The Last of Us Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Prologue
  • Chapter 2: Quarantine Zone
  • Chapter 3: The Outskirts
  • Chapter 4: Bill’s Town
  • Chapter 5: Pittsburgh
  • Chapter 6: The Suburbs
  • Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam
  • Chapter 8: The University
  • Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort
  • Chapter 10: Bus Depot
  • Chapter 11: Firefly Lab

  • Chapter 4: Bill’s Town

    1. Move into the water and swim to the dead end. Press circle to dive under to get around the barricade. Swim forward and submerge again and go through the break in the wall, then through the sunken subway car. When you come up, Ellie should be up on the left. Since she can’t swim, you need to go get the floating pallet up and to the right and bring it back to her. Cross over the water to her to the other side, then wait for her to get the ladder and pull yourself up. Go left through the open gate and head up the stairs.
    2. After you venture through the woods, inspect the gate at the top of the hill. It will be locked, so walk around the way around to the left. Pick up the plank on the wall, turn around and lean it against the little shed right across of you. Head around to the other side and hop up the AC unit to get to the roof.
    3. Grab the cool weapon on the right corner for a melee upgrade, then pick up the plank and lay it across the two roofs to safely cross. Drop down from the roof and head down the slope to the left. After you drop down the two ledges, use your shiv to open the door on the left for a bunch of supplies, ammo and health.
    4. Head back outside and inspect the gate. After Ellie asks for you to give here a boost, inspect the gate again to get her over. Go left and head through the opening in the gate. A bunch of supplies on the shelves to the left. Next, head through the opening between the two brick walls and turn right down the street.
    5. You can find an assortment of supplies in some buildings as you make your way down the street. Once you get to the end, go left through the narrow alley between the buildings. Go right, get the arrows out of the fallen runner, pick up the ladder, prop it up on the back of the big rig and climb up.
    6. Grab the box behind the sofa, then cross the plank. Pick up the plank, prop it up next to the ladder, climb up, pick up the plank and use it to cross over to the next roof. Test out the bow and arrow on the lone Runner below. Head down the ladder and then on up onto the next roof.
    7. Get down the next ladder, couch under the trap wire, then go left down the alley. Open the door and head up the stairs. Go left into the room and gather the supplies off the bed. Exit and head into the next room, but be prepared to take out the Runner that will attack you. Get the supplies on the table to the right, then head back down stairs and go outside.
    8. Pick up a bottle near the brick wall, then head over toward the gated area. Stand back and aim the bottle at one of the detonation devices to blow them both up. Head through the gate. There will be another trap just ahead past the green sofa, so use an object to throw at it.
    9. Head through the open doorway. Get the ammo from the desk in front of you, then open the door on the left Yikes! You’ll have to pull out one of your guns and shoot and kill the Runners and Clickers while Ellie tries to cut you down. Once you drop, tap square to fight off a Runner before Bill finally saves you.
    10. Follow Bill out of the warehouse. Sprint as he leads you down the alley, then turn around and shoot any following Runners while he opens the door. Stick with Bill as you fight off more zombies before you finally get to his safehouse for a cutscene.
    11. After you make your plan with Bill, grab his map from the table and the supplies on the bar (you can find a “training manual” at the end to upgrade your shiv. From there, Bill will lead you through a series of building before you end up outside again. You can find all sorts of supplies in various rooms along the way.
    12. Outside, you’ll encounter a pretty large group of infected, so use your guns to take them out form a distance. Cross the street with Bill and head through the gate. Head up the stairs and open the cellar doors.
    13. Following the cutscene, go over toward Bill to check out his new “toy” for you. Go left in the alcove for plenty of supplies on the small shelf to the left. More supplies on the shelves in the main room up on the right. You can then use the workbench on the left to upgrade weapons, then follow Bill out of the building.
    14. After you head through the gate, advance up the stairs and take out the two Clickers. Turn right through the gate at the end and clear the rest of the Clickers out in this bottom area as you advance. After Bill opens the gate for you, take out the two Runners up the path, then go left through the hole in the fence.
    15. As you move forward, you’ll be ambushed by two Runners—take them out, then kill the Clicker. Head up the steps up the slope and continue along the right wall. Head through the door into the kitchen. Grab the health on the counter and head into the next room. You can get some more supplies in the garage, then head back outside and go right through the break in the fence.
    16. Advance and take out the three Runners along the way. Grab the health on the barbecue, then go left down the slope at the wall. Enter the garage and get the arrow and other supplies from the shelves. Exit through the big garage door, head down the alley and enter through the garage up on the right. Inspect the door, then removed the board over the doggy door after Ellie suggests it.
    17. You can stealthily make your way past the Clickers here through the patio door. Take out the Clicker in the dining room, then go left down the hall. Kill the Clicker in the bedroom to the right and get the rifle ammo. Get down the hallway, go outside and hop up the RV. Follow Bill across the tree house and through the house down below.
    18. There’s a few miscellaneous supplies around the house, and some upstairs in the closet. After that, go help Bill lift up the garage door. Head around to the right when outside. If you’ve upgraded your bow and arrows, it’s a great weapon to take the infected from a distance quietly. However, after you move through the buses, they will automatically ambush you. So quickly run away to give you some space, then use a Molotov cocktail or a bomb to help you take them out.
    19. With the area clear, head over to the bus on the left to give Ellie a boost so she can lower the ladder. Climb up and drop down on the other side. The doors around the truck that’s smashed in to the wall will be locked. Quickly follow Bill around to the side. Pull out your shotgun and use it fight off infected. Hop up and through the window once he gets it open.
    20. Following the cutscene, head down the hallway and take out the group of infected. Go left down the next hallway and right through the open classroom door. Clear this room out of infected, get to the end and exit through the doorway out into the hallway.
    21. More infected up ahead. Take them out, then break down the double doors on the right and the end to enter the gym. What the hell!?!? Take out the three Runners over to the left, then hopefully you have a bomb or some Molotov cocktails to help you kill this Bloater. If not, you’re going to need a lot of ammo to take him down.
    22. Get the ammo and supplies from the storage area, then give Bill a boost up the bleachers. After Bill and Ellie get up, you’ll have to kill three more Runners before the coast is clear. Go right and hop out the window. Follow Bill through the fence and down the stream. Fight off the one Runner coming toward you, then climb up the ladder for a cutscene.
    23. After Ellie finds the car, search the house for supplies, then go back and talk to Ellie. Next, get behind the truck and help Bill push. After the failed attempt to get it started, you’ll have to fight off a pack of infected. You’ll have to continue doing this in between pushing the truck down the hill. Once you do and Ellie gets it started, hop in the back for a cutscene.
    24. Following the crash, mash square to avoid death and take out the hooligan trying to kill you. After you rescue Ellie, there will be three more guys to take out. Use one of your weapons and the surrounding area as cover to get the job done.
    25. There will then be another group of thugs that will show up. Use objects to throw in areas to distract them, then stealthily take them down. Once you take care of all of them, cross the street and search the desk drawers for supplies in the office.

