The Last of Us Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Prologue
  • Chapter 2: Quarantine Zone
  • Chapter 3: The Outskirts
  • Chapter 4: Bill’s Town
  • Chapter 5: Pittsburgh
  • Chapter 6: The Suburbs
  • Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam
  • Chapter 8: The University
  • Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort
  • Chapter 10: Bus Depot
  • Chapter 11: Firefly Lab

  • Chapter 5: Pittsburgh

    1. Lift the bay door to the left of the offices after you search the area. Get the supplies from the lockers on the right. You can also find some tools and a smoke bomb over on the shelves. Exit through the door and head on up the stairs. After you enter through the door, head right through the doorway and search the hideout for supplies (get the health kit upgrade on the shelves next to the mattresses on the left).
    2. Exit through the other doorway out into the hallway. Take the door on the right to use the workbench to upgrade weapons, then take the other door to go outside. Head up the stairs and hop over the rail. Drop off the ledge and get the supplies in the corners on the left Move around around the bus and proceed forward.
    3. When you spot the three guys, move all the way around to the wall on the right and take cover behind the white jeep. Sneak up behind them after they start to split off and take them down stealthily. With the area clear, advance, hop up the maroon car next to the bus, then get up on the bus to drop down on the other side.
    4. Advance through the checkpoint maze, then take cover behind the trash dumpster after you push through the turnstile. Move up along the path on the right. After the discussion between the three hunters ends and they spread out, take them out.
    5. Advance to the end of this area and turn right down the alley. Hop through the window on the right. There will be five guys on this lower level, so either use nearby objects to throw in order to distract them and take them down, or (the fun method!) use your bow and arrow.
    6. Head up the stairs once you get to the other side of the room. Before you get to the top, hold R2 to see where nearby enemies are. Take cover and constantly check behind you because new enemies will come up the stairs eventually.
    7. After you clear the upper floor, you can find some supplies in the far back right corner in the lower cabinets (there will be come more in the closet to the right). If you head down the stairs on the opposite side (the left corner) and then go left through a couple of doorways, you’ll find some lockers with more supplies.
    8. Get back up the stairs and head through the exit way (next to RIver’s Cafe). Get down the stairs, advance, turn right down the alley and head up the stairs. Drop through the break in the railing, then head down the alley and hop over the barricade.
    9. Enter the gross swampy water and swim to the end. Grab the pallet and take it back to Ellie. Once she gets on, swim her right over to the front of the big object so she can hop up. After she lays down the plank, turn around and go through the opening of the metal comportment. Once in the building, swim straight to the back room and head up the stairs. Head into the next room, go around the railing, grab the supplies from the shelves to the right (and the shiv on the nearby counter), then hop out the window.
    10. Cross the plank and head through the window. Get the meds and supplies from the counter over to your right. Go left through the opening into the next area. Pick up the ladder and walk it around to where there’s a break in the railing and lean it against the wall for you to climb up.
    11. Head around to the left and go up the stairs. Hop through the window and take cover behind the AC vent. Following the discussion between the two hunters, hop through the window and strangle the closest one as he walks through the doorway on the left. Head through, cross the hallway and take the hunter out in here.
    12. Check the drawers of nearby rooms for health/supplies. Use R2 as you make your way through the floor to alarm you of any enemies. Get to the other end of this floor and head up the stairs. Get the supplies from the suitcase on the left, then pry open the elevator doors.
    13. Climb up the ladder, move along the ledge and drop down onto the elevator. Stand under the opening in order to give Ellie a boost. Following your crazy fall, turn your flashlight on and go left through the opening in the wall. Swim straight, pull yourself up over to the debris and go through the doorway with the exit sign above it. Go under the water in this room and swim through the doorwayay. Swim diagonally to the right through the other doorway and swim to the surface.
    14. Get the supplies from the shelves in the doorway on the right, then head toward the double doorway. Before you walk through, head underwater and swim through the double doorway down here. Continue through the next doorway and then swim through the break in the ground to the surface.
    15. Head through the nearby doorway. Let the spores pass as you make your way down the hallway. Enter the door on the left for supplies. Cross over to the other doorway for more supplies on the shelves and desk, then head through the exit doorway in this room. Go right (around the big electrical box) and start up the red generator. Once you get it on, head up the rubble.
    16. Pull out your shotgun and take out the huge group of Seekers that will be coming for you. Check the desk drawer for supplies, then head out through the double doors to the left of the lockers. Cross the hallway through the other doorway and pick up the key card on the desk. Then jump off the ledge and head up the rubble ramp.
    17. Go left down the hallway to the end and then make a left at the “caution: wet floor” sign” through the doorway and head down the stairs. Use the key card to open the door on the right. Head up the stairs and open the door. Go left down the hallway and get the supplies from the office on the right. You can also use the workbench to upgrade weapons (you should have enough supplies at this point to upgrade your hunting rifle with a scope!).
    18. Kick in the door on the opposite side for some more supplies, then open the door at the end of the hallway. There will be two hunters to stealthily take down in the kitchen here. Next, stealthily take down the three hunters in the dining room.
