The Last Story Walkthrough

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From the original creator of Final Fantasy, producer Mistwalker’s The Last Story is both a JRPG and a third-person tactical action game. There’s party management, leveling, a massive story, and cover shooting mechanics all in one. Play as Zael, a member of a party of mercenaries working at the furthest reaches of a dying Empire.

After meeting a strange girl, you’ll go on a massive journey that crosses the globe. Not a huge surprise, but the world’s fate will be in your hands. Don’t get too comfortable, because The Last Story is ready to change your expectations for what a JRPG can be.

Here on our massive walkthrough, we’ll take you to the end of this story with tips and tricks to keep you alive. For more information on The Last Story, check out the cheats page.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Reptids’ Cave
  • Chapter 2: Lazulis Road
  • Chapter 3: Ariela’s Tavern: Day
  • Chapter 4: Lazulis City
  • Chapter 5: Ariela’s Tavern: Night
  • Chapter 6: Bandits’ Warehouse
  • Chapter 7: Ariela’s Tavern: Night
  • Chapter 8: Lazulis Castle: Great Hall
  • Chapter 9: Lazulis Castle: Ballroom
  • Chapter 10: Cliffside Path
  • Chapter 11: Gurak Warship
  • Chapter 12: The Mercenaries’ Warship
  • Chapter 13: The Vonos Islands
  • Chapter 14: Shipwreck
  • Chapter 15: Mysterious Forest
  • Chapter 16: Garuk Military Base
  • Chapter 17: Asthar’s Warship
  • Chapter 18: Lazulis Castle: Dungeon
  • Chapter 19: Underground Caves
  • Chapter 22: Dark Spirit Passage
  • Chapter 23: Tower of Trials
  • Chapter 26: Lazulis Castle
  • Chapter 27: Lazulis Castle: Dungeon
  • Chapter 28: Lazulis Castle: Courtyard
  • Chapter 29: Gurak Castle
  • Chapter 30: Lazulis Castle: Greathall
  • Chapter 31: Place of Secrets
  • Chapter 32: Lazulis Castle: Count’s Chamber
  • Chapter 33: Lazulis Castle: Great Hall
  • Chapter 34: Turret Basement
  • Chapter 35: Port Lazulis
  • Chapter 36: Sewer
  • Chapter 37: Fortress Island
  • Chapter 38: Raging Ocean
  • Chapter 39: Reptids’ Cave Revisited
  • Chapter 40: The Last World
  • Chapter 41: Stargazers’ Tower
  • Epilogue: The Last Story
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