The Last Story: Frog Collectible Side-Quest Guide

The main hub of The Last Story is the grand city of Lazulis, richest of the empire. In this sprawling city, early in the game you’ll gain access to a special side-quest to hunt for and discover three hidden Frogs. Each capture will give your party a stat bonus, and finding all three to complete the quest will unlock a new secret quest gaining you access to the game’s silliest joke weaponry. If you want to gain access to hidden spots, and all new dungeons with amazing treasure inside, find all the Frogs in our collectibles guide below.

Survive the main campaign of The Last Story with our full text walkthrough here. For more side-quests and other extra articles for this massive RPG, check out the cheats page.

Full Side-Quest Guide

Frog Collectible Side-Quest Guide

  1. Starting in Chapter 4, you can begin the quest. You’ll need to speak with the boy on a wooden deck on the riverside, near the poor lean-to homes. Take the steps west from Arganan Bridge to find him.
  2. The boy will request three frogs. If you find them all, he’ll teach you how to swim in the riverside water.
  3. To find each of the frog locations, speak with the Fortuneteller near the Tavern. Once she reads your fortune, the Frog will appear on the map.
  4. If you want a new fortune, simply exit and enter the Lazulis City map.
  5. Once three frogs are found, return to the boy. He’ll teach you how to swim in the riverside waters. Stand near the water and press [A] to swim.
  6. Now you can access a shack near the water drains downriver from Arganan Bridge. Talk to the NPC at the shack to get a new quest. If you do this later in the game, you’ll likely already unlock several rewards.
  7. Each frog captured will reward the player with +5 to Party Speed. You can catch up to 6 frogs before you turn the quest in to the boy.
  8. You’ll also be able to enter a level 40+ dungeon through the leftmost grating down from the same previously unreachable shake.

Frog Locations:

Note: Frogs can only be caught when you approach from behind. Use Seek Mode to look at the frog before you try to capture it.

  1. Near the boy, on a wooden deck on the riverside. You’ll need to approach the frog from a different direction than the stairs. If you’re using the stairs, run past the frog, then turn around and go for it.
  2. A frog is located near the well behind the Tavern. Use the far opposite entrance to sneak up behind the frog.
  3. Another frog is at the Fountain near the Arganan Castle Gates.
  4. Fountain Plaza is home to another frog.
  5. At the Eastern Gate to the city, find a frog near the well in the back alley.
  6. North of Central Plaza is another well containing a frog hidden behind the Dye Store.

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