The Last of Us: Firefly Pendants Locations Guide

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Discover every Firefly Pendant in The Last of Us with this locations guide. Here, you’ll find instructions to find each of the collectible pendants, left behind by a paramilitary group called the Fireflies. Like dog tags, these pendants each have the name. Honor the dead, and earn the “Look for the Light” silver trophy for finding them all.

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Firefly Pendants Locations Guide

Chapter 2: Quarantine Zone

  • Pendant #1: After climbing a ladder into a room with striped wallpaper, don’t follow Tess. Check out the room through the open doorway to the right and look on the desk inside.
  • Pendant #2: Step over the wooden plank and look down the alleyway between buildings with grass growing on the right side. The path turns left and leads into a courtyard with a tree in the corner. Look up to spot the pendant hanging from a tree branch. Shoot it to make it fall to the ground.
  • Pendant #3: Out on the streets with Ellie alone, you’ll see dead bodies strewn about on the ground. Look near the body leaning against a newspaper stand on the sidewalk. The pendant is on the ground, right beside him.

Chapter 3: The Outskirts

  • Pendant #4: After checking out the Capital, follow Ellie and friend onto the concrete pavilion up the steps where trees are planted. Near the ledge at the far end, there’s a pendant hanging from a branch.
  • Pendant #5: Past the first workbench, look for a fallen floor through the ceiling. Use it like a ramp to reach the upper floor, climb up the ledge on the left and continue to shimmy left to find a display case with the pendant inside.
  • Pendant #6: Reaching the flooded street outside the capital, look inside the circular roman-style structure past the yellow cab to find a pendant in the shallow green water.
  • Pendant #7: After swimming through the underwater section of the subway and reaching the opposite platform, climb out and you should see a note to the right. Further to the right are stairs leading back into the water. Dive in and swim to the underwater office ahead. The pendant is on a shelf against the left wall.

Chapter 4: Bill’s Town

  • Pendant #8: On the streets to the Record Store, look for the abandoned RV. Use the police cruiser to the right to climb up to the roof.
  • Pendant #9: Travelling toward the safe house, Joel and Ellie will reach a street with a church up above at the top of a stone wall. Stand near the white and red truck and look up at the streetlight. The pendant is hanging from it.
  • Pendant #10: Travelling between houses, look for a white fence leading into a large-ish home’s backyard. Enter the house through the sliding door and look right for a laundry room.

Chapter 5: Pittsburg

  • Pendant #11: Entering the abandoned army post patrolled by enemies, and sneak outside the building on the right. Turn the corner into the alley to find a pendant on the ground behind an overturned cart at the end of the path.
  • Pendant #12: Reaching the hallway with ATMs on the right and drinking fountains on the left, explore the bathroom near the fountains. The pendant is in the corner stall.
  • Pendant #13: Meet Henry and Sam, then you’ll eventually cross a rooftop and enter a building across a bridge connected to a fire escape. Inside, enter the bathroom to the left and check the stall.

Chapter 6: The Suburbs

  • Pendant #14: Waking up on the shore, stick close to the water and explore right to find a wrecked boat. Jump down into the hole near the front to find a pendant in the cargo.
  • Pendant #15: Entering the sewer, look right for a small waterfall. Climb into the passage and crawl into another room with water pouring in on the left. You’ll find upgrade pieces and the pendant.
  • Pendant #16: Entering a large chamber after Ellie crawls through the vent, there’s a yellow car to the left that’s crashed through a hole in the ceiling. Jump into the water and you’ll find the pendant near the open driver’s seat door.
  • Pendant #17: Leaving the sewers, you’ll enter a neighborhood of abandoned houses. Past the raised house with the fence is another faded white house. There’s a yard right of the house near the bend in the road. The last pendant of this chapter is hanging from a tree’s branch above the yard.

Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam

  • Pendant #18: In the room where engineers are repairing the turbine, circle the catwalks to find stairs leading down to a door. There’s an open cabinet near some crates with the pendant.
  • Pendant #19: Finding the empty ranch with Ellie’s horse out front, enter the sitting room in the right corner of the first floor. There’s a desk inside with the pendant.

Chapter 8: The University

  • Pendant #20: Leaving the building where Joel finds an abandoned Firefly sniper nest, you’ll ride your house again. Up the stairs, look right toward the dead-end and search the yellow autumn tree’s branches for a hanging pendant.
  • Pendant #21: Turning on the power and getting through the shutter, there’s a roadblock ahead leading into a very large plaza. Instead of jumping the block, look right for a dumpster below a destroyed wall. Climb up into the classroom, and look on the desk near the window to find a pendant.
  • Pendant #22: Exploring the dorms, you’ll eventually encounter a deadly Bloater. The pendant is located on the Bloater’s body. Kill it and collect it from the corpse.
  • Pendant #23: Getting close to the Science Building, you’ll reach a road with white triage tents to the left. Explore the right-most tent and check out the desk in the back.
  • Pendant #24: Entering the room with the monkey cages on the left, look on the shelves in the alcove past the white board on the right.

Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort

  • Pendant #25: Dealing with Clickers on the raised catwalks, look out for a small room to your left with supplies. There’s a pendant on a wooden crate, left of the doorway.
  • Pendant #26: Running from the hunters, Ellie will eventually reach a large area patrolled by enemies full of open cabins. There’s a gazebo to the right of the first cabin with a pendant.

Chapter 10: Bus Depot

  • Pendant #27: Running down the highway off ramp and past a school bus, look behind the crashed car just to the left of the ramp’s wall. The pendant is on the ground near orange cones.
  • Pendant #28: In the abandoned triage center, there’s a spotlight left of the gate leading out, near a green tent. The pendant is hanging from the light.
  • Pendant #29: After Ellie gives Joel the picture of his daughter, you’ll need to head down the ramp into the tunnels below. On the ramp itself, there’s a large bus. Pass the bus, then circle around to find a pendant in the alcove.

Chapter 11: Firefly Lab

  • Pendant #30: Entering the 6th floor of the lab, there’s a long reception desk. Behind the desk is a shiv door. Unlock it, and look on the computer desk on the right to find the last pendant.

Trophy Unlocked

  • Look for the Light (Silver):
    Find all Firefly Pendants.

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6 Comments on The Last of Us: Firefly Pendants Locations Guide


On June 15, 2013 at 11:03 am

after you meet Henry and Sam, you’ll eventually start exploring through a sewer. when trying to figure out how to get Ellie, Henry and Sam over the water and start a generator, right when you jump in the water, swim straight down and there is a Firefly Pendant.


On June 16, 2013 at 9:03 am

In the first pendant, you put Ellie when it is supposed to be Tess.


On June 16, 2013 at 2:18 pm

My only critique here would be to include screen shots with the description. But, thanks for putting in the work so far!

James Risberg

On June 16, 2013 at 5:40 pm

For pendant #1, you’re “not following” Tess, not Ellie. Not a big deal, but may cause a touch of confusion.


On August 21, 2013 at 8:55 pm

Yeah gotta change that Ellie on the first to Tess it really confused me.:/


On August 16, 2014 at 2:27 pm

This guide is awful. You need to put all artifacts, pendants, etc. together according to of what area you are in so we don’t have to flip back and forth. When I got to Bill’s Town I missed so many things it really made me mad. Your directions are awful as well – ‘when you go into the tall bldg – duh, you’re surrounded by tall buildings, a ‘street light’ was in fact a traffic light, there are about 4 white picket fences in suburbs, you don’t say what garage you’re in and where, you had the sides of the sewer mixed up, and the bedroom on right is actually straight ahead when you get upstairs, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately you can’t backtrack too much in this game and now I’m screwed!