The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 9: Lazulis Castle: Ballroom

In the ballroom, listen to Dagran. Eventually he’ll ask you to look at Count Agranan. He’ll tell you all about the man, and Lord Jirall. Listen up, this is important!

After the talk, Lady Calista will arrive. Use Seek mode to look at her entrance. After the cutscene, take another look at her, then try to follow her out to the balcony.

The guard will stop you, but Dagran will lead him away. On the balcony, turn your camera left to look at Lady Calista. After more talking, turn to face Lord Jiral and point him out in Seek mode.

Next, an evil army called the Gurak will attack. Fight off the first three, they won’t be a problem.

Battle 1: Ballroom – Gurak Commandoes

Inside the Ballroom, allied Knights are fighting the Gurak. Most of the enemies will be preoccupied, making your job easier. Clear out the invaders, helping out any of the Knights under attack.

Clear the room, then speak with General Asthar. He’ll command you to protect Lady Calista. When the knights leave, continue upstairs.

Battle 2: Ballroom Hallway – Gurak (Fighters, Archers, Sorcerer)

This is another basic battle, with fighters in the front and archers with a sorcerer in the back. Use Slash to punch through the fighters and go for the archers and sorcerer.

Staying behind and protecting Calista is a viable strategy. You don’t have any other melee party members yet, so it doesn’t hurt to play defensively.

After the battle, speak with Calista. She’ll change into armor, then you can leave through the door opposite her room.

Run onto the walkway, as you enter Seek mode, look at the large tower. You’ll push on into the Great Hall.

Battle 3: Great Hall Stairwell – Gurak (Commandoes, Fighters)

A Lazulis castle Mage is fighting the enemies here. Run into his Fire Spell Circle and fight off the incoming enemies, they won’t be a problem.

Continue downstairs and into the Great Hall. After the cutscene, look up at Dagran to wake up. You’ll now have Dagran in your party.

Run back upstairs toward the doors to the Courtyard. Near the gate, you can find a mage that’ll upgrade your equipment for a price.

Battle 4: Courtyard – Gurak (Fighters, Archers, Sorcererrs, Healers)

The Courtyard looks tricky, but the Gurak are already in combat with an allied healer and knight. Circle around the outer area to attack the Healer. You can also use Gale to diffuse enemy spell circles.

Leave through the east doors. As you reach the door, you’ll run into another battle.

Battle 5: East Gate – Gurak (Commandoes, Archers, Healers, Sorcerer)

Once again, you’ll have allies to make this battle manageable. Use Gathering right away to slow the enemy’s casting times.

Run down, then use the fountain to hide and launch Slash attacks. Don’t forget to diffuse the enemy spell circles with Gale.

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