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    7 Comments on The Last of Us Walkthrough


    On June 7, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Notice how it took 14 minutes for something to happen. This is horrendous. There was no gameplay in those 14 minutes just walking. This is my problem with this game. If the demo is ike this imagine the rest of the game. I think I will wait until its cheaper and it comes with the story DLC in which they took out to sell later on.


    On June 13, 2013 at 3:54 am

    the narrator of this game is the worst.keeps on talking about things that ONLY entertains him.what i want to this gameplay is to become a gameplay.


    On June 30, 2013 at 2:36 am

    And those two comments prove two things.

    1. Doesn’t matter how incredible something is, some idiot with a computer will about it.
    2. Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to post anything anywhere.


    On August 26, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    All I have to say is that these walk throughs helped me in getting through some parts of the game in which I was struggling with. If you think you can do better, please do. Then we’ll talk your efforts in trying to help others.


    On October 17, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    James from Gamefront is hilarious… I love this walkthrough and the fact that he’s as into it as me. I use this when I’m stuck and we have pretty much the same reactions to the craziness that occurs! I find myself just watching and laughing… Well done guys, I highly recommend your walkthrough.


    On February 16, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Excellent walkthrough! Now we are onto “Left Behind”. The download takes awhile started last night, playing now. Great game!!


    On July 30, 2014 at 7:44 am

    I’m stuck on the part where you have to swim though the sunken train… he literally just wont’ swim through. Like there’s a wall there. ing hell this is annoying.