The Last of Us “Definitely Not” Receiving More Single Player DLC

The Last of Us will be getting more multiplayer DLC in the future.

These plans to release new DLC for the game were revealed today in a statement from Naughty Dog’s community strategist Arne Meyer.

“We just wanted to say when we released the Remastered version, we know there’s a lot of DLC out there, and that we weren’t going to stop supporting both the PS3 and PS4 versions,” said Meyer, in an interview. “We do have some DLC planned; it’ll be multiplayer-focused. We’re not ready to talk about the details yet, but throughout the rest of the year we’ll have some DLC drops.”

While fans of the game will likely be excited to hear that the developer intends to further expand its multiplayer mode, they might be equally disappointed to learn that the company is “definitely not” going to be working on anymore single player content.

The Last of us Remastered is set to come out for PS4 on July 29th.

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4 Comments on The Last of Us “Definitely Not” Receiving More Single Player DLC


On July 18, 2014 at 1:52 pm

As much as I loved the game and wish there was more, no more additional story driven content is for the best. Naughty Dog knows how to make amazing games and often leaves us begging for more when we finish them, but when Naughty Dog says they’re done, they mean it.


On July 20, 2014 at 1:03 am

No upgrade plan for owners of the ps3 version. That’s what gets me. Of course Naughty knows people with PS4′s are waiting for a good game (As do I) and it will sell good. But to pay (almost) full price for a game I already bought for full price for at launch, That’s a big no for me. So sadly I will not buy the game.
I really hope Rockstar comes with a upgrade plan for GTA V. I mean same thing, It already cost 80,- for a special edition.. But that remains to been seen of course.
I think what these developers are doing is put it up for full price, so new-comers and rich people will buy the initial launch. Then after some time put it on some sort of sale, so owners of the original will pick it up then. Still making profit, abide less. But twice from the same consumer for the same game. (The games are upgraded with new content and AI improvement etc. That’s why I wouldn’t mind paying 10, or 15,- for a upgrade)

I really liked at PS4 launch I could buy a ps4 upgrade for 10,- for AC: Black Flag because I already owned the PS3 version. Final Fantasy XIV was even free. (I know that’s in the interest of development, and Japanese PS4 launch, but still)

(Sorry bit of topic, But I just can’t believe people just accept this)

As for more SP DLC, Don’t think there is more to tell for the game, its finished. Let Naughty Dog move on to the next greatness.
Plus they will have to start the whole production process again, that’s to expensive. Left behind is of course shot, made and written together with the main game production cycles. (Kind of like a day-one DLC)


On July 21, 2014 at 12:43 am

I agree with Huntsman06, I’m glad there won’t be anymore story driven content. Sometimes it really isn’t necessary. Looking forward to The Last of us Remastered though!


On July 22, 2014 at 6:42 am

now, i do love this game. the story was amazing and the graphics for the PS3 where as well amazing. i think that a DLC for the single player would be a great addition for the game. and also if there where to be a new DLC for the multiplier that would also be a great addition for the gaming society.