    19. Head to the back left corner and pick up the ladder on the floor next to the elevator. Lean the ladder to the right of the elevator and climb up. After getting kicked off, mash square to fight off the hunter. Ellie to the rescue!
    20. Following the cutscene, climb up the ladder and go left through the doorway. Make the next left and hug the right wall to make your way across the break in the floor. Get the supplies on the table to the left and find some over bar the bar. Go back to the hallway and turn left down the stairs.
    21. Head down the hallway. You can find a few supplies from the desk drawer at your first right and upgrade your melee weapons by booking up the booklet on the corner of the desk down the main hallway. Turn right through the doorway and the end of the hallway.
    22. Push the piano forward toward the wall and hop up it to get to the next level. Get the few supplies all the way on the other side of the railing, then head through the double doors. Head outside for a cutscene.
    23. After the hunters get the order to search the area, stealthily make your way over to the right and take out the one guy by the cop car. Advance to some cover. Pull out your bow and arrow and take out the hunter up ahead as well as the guy patrolling the catwalk around the corner of the building on the right.
    24. Head left up the steps into the bank. Take cover behind the front desk and strangle the patrolling hunter after he walks by. Head out the exit to the right into the alley and take out this hunter as well. Cross the area, head into the Don Fiocchi restaurant, go to the back storage area and take out the guy here as well as the one across the small alley.
    25. At this point, Ellie will be spotted an engage some hunters down below. Pull out your rifle and help her clear the rest of the area. Following the cutscene, advance toward the checkpoint area (with the blue tarps) and lift the large bay door on the left.
    26. After Ellie makes the suggestion to lift her up, pull the cart out from the bay door and wheel it over to the dock. Hop up and over and use the workbench on the right to modify weapons and what not. Get the meds on the opposite table, then hop over the scaffolding.
    27. Open the door on the left, go down the hallway and up the stairs. After you enter through the doorway upstairs, quickly take cover behind the wall to the right. After the hunters pass by and head downstairs, head down the hallway and drop off the ledge to get back outside.
    28. Head down the street. Go left through the book store at the turn. Take out the hunter standing guard on the second floor (above the “Delta Direct” sign) using your bow and arrow. Go left and head under the “Books” banner, but make sure you are crouched to avoid setting off the trap! Hug the wall at the doorway and wait for the two hunters conversation to end.
    29. Go out the doorway to the right and take cover behind the cop car. Throw an object to distract on of them and bring them closer to you, then take him out stealthily. After you take out the other guy, cross diagonally into the Ration Depot. Check the desk drawers for some supplies, then head into the supply room in the back for a ton of health/supplies/ammo.
    30. Head back outside to talk to Ellie. Stand under the ladder to the left to boost her up and pull it down. Drop down off the catwalk and go left down the alley. Go right down the next alley to the end, hop through the window and take out the three hunters here.
    31. Exit out the other side of the building and go right. And take cover behind the van. You’ll have to sprint across the street because as soon as you move the turret will spot you and open fire. Go from the van, to the cop car, to the blue car and use them as shields. On the other side, head through the doorway on the right. Stay crouched here because the turret will continue to fire on you. Shoot and kill the attacking hunters, then hop through the window on the other side of the office.
    32. Go left down down the street. Take out the attacking hunter, the sprint down the alley and take the open door on the right before the tank catches up to you guys. Take the stairs up, then go up the outside stairs. Cross over the planks and hop through the window to get some supplies. Head into the bedroom, hop through the window and take the ledge around to the next window for a cutscene.
    33. After meeting Sam and Henry, get the supplies on the kitchen sink to upgrade your Molotov cocktails. Follow Henry downstairs. After you exit the toy store, get the supplies from the shelves on the left, then take out the three hunters in the alley (Henry won’t be much of a help).
    34. Follow Henry up onto the truck. Quickly take cover behind the nearby AC unit as the two hunters exit from the window. Throw and object over to the left to distract them, then quickly get up the AC units next to the wall and take them down. Cross the planks and go through the door.
    35. Following the cutscene, take out one of the hunters by the fire and Henry will take out the other. Get the supplies on the other side of the counter to the right, then exit through the door on the opposite side. Stay crouched (and obviously stay out of the light) as you advance on the left side, using the cars as cover along the way. Take out the patrolling hunter down below the light using your bow and arrow.
    36. Since this next part is impossible to do with stealth, move over to the roadblock right in front of the light. Chuck a Molotov cocktail up there to take out the two hunters. You can then pull out your rifle and pick of the group of hunters one by one as they walk toward the lookout point (or use more Molotov cocktails to take out multiple enemies at once).
    37. WIth the area clear, follow Henry over to the D2 gate and help him push open the doors. After he takes out the hunter up on the wall, follow the path around and stand under the ladder to give everyone a boost. After that dick Henry leaves you, help Ellie lift the bay door to the left.
    38. Get the supplies on the shelves behind you, then go through the doorway around the corner. Strangle the lone hunter who will come toward the bar, then take out the other three hunters in the outside area. Roll the cart away from the glass doors and open them to get back outside. Cross the street after Ellie and sprint down the freeway while getting shot at for a cutscene.

