The Last Story – Chapter 25: Sea Cave Side-quest Guide

Keeping spoilers to a minimum, eventually in The Last Story you’ll use your special powers to aid the Count of the island in a unique way. Once you’re off on your adventure, you can then accept this tricky side-quest with an overpowering boss at the end. Learn how to save the knights and bring down the Kraken here.

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Full Side-Quest Guide

Sea Cave Side-Quest Guide

Note: This quest can be completed during Chapter 22.

Chapter 25: Sea Cave

  • To begin a side-quest, talk to the pacing knight on the second floor of the Great Hall, then go down into the Castle Depths and speak with two guards in bright armor as you turn right. They’ll tell you about a new cave system that’s opened up. Agree to investigate the cave if you want.
  • You’ll enter a new dungeon with Dagran, Syrenne, Mirania, and Lowell. This is the same skeleton-filled dungeon you explored in the first chapter, only now with more treasure. There’s a treasure chest behind a pillar on the main approach.
  • Enter the room ahead where Zael first accepted the Outsider’s power. Wait for the conversation to end, then use Seek Mode to spot a secret door on the left wall. Check it to open the way.
  • You’ll appear outside. Run onto the broken bridge, and you’ll spot Reptids digging holes in the earth wall. Near the ledge you can agree to drop down, agree to do so.
  • Take out the reptids that appear on the ledge, then climb into the lowest hole by checking it. You’ll split up completely, and Zael will have to continue alone for now. Inside the first large room, hide behind one of the fallen pillars. Two Reptids will enter the room. If you hide quickly, you’ll be able to get an easy Slash attack on one of them if you draw them closer with an arrow.
  • Go through the low hole the Reptids entered through. Ahead, you’ll run into a real battle.
  • Battle 1: Cavern Ruins – Reptids (Swordsmen, Archers, Sorcerers, Healer)
  • You’ll be able to pick your targets at least from your high vantage point. Below, there’s also a Recovery Spring, stand in it to heal.
  • From your vantage, take a look around below with Seek Mode. If you shoot the Braziers with arrows, they’ll explode and destroy the nearby pillars, hurting or killing any Reptids beneath. Do this quickly, targeting the left pillars first to get rid of the Healer.
  • Once the Healer and a few Sorcerers are defeated, jump down to face the rest of the fighters. Use the low cover to hide and Slash, or kick Braziers then Gale to diffuse and break their armor. Don’t let them surround you, and use the Healing Spring when necessary.
  • Talk to the knights after defeating the Reptids. Lowell will appear and join you, then you can go together through the back door. Run down the cavern and kick out the weak wall.
  • Battle 2: Water Arena – Reptids (Venom, Healer, Swordsman, Archer, Sea)
  • In the next room, Lowell will flank the enemies and ask you to attack from the front. Go ahead, just be wary of the healer and be sure to use Gale once it places a healing circle.
  • Once they’re clear, Mirania will appear with new attacking Sea Reptids. Use Command Mode to order Mirania to use magic, they won’t be effected by Lowell’s magic. Equip Lowell with a Sword and command him to Berserk.
  • The Sea Reptids are annoying, but not a huge threat. They’ll try to spit gunk on you that’ll slow your movements. Just don’t forget to use Command Mode, and don’t bother using Lowell’s magic.
  • After the fight, use Seek Mode to discover a new hidden passage. Ahead, you’ll find Syrenne and Dagran fighting against more Reptids.
  • Use Mirania’s magic to harm the Sea Reptids, and use Command Mode. Use Dagran’s Death Sentence to really put a dent in the enemies surrounding your two party members.
  • Defeat all the Reptids and they’ll rejoin you. Lowell and Syrenne will lead you back to the water arena and to the door at the split path. Head through, and grab the treasure chests on the way down the steps to another save point.
  • Down the narrow steps, you’ll be ambushed by more Sea Reptids. Shake the thumbstick to throw them off, then clear the monsters out. Use Command Mode to wipe the floor with the fighters and finish off the archers further ahead.
  • There’s a treasure path at the end of the rock path. Then, jump down to the path leading under the bridge where you’ll face another weak Reptid ambush.
  • During the ambush, a Sorcerer will appear on the other side of the water. Pick up the nearby bomb and throw it right at the Sorcerer’s feet to get rid of it. Clear out the rest, and you can either stay to gain levels, or choose to leave.
  • Follow your party to the mouth of the cave and you’ll face off against a boss.
  • Boss: Kraken
  • The fight begins with a series of deadly tentacles moving about the water. Use Gathering and hide, using Slash to cut away any tentacles that draw near.
  • Once enough tentacles are slashed off, the true boss will appear. The shadowy Kraken, which is vulnerable to just about everything you can throw at it. Use Accelerate, then Gale when you’re able to have your whole party swarm the Kraken when it appears.
  • Use Slash while hiding, or better yet Vertical Slash to instantly take off a chunk of the Kraken’s health. Once it’s taken enough damage, it’ll retreat and force you to slice of more tentacles.
  • When the Kraken appears, it’ll blast the ceiling with a massive beam. Make sure to retreat as it does, or you’ll take heavy damage from the collapsing ceiling.
  • Attack relentlessly, and eventually the Kraken will fall.

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