The Last of Us Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Prologue
  • Chapter 2: Quarantine Zone
  • Chapter 3: The Outskirts
  • Chapter 4: Bill’s Town
  • Chapter 5: Pittsburgh
  • Chapter 6: The Suburbs
  • Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam
  • Chapter 8: The University
  • Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort
  • Chapter 10: Bus Depot
  • Chapter 11: Firefly Lab

  • Chapter 3: The Outskirts

    1. Once you get to the sewer, hop up the ledge on the left (grab the supplies on the right), then head through the doorway and up the slope. Stay crouched as you turn to the right. Move along the wall through the doorway and up the stairs. Drop off the ledge, go through the window and raise up the bay door.
    2. Follow Tessa toward the building on the right. There’s a large patrol here, so stay crouched as you make your way through. After you exit the building, turn right and drop down the series of ledges. Head through the small tunnel at the end of the ditch.
    3. Head up the stairs and use the crawl space in the left corner. Wait for the two patrolmen to leave, then advance. After you head through the doors, get the supplies from the locker on the left and the workbench on the right. Exit out of the other doorway, go through the break in the wall and head through the pipe. Trudge through the water to get to the gate at the end for a cutscene.
    4. Follow Tessa and Ellie up through the wreckage of the freeway. When you arrive at the huge drop-off overlooking downtown, turn right and make your way through the break in the wall and through the crawl space.
    5. Turn right up the steps and head through the open door. Go through the next open door (past the body), open the door in the hallway and pick up the supplies on the table to the right. Exit through the door, head up the stairs and pick up the gun and ammo near the body.
    6. Go left through the door on the next floor. Pull the “Clicker” away from the door and break it in. Get the knife in the desk drawer and grab the med supplies on the shelf to the right before crouching through the crawl space.
    7. Hop over the barrier and get the tape and scissors on on the other side of the desk partitions. Have Tessa help you break down the locked door at the front of the room. After you get it to open, immediately tap square to push the attacking Clicker off of you.
    8. Follow the girls through the next room and search the cupboards for supplies (note that you can create your own health kit by finding small random objects like bandages, rubbing alcohol, etc). Head through the doorway on the left, then use the knife to open the door in front of you.
    9. Check the shelves on the left for ammo, meds and other supplies. Exit the room and head back into the hallway where the girls will be waiting for you. Follow them in the room across the hallway, then go and stand in front of the wall with ivory growing up it to give Tessa a boost.
    10. After she pulls you up, a Clicker will hear you guys. Stealthily follow Tessa around to the left. After the Clicker walks away, hop up and over the scaffolding. Hop over the staircase and pull the filing cabinet out of the way.
    11. Follow Tessa and Ellie out the window, out onto the window-cleaning rigs, around the ledge and through the next window. After you get downstairs and head through the doorway, pick up the revolver next to the body on the floor, then follow the girls into the next room.
    12. Go right and drop off the short ledge. Pick up the crowbar to the left. After you turn around the corner, crouch, sneak up behind the Runner and either hit triangle to shiv ‘em or square to strangle him. There will be three other Runners here and a Clicker, so if you don’t want to waste ammo here, use and throw surrounding objects close by you to lure them over and take them out using the crowbar or knife.
    13. Continue forward. Pick up the health on the table, then head through the doorway and pull yourself up to the ledge on the right. Head up the makeshift ramp and pull the filing cabinet out of the way. Hold it to allow Tessa and Ellie through, then hop over after Tessa props it open for you.
    14. Pick up supplies on the floor near the sofa as well as the health and more supplies on the desk. Exit through the doorway, go left and make your way down toward the bottom. After you crouch through the tiny opening, make a quick left through the doorway.
    15. Hop up into the crawl space, jump up onto the ledge and advance along the right wall.Head under the makeshift waterfall as you make your way down the rubble (get the supplies in the corner). At the bottom, pick up the meds on the pay phone, then grab the Molotov cocktail next to the body. The stairs will be blocked, so follow the path around and go under the crawl space.
    16. Scary part here. The subway area will be crawling with infected and Clickers. You’ll wanna stay crouched and be quiet to avoid alarming the Clickers. Pick up surrounding objects and throw them to throw the Clickers off. Finding your way through this part is tricky because it’s so dark and everything looks the same. Keep moving forward. Once you find the store, turn left down the long hallway (there will be an Exit sign at the end). Turn left, then make a quick right through the turnstiles and press the triangle button under another exit sign to pull down the ladder.
    17. After you get through the hole and drop off the ledge, head up the rubble to the left. Once on solid ground, turn right down the wide alley and go left through the hole in the building. There will be a few infected in here, but all you need to worry about is getting the rolling chest of drawers and wheel it outside. Push it against the wall to the right of the truck and is it to get over.
    18. Get to the end of the alley and lift the bay door on the left. That was close! Head up the ramp on the left side of the big rig and use the workbench on the left to upgrade your weapons. Get the meds in the back of the big rig, then head through the door next to the workbench.
    19. Get the gun on the desk, then head straight through the next door. Get the supplies from the drawer in the desk to the right, then go left through the door. Head straight along the right wall for more supplies, then climb up the makeshift ramp to get to the next floor.
    20. Turn right down the hallway and go left through the doorway. Get the supplies from the door on the right, then crouch under the partially boarded-up doorway and move the beam to allow Tessa and Ellie to pass through.
    21. After you get separated, turn around and go left through the two doorways out into the hallway. Turn left into the dining area. Get the supplies from the counter, then shiv the door on the right to open it. A ton of ammo/heath/supplies on the shelf to the left and in front of you (next to the mannequins).
    22. Get back into the hallway, go left, take down the Clicker and open the double doors on the left at the end. Head up the stairs to the next floor, open the doors and kill the Runner trying to break down the door. Head through to meet back up with Tessa.
    23. After you exit to rescue Ellie, then will be a ton of Runners here, so it would be a good idea to pull out your gun (or use the Molotov cocktails to take them out). With the room clear, follow Tessa to the back corner and hop through the window.
    24. Head up to the roof and grab the wooden plank over on the left, then place it over the railing on the catwalk to cross over the gap. Following the cutscene, follow the girls down the stairs. Roll the dumpster next to the stairs diagonally across to in front of the gate and use it to hop over. Follow Tessa through the swamp to get to the capital building for a cutscene.

