The Last Story – Chapter 24: Reptid Catacombs Side-quest Guide

Monsters are causing problems under the city, and it’s up to you and your party to bring an end to it. In the Last Story, you play as Zael as he works his way up to knighthood. Prove yourself as a knight by bringing down these deadly lizard creatures that have taken up residence under the city streets to complete a dark ritual. Learn strategies for the enemy encounters, treasure locations, puzzle solutions, and how to bring down one massively hungry boss.

Survive the main campaign of The Last Story with our full text walkthrough here. For more side-quests and other extra articles for this massive RPG, check out the cheats page.

Full Side-Quest Guide

Reptid Catacombs Side-Quest Guide

Note: This quest can be completed during Chapter 19 after you’re released, but only after finishing Chapter 20 with Horace’s first side-quest.

Chapter 24: Reptid Catacombs

  • After finishing Chapter 20, speak with Horace again. He’ll tell you about the Reptid Lair in the well. He’s dropped a book down there. Agree to retrieve the book to begin the quest.
  • Go to the alley north of Fountain Plaza to find the well. Look on your map, there’s a red spot signifying it’s location. As you step near the well, you can agree to go down or wait until later.
  • Down in the cave, you’ll rejoin your party. Follow the main path to a lower rocky wall you can kick in at the end of the path beyond a save point.
  • Ahead, you’ll enter a large ruin. Spot the reptid ahead in Seek Mode, then hunt the little creatures down.
  • Battle 1: Catacomb Ruins – Reptids (Commando, Venom, Archer, Healer, Sorcerer)
  • Take the left path to circle around and pick off their most vulnerable reptids with Wizard Slayers or Burst Arrows.
  • Don’t forget to use Gale on the enemy heal circle, then pick them all off. More Reptids and Gladiator will arrive, just hide and Slash to easily handle the big Reptid.
  • Once they’re all finished, use the newly opened gate to continue. In the next area, Reptids are hiding with explosive traps and bananas left to protect their treasures. They won’t be able to kill you, just absorb the damage, take the treasure, and finish off the weak Reptids.
  • Open the gate at the far end of the ruin to find two treasure chests and the steps leading into an old temple-like area. Save your gate at the entrance before going in.
  • Inside the temple, there are three areas where large groups of Reptids are hiding.
  • Battle 2: Reptid Temple – Reptids (Commando, Venom, Archer, Healer, Sorcerer, Scout)
  • So you don’t have to fight all three at once, take out the scouts first. Sneak up close and take cover, then draw the scouts close with an arrow.
  • Slash when they’re in range, then do the same for the other two scouts protecting the path to each large group of Reptids.
  • Once the scouts are down, you can easily handle each group of Reptids one at a time. Take all three down using everything you’ve learned so far, they shouldn’t provide a challenge.
  • At each of the three areas, collect the treasure. You’ll need all three pieces to insert into the central statue after all the Reptids are clear.
  • Check the front of the statue to insert all three fangs. A secret passage in the temple will open. You know where to go!
  • Below, you’ll find a large treasure chamber, but all the treasure is locked away. Ahead, you can see an arena through the bars. Fire an arrow to draw the Gladiator to your position, where it’ll be alone and easy to Slash.
  • Do the same to the second Gladiator to clear the arena without even starting a fight. You can find a summoning circle in the arena to gain some quick levels, then exit through the large door.
  • Down the next path is another door and another save point. Inside the temple, you’ll find a giant monster!
  • Boss: Queen of the Abyss
  • This giant dinosaur will stomp around and try to eat your party while Reptids stream into the arena. The boss isn’t just fast, it’s extremely tough to damage.
  • Lowell will jump on it’s back and try to divert it. When you see the creature flip a party member into the air, aim your bow and shoot a Burst Arrow at the boss’ open mouth to stun it.
  • You can also throw the scattered bombs at it, or attack normally to damage slowly. It’ll only stop moving when it’s trying to eat a party member or while it’s stunned.
  • If you can manage to stun it, immediately use Command Mode and swarm it with attacks.
  • When it isn’t stunned, just keep moving and guarding to avoid taking damage. When stunned, you can bring it’s health down fast, so always try to go for it.
  • Defeat the giant, then collect the Ancient Grimoire in the circle at the front of the temple. Check the door to find stairs leading back out to the surface to complete the chapter.
  • Just don’t forget to return the book to Horace! With the book, Horace can remove the curse from special swords allowing you to equip them – but only if you have a Light of the Outsider item in your inventory.

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