The Last of Us: Comics Locations Guide

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Enjoy light reading, find every comic book in Last of Us here on the collectible locations guide. As if this Naughty Dog action-survival game didn’t have enough collectibles, there are comics to find alongside all the artifacts, pendants, and manuals. Of course there’s a trophy attached to this one too, the “Endure and Survive” reward is all your’s if you can find them all. Stop searching every inch of every chapter. Get quick explanations for each location, here on the collectibles guide.

Earn even more trophies with our Last of Us text and video walkthrough, guiding you to the game’s conclusion. Or, get collectible locations, trophy guides, unlockables and extras on the Last of Us cheats list.

Comics Locations Guide

Chapter 5: Pittsburg

  • Comic #1: Found by Ellie very early in the chapter.
  • Comic #2: Leaving a building and dropping down onto the street below, turn right and look in the back of the crashed bus.
  • Comic #3: After getting by the restaurant before climbing up to the next level of the hotel, stick to the left wall to enter an open platform with the floor collapsed between Joel and the bar ahead. Shimmy across to the seating area, and check the table near the railing.
  • Comic #4: Meet up with Henry and Sam, and continue down the stairs. On this level, there’s a shiv door straight ahead of the steps. Break in, and enter the bedroom on the left to find the comic on a desk inside.

Chapter 6: The Suburbs

  • Comic #5: When your travelling partners wake you up on the river’s shore, stick close to the water and move forward to find a large boat crashed onto the sand. Climb onto the deck and open the hatch. The comic book is inside.
  • Comic #6: Leaving the abandoned sewer refuge, the survivors will reach a neighborhood of empty houses that can be explored. Circle the street until you find a raised house on an embankment with stairs leading up, with the front yard fenced up. The next house (to the right, if looking at it) is white. Go to the second floor bedroom and look on the toilet in the small half-bath.

Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam

  • Comic #7: Going forward to meet Joel’s brother, you’ll pass by a large bridge overhead. There’s a hill near one of the support struts leading up to a car that’s fallen over the cliff. Look by the crash to find the comic.
  • Comic #8: Inside the abandoned ranch house, after following Ellie’s horse, explore the rooms on the second floor before meeting Ellie in the last room at the end of the hall. Enter the room just left of the top of the steps, and look near the window.

Chapter 8: The University

  • Comic #9: At the very start of the chapter, turn your horse around and head up the road incline. Back to the barricade, there’s a white truck smashed into an SUV. The comic is on the hood of the SUV.

Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort

  • Comic #10: Chasing down the wounded deer, Ellie will enter a partially destroyed barn before stepping into the logging facility. Enter the room through the first door on the left as you enter the barn, then look on the metal desk in the smaller room’s back corner.
  • Comic #11: After escaping the hunters and shimmying across the wooden path, Ellie will need to sneak through a large pipe. Exiting out with the nature trail ahead, look to the left for steps. Spin around and head up the stone steps. Look on the green bench looking out over the lake.

Chapter 10: Bus Depot

  • Comic #12: After chatting with Ellie on the rooftop, Joel will move down to a room with chain-link fences to the left and bathrooms to the right. Enter the men’s bathroom look in the corner near the back stall.
  • Comic #13: In the flooded street tunnels, Joel will need to swim under a bus. Climbing up and getting Ellie, check out the vents along the left side of the tunnel. At the end, you’ll find a comic.

Chapter 12: Jackson

  • Comic #14: The final comic book is right before the end. In the forest leading toward a series of rocks past the trees that look out over Jackson, turn and explore the right side of this large area. Against the rocks on the right, there’s an old rusty truck with the comic on the driver’s seat.

Trophy Unlocked

  • Endure and Survive (Bronze):
    Collect all Comics.

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