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    7 Comments on The Last of Us Walkthrough


    On June 7, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Notice how it took 14 minutes for something to happen. This is horrendous. There was no gameplay in those 14 minutes just walking. This is my problem with this game. If the demo is ike this imagine the rest of the game. I think I will wait until its cheaper and it comes with the story DLC in which they took out to sell later on.


    On June 13, 2013 at 3:54 am

    the narrator of this game is the worst.keeps on talking about things that ONLY entertains him.what i want to this gameplay is to become a gameplay.


    On June 30, 2013 at 2:36 am

    And those two comments prove two things.

    1. Doesn’t matter how incredible something is, some idiot with a computer will about it.
    2. Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to post anything anywhere.


    On August 26, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    All I have to say is that these walk throughs helped me in getting through some parts of the game in which I was struggling with. If you think you can do better, please do. Then we’ll talk your efforts in trying to help others.


    On October 17, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    James from Gamefront is hilarious… I love this walkthrough and the fact that he’s as into it as me. I use this when I’m stuck and we have pretty much the same reactions to the craziness that occurs! I find myself just watching and laughing… Well done guys, I highly recommend your walkthrough.


    On February 16, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Excellent walkthrough! Now we are onto “Left Behind”. The download takes awhile started last night, playing now. Great game!!


    On July 30, 2014 at 7:44 am

    I’m stuck on the part where you have to swim though the sunken train… he literally just wont’ swim through. Like there’s a wall there. ing hell this is annoying.