The Last Story – Chapter 20: The Haunted Mansion Side-quest Guide

It isn’t Halloween yet, but there’s still room for a spooky experience in a creepy old mansion. Learn how to survive this deadly abode filled with skeletons, reapers, and worse beasts from beyond the grave. You’ll have to deal with keys, all new monsters, flying environmental traps, randomly exploding coffins, and an overpowering boss. Learn how to bring the Vampire Lord down and rescue its captive here.

Survive the main campaign of The Last Story with our full text walkthrough here. For more side-quests and other extra articles for this massive RPG, check out the cheats page.

Full Side-Quest Guide

Haunted Mansion Side-Quest Guide

Note: This quest can be completed during Chapter 19 after you’re released.

Chapter 20: Haunted Mansion

  • Speak with the bartender at the Tavern, she’ll tell you Horace is looking for help. He’s waiting on the bridge. You can find here looking over the water, just turn left as you exit the tavern. You can use Seek Mode to pick him out.
  • Talk to Horace to go to the spooky mansion. Check the door, and go inside once Horace has it open. There’s a save point here, you can also upgrade your equipment whenever you need to with Horace.
  • Inside, look up at the chandeliers while in Seek Mode. Afterward, run toward Dagran to see something spooky, then go through the door. In another automatic Seek Mode, look at the creepy mirror.
  • Use Seek Mode yourself on the mirror, then check it yourself. Two Skeletons will attack, but they won’t be a problem. Next, go through the door your party waits near. Continue down the hallway, then through the lit door on your right after Yurick is taken.
  • Inside the bedroom, more skeletons will appear after using Seek Mode to spot a book. Fight them off, after about three are defeated, Horace will be taken too and you’ll be left alone to clear out the rest.
  • Continue out the door ahead, and look up and right at the hanging sword and shield when you’re put into Seek Mode. Continue down the hall and look left for an open door out into a courtyard.
  • Outside, the courtyard is full of coffins. Check them all to reveal your allies, but save first. Sometimes the coffins will just explode in your face instead. Other times, a Skeleton with an instant paralyze attack will appear.
  • To make your life easier, throw a heal bomb and use it to heal after an explosion. If a skeleton attacks, hide behind the coffins and use slash to take it down.
  • Save the rest of your party, then save and return to the mansion.
  • Battle 1: Courtyard – Terracor
  • Not so fast! A giant monster will attack before you have a chance to return. The Terracor will spin wildly around the arena and attack, but it won’t be an issue like before not that you’re much higher level.
  • Use Vertical Slash, or just a regular Slash to send it spinning. Then lay down a fire circle and diffuse to break it’s armor, making it easy to put down with regular attacks.
  • Go through the door as you turn left down the hall. In the new bedroom, use Seek Mode to find the key hole and the bookcase.
  • Check it out, and leave to the balcony outside.
  • Battle 2: Mansion Balcony – Terracor, Undead (Archer, Sorcerer)
  • Same as before, you’ll just want to take out those pesky undead first. Otherwise, this battle shouldn’t be any more of a challenge. Use the same tactics you used before to bring the Terracor down.
  • There’s only one problem with the remaining battles in the mansion. If a party member falls, the Black Skeleton will steal the body and bring it back to the coffins in the courtyard, forcing you to backtrack. Play defensively and try not to let your party members fall.
  • Backtrack and retrieve any fallen party members before continuing, Zael won’t let you move on until you do.
  • Use the second balcony door to enter a parlor, then through another wooden door ahead that’ll take you back to the entrance. One more Seek Mode, and look for something shiny in the wreckage.
  • Battle 3: Entrance – Phantom Armor
  • Several suits of ghostly armor will arrive, and they’re tough. They’ll also keep coming, so play it safe here.
  • The armors have strong guards, so use diffuse on Flare or Prominence to break their armor and make them much easier to deal with.
  • If you want to make the battle easier, look around the corners of the room. In small alcoves, there are more suits of armor. When you get near, you can press [A] to smash them. Do this before they become possessed and you’ll have a few less armor suits to deal with.
  • If the Black Skeleton does grab a party member, quickly use Gale to swipe the skeleton off, then use gathering to bring them back.
  • Return to the courtyard again if you need to, then go to the bedroom with the key hole. You’re almost done here. Check the key hole and Horace will open the door.
  • Boss: Nebirous
  • This massive golden demon is going to be tricky. First, it’s completely invulnerable at the start of the battle. There’s only one way to make it vulnerable – silver. You can find silver arrows scattered around the mansion, so quickly retreat and start looking.
  • Use gathering and run, that way your allied won’t take too many hits early in the battle. Listen to Horace, he’ll eventually let you know of Nebirous’ weakness to silver. When he does, the arrows will appear randomly throughout the mansion.
  • It will immediately retreat once it’s hit with a silver arrow, so use Command Mode to buff your party then strike as it tries to run. Diffuse an Ice Circle to stun it with your attacks, or weaken it further with a diffused Prominence.
  • If it gets too far away, just find more silver arrows and wait in the entrance chamber with gathering active to see where it is. It’ll eventually come for you, where you can hit it with another arrow and follow up with Command Mode.
  • The boss will take some time, but as long as you watch for silver arrows and keep one handy, it’ll be harmless to you.
  • Bring the vampire down and you’ll find a cursed sword. That completes the mansion. You’ll return to the tavern, and downstairs you’ll run into Horace again with his healthy wife. He’ll promise you a discount at his shop. It’ll also open up another optional quest.

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