    25. Following that major twist, sprint up the stairs to the left and follow the pathway around. Head around the railing to the right and head through the doorway. Jump the gap after crossing the makeshift bridge to get through the window. Before heading through the doorway, you can find a rile next to the corpse.
    26. Crouch as you advance past the bloody columns and turn left through the doorway. Grab the bottle on the floor, head through the next doorway on the left and take cover behind the white sheet. Right when the soldier is about to pass by, use it to bash his skull. There will be three other soldiers here, so use your special hearing skill to listen for them and take them out.
    27. Once you get to the other end of the building (the yellow room), head down the stairs. Drop off the ledge at the bottom and head through the doorway. Turn right through the large opening in the dining room, then make another quick right through the first doorway. Pick up the health on the table on the left and slowly advance toward the windows will crouched. Wait in the shadows for the soldiers to pass by, then quickly head out the door and sprint diagonally across for the stairs.
    28. Head down the subway hallway. When you reach the toxic area, hold your cover and wait for the first solider to come close, then surprise him and take him down. Next, sneak up on the other one over to the right and knock him out before advancing through the broken down subway car.

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    7 Comments on The Last of Us Walkthrough


    On June 7, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Notice how it took 14 minutes for something to happen. This is horrendous. There was no gameplay in those 14 minutes just walking. This is my problem with this game. If the demo is ike this imagine the rest of the game. I think I will wait until its cheaper and it comes with the story DLC in which they took out to sell later on.


    On June 13, 2013 at 3:54 am

    the narrator of this game is the worst.keeps on talking about things that ONLY entertains him.what i want to this gameplay is to become a gameplay.


    On June 30, 2013 at 2:36 am

    And those two comments prove two things.

    1. Doesn’t matter how incredible something is, some idiot with a computer will about it.
    2. Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to post anything anywhere.


    On August 26, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    All I have to say is that these walk throughs helped me in getting through some parts of the game in which I was struggling with. If you think you can do better, please do. Then we’ll talk your efforts in trying to help others.


    On October 17, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    James from Gamefront is hilarious… I love this walkthrough and the fact that he’s as into it as me. I use this when I’m stuck and we have pretty much the same reactions to the craziness that occurs! I find myself just watching and laughing… Well done guys, I highly recommend your walkthrough.


    On February 16, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Excellent walkthrough! Now we are onto “Left Behind”. The download takes awhile started last night, playing now. Great game!!


    On July 30, 2014 at 7:44 am

    I’m stuck on the part where you have to swim though the sunken train… he literally just wont’ swim through. Like there’s a wall there. ing hell this is annoying.