The Last Story: Shipwreck Quest Guide

In the Last Story, you’ll travel the world on ship and other more unique forms of transportation, but on the way you’ll find places to explore to get a deeper look into the backgrounds of the characters. This chapter, coming as a choice during Chapter 13, takes you to a seemingly haunted shipwreck with more to it than meets the eye. Learn how to defeat this quest below.

Survive the main campaign of The Last Story with our full text walkthrough here. For more side-quests and other extra articles for this massive RPG, check out the cheats page.

Full Side-Quest Guide

Shipwreck Side-Quest Guide

  1. Inside the wreck, look down at the water while in Seek Mode. You’ll pop out near a new save point.
  2. Follow Yurick to the door across the deck and open them for a nasty surprise, Ahead, you’ll enter a room where the floor is broken or rotted away, showing the water beneath.
  3. Battle 1: Rotted Floor Room – Giant Crabs (Spotted)
  4. Two Giant Crabs will attack from the ceiling. They’re tough, but there’s no special strategy to defeat them.
  5. To finish them off, you can knock them from their ceiling perch once their health is drained, then tap [A] to ride and deliver a critical hit to their soft underbelly.
  6. Before pushing on, turn right and go to the back corner of the room to find a Rare Sword in a treasure chest using a narrow wooden path.
  7. Push on with Yurick to the large hull door ahead, down the hall Yurick will collapse, and you’ll need to find an antidote alone. Continue on through a dark door to your left down the hallway for a treasure, then go to the right door for another treasure.
  8. Climb the ladder at the end of the hallway. Up a deck, turn right to find a treasure chest with the antidote in the corner of the room. Now’s the time to back track to Yurick.
  9. Return to the room up the ladder. Here, you’ll meet up with Dagran and Mirania, then you’ll immediately split up again. Choose either the left or right path, and follow the prompts as you do.
  10. On the right path, you’ll run into a stack of barrels. Use Seek Mode to point them out and Yurick will destroy them. In the room before the barrels, you can find a chest with gnome copper.
  11. Ahead, you’ll need to look for a wall to break. It’s in the corner, look for a rotten corner where the darker wood is about up to Zael’s waist, just a little higher than the rest of the walls.
  12. You’ll enter another tiny room with another wall to break. As you leave, turn right and break yet another rotten wall for a secret treasure with a Rare weapon.
  13. Follow Yurick to the door, through it you’ll find another crab.
  14. Battle 2: Right / Left Path – Spotted Giant Crab
  15. This crab will poison you with each attack, and it’s already on the ground, making it just a little harder than the last fight.
  16. You do have cover this time. Draw it off Yurick so he can cast Flare, then use Slash to damage the monster. You won’t be able to confuse it or use a stealth Slash, as any four-legged or beast monsters won’t lose you.
  17. When Yurick drops an Offensive Circle, use Gale to weaken the Crab and finish it off.
  18. Continue through the door and jump down into the room below to rejoin Mirania and Dagran.
  19. Battle 3: Storage Hull – Giant Crabs (Spotted, Icey), Undead Archers
  20. This is big fight, but you’ll have more help. Ice attacks won’t damage the Icey Crab, but Yurick’s Flare will do double damage, making it’s Ice-absorbing abilities practically moot.
  21. Once you jump down, use Seek Mode to target the barrels near the archers on the ledge above you. They’ll only be a problem to your spell casters, as they’ll constantly interrupt them with arrow attacks. Get rid of them now so you can focus on the crabs.
  22. After that, use Command Mode to power your allies up, and use Gale on Flare to weaken the crabs, making them easy to finish off.
  23. Climb the ladder where your party is waiting to get closer to the captain’s cabin. Inside, check the large mirror against the back wall to make it recede, revealing a hidden hall.
  24. Enter and turn right immediately for a treasure. Otherwise, continue with your party to find a save point and a last door.
  25. After the cutscene, check the drapes against the wall to begin a tricky boss fight.
  26. Boss: Doppelganger
  27. At the first stage of the fight, the Zael Doppelganger can’t be hurt with normal attacks. Don’t try to hit him, he’ll copy your every move.
  28. Instead, wait for a fire circle to appear on the other side of the mirror. Because the Doppelganger will copy you, just move yourself so that the creature is standing in the fire. Hold down guard to better orient yourself to make this easier.
  29. Once the Doppelganger is stunned in the fire, pull out your bow and shoot him. Don’t stop shooting!
  30. At about half-health, four more of the monsters will arrive and begin copying your entire party and this will become a more traditional battle.
  31. Beware, you can actually attack and damage your own party in this battle. To avoid hitting your friends, look at the eyes of each character – if they’re glowing bright red, you know they’re Doppelgangers.
  32. The enemies will also pretend to enter a “Drop” state, so don’t be fooled. They’ll also complain that you’re attacking your friends, but don’t fall for it.
  33. When they use magic, and they will try, use Reverse to dramatically turn the battle to your favor. Pick on the spell casters first, then finish off the fighters to end this fight.
  34. Back at the ship, you can talk to Mirania next. Find her near the front of the ship. Speak with her, and agree to go to the island.

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