the second floor and enter the bedroom on the right. The artifact is near the window.
  • Artifact #27: Finding the truck in the garage, turn around and check out the room straight across through the living room. Look on the desk to the right to find the note, then take it back to Frank.
  • Artifact #28: After taking the note to Frank, he’ll read it and throw it on the ground. Pick it up again!
  • Artifact #29: Collected while progressing through the story.

Chapter 5: Pittsburg

  • Artifact #30: At the start of the chapter, after escaping the first batch of hunters, Joel and Ellie will help each other get through a garage door. The artifact is on an overturned cart in the right corner.
  • Artifact #31: To the second floor, you’ll reach a hallway with a room to the right with supplies. At the end of the hallway, there’s a smaller room with a workbench. The map artifact is hanging from the wall here.
  • Artifact #32: Outside the abandoned military checkpoint, there’s a message painted on the wall to the right. Jump the sandbags to find the artifact on the floor of the post booth.
  • Artifact #33: Inside the checkpoint, several hunters are patrolling the area with the ragged tens with the bookstore on the right. Sneak into the tent, then turn around to look at the two entrances to spot the poster hanging from the metal wall.
  • Artifact #34: Entering the bookstore from the triage outside, stick to the right wall and move toward the back to find a window leading into one of the back offices. Jump the window and turn left to see an artifact on the metal desk.
  • Artifact #35: Once again, entering the bookstore from the triage through the right door, look under the stairs on the right on the first floor to find an artifact tucked away in the dark corner.
  • Artifact #36: On the second floor of the bookstore, check the back for a cafe. To the right of the counter is a locked door. Use a shiv to open it, there’s a map artifact on the metal shelving.
  • Artifact #37: After reaching the ruined road with a view of the bridge ahead, look to the left for a black door with a red “X” mark as you move forward. Shiv the door open, and look on the chair a few steps ahead.
  • Artifact #38: Getting Ellie across the deep water, you’ll enter a coffee shop. Swim to the stairs to reach the second floor, then run to the end of the path where a survivor’s bed can be found in the corner. To the right of the bed, look on the cabinet.
  • Artifact #39: Once Joel reaches the second floor with the ladder, turn right and shimmy up the narrow path across the debris blocking the stairs. Down this path near the elevator doors, there’s an artifact.
  • Artifact #40: This artifact must be collected. When Joel is trapped in the lower sections of the hotel, he’ll need to find a keycard in the security room to escape the Infected.
  • Artifact #41: Leaving the hotel, Joel will give Ellie a rifle. Dropping down to ground level, a large group of hunters will patrol the streets. There’s a restaurant called “Don Fiocchi” ahead, sneak inside and look inside the open freezer behind the counter.
  • Artifact #42: Entering an office building, climb up one floor and run into the open doorway straight down the hall. The office is full of desks, with a window on the far left. Look under the desk closest to the window to find this hidden artifact.
  • Artifact #43: Back down on the district street, look for an open door on the right near a police car. Climb up the stairs at the end of the hall and enter the ruined office where Ellie previously spotted hunters. Through the ruined wall, look right for a long white-ish L-shaped desk. Underneath it, there’s an artifact on the floor.
  • Artifact #44: On the street with white “No Hope” graffiti and an abandoned armored vehicle, you’ll find the double doors into a re-purposed Credit Union. Go inside and look on the wooden table near the right door.
  • Artifact #45: At the architecture office, enter the meeting room straight ahead from the entrance. In the right corner, you’ll find the last artifact of this chapter on the ground.

Chapter 6: The Suburbs

  • Artifact #46: Waking up on the shore, stay away from the sewer entrance and instead explore the beach. Down the shore, there’s a beached boat. Climb onto the deck and open the hatch to find an artifact.
  • Artifact #47: Eventually, Ellie will need to crawl through a vent to open a metal gate. Go up the stairs and look on the desk to the left.
  • Artifact #48: Coming out of the water ahead, Joel will get onto dry ground from steps and climb a ladder to the left. Open the door to the right as you reach the top of the ladder, and you’ll find the artifact near a bed past the two Clickers.
  • Artifact #49: Dealing with another group of Infected, look for a door on the right leading into a room full of blue barrels. There’s an artifact among the rain-catchers.
  • Artifact #50: Moving up the series of stairs, look for a door on the left. Next to the body in the corner, you’ll find the note.
  • Artifact #51: Entering the school environment, look for a metal shelf on the right containing the artifact past the white boards.
  • Artifact #52: Stepping into the empty neighborhood, look for an open house on the right with strange markings on the outside by the door. Go upstairs and enter the bedroom to the left of the stairs to find a note on the night stand.
  • Artifact #53: Moving on in the neighborhood, enter the house with the raised front yard surrounded by fence. The artifact is found on the second floor, in the bedroom to the left of the stairs. Look on the dresser, next to the TV, to find the note.
  • Artifact #54: In the last house past the previous artifact, go inside and head upstairs. Go inside the bedroom on the second floor and look on the computer desk.
  • Artifact #55: Inside the same house, climb up to the third floor and look on the computer desk to find the last artifact of the chapter.

Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam

  • Artifact #56: After getting Ellie across the running water and getting closer to the Power Plant proper, there’s a guardhouse next to the gate with the crashed Humvee. Look inside the post to find the map.
  • Artifact #57: Speak with Joel’s brother, and the plant will come under attack. Fighting back through the turbine room, you’ll return to the control room where two engineers were working over a map on a table. Collect the map during the bandit attack.

Chapter 8: The University

  • Artifact #58: Entering the university grounds, Joel will find a sniper’s nest up the stairs past the Flamethrower location. Look on the corner between the two folding chairs.
  • Artifact #59: Further, there’s a closed metal grate covering your exit. Next to the grating, there’s a control panel that needs to be powered. Right next to the panel, you’ll find a note hanging from the wall.
  • Artifact #60: At the dormitory, Joel can enter an office by crawling under the obstructed doorway. At the desk ahead, there’s a note.
  • Artifact #61: On the second floor of the dorm, enter the second room on the left. There’s an open shelf next to the open door with an artifact sitting inside.
  • Artifact #62: After defeating a Bloater, you’ll eventually return to the second floor of the dorm. Reaching the second floor, enter the first door on the right. The note is on a mini-fridge against the left wall.
  • Artifact #63: Reaching the third floor of the science building, enter the door on the left then look for another room on the right. On the desk, there’s a photo near the windows. The recorder is right next to the photo.
  • Artifact #64: Continuing forward, you’ll pass through a plastic tunnel into another lab area. There are X-Rays on the desk near the window.
  • Artifact #65: Entering the area with the monkey looking through the garbage, look on the large table in the center of the room.
  • Artifact #66: The last artifact is found at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort

  • Artifact #67-75: This first batch of collectibles are already in Ellie’s bag. Open the menu, and examine each piece right at the start of the chapter.
  • Artifact #76: After capturing the two hunters, Joel will gain a map.
  • Artifact #77: Later in the chapter, you’ll be in control of Joel as he enters the town. Eventually, you’ll reach a room with shelves of folded clothing and Ellie’s backpack. Grab it to find all of her stuff.
  • Artifact #78: Look on the shelves in the same room to find the ledger artifact.

Chapter 10: Bus Depot

  • Artifact #79: On the highway at the start of the chapter, there’s an RV with the door open down the road. The picture is on a surface inside the RV, near a baseball bat.
  • Artifact #80: Entering the bus terminal, stick to the left wall and head down the stairs. Ahead, there’s an open piece of luggage with the artifact inside.
  • Artifact #81: Later, check out the white tent in the back corner of the triage center. There’s a workbench nearby.
  • Artifact #82: Moving forward, Ellie will stop Joel to give him a picture of his daughter.

Chapter 11: Firefly Lab

  • Artifact #83: Upstairs to the sixth floor, check out the desk straight ahead of the stairwell.
  • Artifact #84: From this desk, turn right and enter the first door. There’s an artifact on the computer desk against the right wall.
  • Artifact #85: Entering the larger room with plastic painted up with Firefly symbols, look inside the lab on the left side. In the back of the research area, there’s a journal on the desk.
  • Artifact #86: After dealing with the Firefly soldiers on the sixth floor, you’ll escape into a long hallway. Open the first door on the right to find a storage room. There’s a stand near the bed with the final recorder.

Trophy Unlocked

  • It Was All Just Lying There (Silver):
    Collect all Artifacts.

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On June 26, 2013 at 4:03 am

There are only 85 artifacts not 86 the Note from frank is only 1 artifact not 2 !

Kevin Thielenhaus

On June 27, 2013 at 11:06 am


For the artifact to count, it needs to be picked up twice. So, while you’re technically right, I left it as is for completion’s sake.


On June 27, 2013 at 11:33 am

Done lakeside resort got 12 but only 11 register, played chapter many times will still not register I have done them all. This is the last trophy I need. Trophy bug defeats me again, another game another bug!!!


On September 14, 2013 at 3:37 pm

You didn’t include the map found in the shiv door room when playing as Joel at the lake resort. Thanks for that.


On November 16, 2014 at 11:01 pm

wait a minute. I have TLOU resmastered for ps4. after i finsihed the game, it said “88 out of 141 artifacts found” how come everyone else says there is only 85 ?