The Last of Us Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Prologue
  • Chapter 2: Quarantine Zone
  • Chapter 3: The Outskirts
  • Chapter 4: Bill’s Town
  • Chapter 5: Pittsburgh
  • Chapter 6: The Suburbs
  • Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam
  • Chapter 8: The University
  • Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort
  • Chapter 10: Bus Depot
  • Chapter 11: Firefly Lab

  • Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort

    1. Now playing as Ellie, head down the slope and up the slope on the other side. Sprint to the left, then crouch when you see the deer stopping to take a bite of something so you don’t startle it. From the ridge overlooking the elk, take your time and fire a shot with your bow and arrow.
    2. If you hit the deer, it will run away to the left, but it will leave a trail of blood. Follow the trail up the path. At the next turn, it will stop again. Stealthily approach it (not too close!) and fire another arrow. Once again, follow the trail of blood up the path to the right.
    3. Eventually, the trial will take you to an old, destroyed cabin. Head through it to the other side to find the dead deer.
    4. Following the cutscene, help the man you met in the forest by fending off the infected that will try to get through the windows. Keep them from getting in as best as possible, but you’ll eventually have to rely on melee attacks as well. Follow him out the door and up the stairs when he decides it’s time to leave.
    5. Fire a shot down the stairs while he attempts to block it off, then follow him outside and through the abandoned power plant. After you fall form the catwalk, heal yourself up, then kill the three infected on the other side of the wall from you.
    6. Head forward on the right side and drop down through the hatch doors. Advance toward the ladder in the back right corner. After you meet up the the guy again, follow him to the next area. At the dead end, ask for a boost up the wall to the right (opposite side from the ladder). Head all the way around the catwalk, take out the lone infected, get the supplies from the door on the left and then push the ladder down to the guy.
    7. Follow him up the ladder and down the hallway after you run through the door. Head up hte stairs, get the supplies, bombs and arrows. Pull at your rifle and stand in front of the doorway next to the guy. Take out the attacking Runners, but also be aware that they’ll start coming in through the windows above you.
    8. They will eventually start coming in from all around you, so use your bombs if you need to. Finally, you’ll have to kill a “Bloater.” Watch out for the spore dusts bombs he throws and use bombs of your own to help the guy kill him.
    9. Following the really long cutscene, ride your horse down the path. After you jump over the barricade, mash square to fight off the guy who tries to grab onto you. Continue to gallup your way past the bandits until you accidentally ride your horse off a ledge.
    10. With the horse now dead, run down the slope and hop through the window of the nearby cabin. Get the ammo from the nightstand drawer and head through the door. Get the health from the drawer on the right and heal yourself up before heading down the hallway.
    11. Get the arrows and health in the living room, then head back up the hallway and wait inside a room, using your hearing technique to see where the two bandits are. Stab them both stealthily, then pick up the one guy’s shotgun and head outonto the porch.
    12. Take out the bandit on the porch diagonally across from you and the one behind the boat. Search the nearby cabins for supplies. When you reach the public restrooms, there will be more bandits on the backside of it. Take them out (as well as the two up the stairs to the right), then head up the stairs.
    13. Go left and move across the narrow plank to get to the bridge overlooking the lake. Follow the path around the mountain and drop off the ledge. Crouch and head through the tunnel on the right. Advance down the path. Before you can head through the next tunnel, you’ll have to go around to the outside and pull the box out of the way to create a space through the tunnel.
    14. Drop off the ledge and head around to the right. There will be five bandits on guard on the outside of the ski lodge—take each of them out stealthily as you advance down the path. Follow it around to the right, where it will take you behind the ski lodge. Pull the green dumpster away from the cabin, then hop up through the hole.
    15. Go through the door and into the lobby. Get the supplies on the front desk, then pull out your rifle and take out the two bandits through the windows around the corner to the right.
    16. After you advance to the next big room, a bandit will coming charging at you from out of nowhere. Mash square to fight him off, then kill him. Head for the two main doors to take you outside on the right.
    17. Following the cutscene (and now playing as Joel again), grab the ammo on the nearby table and head up the stairs to the right. Heal yourself up, head though the front door and head downstairs.
    18. As you advance down the path, you’ll be attacked by bandits. Take cover behind the car to the right, then surprise them with a couple Molotov cocktails. This will cause the rest of the guys to retreat. Advance to the open gate and take out the closest bandit here behind the box.
    19. The last three or four bandits will then retreat again behind the fence up ahead. With them dead, head up the steps and through the open doorway of the cabin on the right. Get the health and supplies from the counter, then head through the window in the next room over. After you hop over the barricade, mash square to fight off your two attackers.
    20. Following the two separate cutscenes, advance through the snow storm. Go left between the buildings, then right down the alley and go right through the door. Pull the cart out of the way, then crouch through the crawlspace. Advance to the end of the room, then go left through the window into the next building.
    21. Sneak around the shelves and knife the guy that will come in looking for you. Pick up his revolver, then sneak up and kill the guy in the alley out the window to the left. From here, go right along of the store buildings and take out the bandits that will be searching for you along the way. You’ll still want to use cover, but the crazy snow storm helps keeping you hidden.
    22. When you get to the area with all of the mail trucks, wait for the guy up to come downstairs, then take him out. Head up the stairs and go right. After you pass the fire in the bin, take cover behind the wall and kill the bandit that will pass by.
    23. Advance. Go left at the two cars, then right through the break in the fence between the two buildings. Proceed forward and make a left between the next two buildings. Make a right through the open doorway and take out the two guys inside the video arcade.
    24. Jump through one of the windows at the front of the arcade and head right down the street. There will be two bandits near the bus—kill ‘em, then head around the back side of the bus, make a left and proceed forward.
    25. Hop up to the dumpster on the left and go through the window. Go straight through the two doorways and pick up the health on the stacks of boxes. No guys in here, just head through the large dining hall and open the door at the end.
    26. After creeper guy shows up again, move around the back of the booth. All you have to do is use your hearing skill to see which way he is going, then stealthily sneak up behind him and stab him three different times. He’ll drop some plates on the floor, so when ever you walk over it, move very slow to avoid being heard.
    27. Now playing as Joel again, advance though the snow storm. Head into the gas station store on the right and get the supplies behind the counter. Take out the three bandits that come wondering through. Head through the doorway and go left through the open garage.
    28. Peek your head around the brick wall to the right and use your bow and arrow to take out the guy up on the container. Peek further around the corner and use your rifle to snipe the car up behind the barbwire fortress.
    29. Head through the open container and head down the street. At the turn, take cover behind a car on the right side, then take out the three guys that will be patrolling the street. Advance, go right through the opening in the wall (past the fire) and head through the door in the back alley.
    30. After you get Ellie’s backpack, head into the meat locker for a horrifying sight. Head into the next room, then out the front door for a cutscene.
    31. When the creeper guy gets on top of Ellie, hit the triangle button when prompted to and have Ellie carve him up.

