The Last Story – Chapter 21: The Flame & Lizard Side-quest Guide

Kick down some doors to save a kidnapped girl in Lazulis City. Even in one of the richest cities in the Empire, kidnapping and occultism can be found in the dark corners of the city. Take on this quest by speaking with a man in green inside your base tavern, he’ll lament that a robed man has taken his daughter. What you find is something far more sinister than just a kidnapping that ends with a powerful boss monster that’s seemingly invincible. Use our guide to learn how to pull victory from defeat.

Survive the main campaign of The Last Story with our full text walkthrough here. For more side-quests and other extra articles for this massive RPG, check out the cheats page.

Full Side-Quest Guide

The Flame & Lizard Side-Quest Guide

Note: This quest can be completed during Chapter 19 after you’re released.

Chapter 21: The Flame & Lizard

  • Speak with the man in green, inside the tavern across from the bar to find this quest. Agree to take it on and he’ll describe a robed man in Fountain Plaza.
  • At the plaza, you’ll enter Seek Mode. Spot the robed man right of your started position, down the alley right past the fountain. Follow him down the alley to a secretive back-alley bar.
  • Inside the bar, you’ll officially begin the chapter. In Seek Mode, find the robed man by looking left. Enter Seek Mode again on your own to spot the robed figure.
  • Confront the man, and a battle will begin.
  • Battle 1: Tavern – Tavern Fighters, Sorcerers
  • As the fight commences, throw one of the braziers to start a ring of fire, then Gale to diffuse it and weaken the group. It should be a simple fight.
  • Once the first three are down, your entire party will arrive, but so will more fighters. Enter Seek Mode to spot the Leader behind the bar. He’s hiding with another Sorcerer. Make him your primary target.
  • Follow the same strategy. Throw a brazier to start a fire, then Gale to Guard Break and weaken all the fighters. Now you’ll have an easy time of breaking through to finish the leader, instantly ending the fight.
  • Grab both treasures behind the bar, then find the path on the left side from the entrance leading upstairs. Sneaking up behind the two goons, you can knock them both over the railing. Then, go to the door with Syrenne.
  • Battle 2: Tavern Second Floor – Tavern Archers, Fighters
  • Upstairs, you’ll take cover immediately. There are three fighters and three archers in a confined space. Take out the archers with ease by sneaking around the right path and slashing all three. Or just slash the fighters.
  • Check the back door of the room, then go back to see what’s going on in Dagran’s room. He’ll show you to a room covered in strange runes.
  • Go inside the room Dagran was checking out for two treasure chests, then return to the locked door in the archer room. Through the door, look at the window on the left in Seek Mode, then check it out on foot.
  • Shimmy right until you can enter the open window.
  • Battle 3: Rune Room – Tavern Archers, Fighters, Sorcerer
  • Inside, you’ll have a handful of enemies to deal with alone. Use Command Mode and choose to boost your attack power to make this fight trivial. Don’t get bogged down by the fighters, pick off the archer and sorcerer.
  • After a short talk, save your game then head downstairs to the main tavern hall.
  • Boss: Lesser Shade
  • This demonic entity won’t fall easily. It’s completely invulnerable until it’s set on fire. You have several options here. Your allies will try to use fire magic, but it’ll move around so don’t rely on them to connect.
  • If them miss, you can use Gale to diffuse and hit it with fire no matter where it is. Or, you can kick the floor braziers. We recommend the braziers, you can set it on fire with one kick, then immediately use Command Mode to power up your team and do as much damage as possible while it’s vulnerable.
  • After it’s been set on fire, it’ll eventually recover and try to possess one of your allies. Just diffuse a Heal Circle to cure your allies and continue the fight.
  • Do enough damage, and fighters will appear to help the creature. It’ll also begin to heal, so using the braziers then Command Mode is your best bet to deal the most damage in the shortest amount of time.
  • When attacking, be sure to guard against it’s slow arm swipes, or they’ll send you flying backwards. Whenever it reappears, you’ll also want to hit it with fire quickly before it begins to heal. If that means diffusing, then do it.
  • This can be a long battle, but just keep going at it and the boss will fall. Once it’s finished, you’ll return the little girl to her father.

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