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    7 Comments on The Last of Us Walkthrough


    On June 7, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Notice how it took 14 minutes for something to happen. This is horrendous. There was no gameplay in those 14 minutes just walking. This is my problem with this game. If the demo is ike this imagine the rest of the game. I think I will wait until its cheaper and it comes with the story DLC in which they took out to sell later on.


    On June 13, 2013 at 3:54 am

    the narrator of this game is the worst.keeps on talking about things that ONLY entertains him.what i want to this gameplay is to become a gameplay.


    On June 30, 2013 at 2:36 am

    And those two comments prove two things.

    1. Doesn’t matter how incredible something is, some idiot with a computer will about it.
    2. Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to post anything anywhere.


    On August 26, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    All I have to say is that these walk throughs helped me in getting through some parts of the game in which I was struggling with. If you think you can do better, please do. Then we’ll talk your efforts in trying to help others.


    On October 17, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    James from Gamefront is hilarious… I love this walkthrough and the fact that he’s as into it as me. I use this when I’m stuck and we have pretty much the same reactions to the craziness that occurs! I find myself just watching and laughing… Well done guys, I highly recommend your walkthrough.


    On February 16, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Excellent walkthrough! Now we are onto “Left Behind”. The download takes awhile started last night, playing now. Great game!!


    On July 30, 2014 at 7:44 am

    I’m stuck on the part where you have to swim though the sunken train… he literally just wont’ swim through. Like there’s a wall there. ing hell this is annoying.