The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 10: Cliffside Path

On the path, look at the far-off Gurak king near the firing cannon. Save your game now, then give chase.

Battle 1: Cliffside 1 – Gurak Beast

This tough monster won’t go down easily. Wait for it to charge, dodge, then attack while it’s stunned. If you can draw it into a fire circle, or hit it with fire-enchanted weapons, you’ll defeat it faster; this creature is weak to fire.

Battle 2: Cliffside 2 – Gurak (Various)

Down the path, Gurak will ambush you from both sides. Use gathering, and meet up with your party. If you can pull the Gurak together, you can use Gale and Slash to wipe them.

The guards have a tough guard to break. To crack through their defenses, use Gale to diffuse a fire circle and break every enemy’s guard. When their guard is broken, they’ll be very vulnerable.

More Gurak are waiting below. A handful of fighters and sorcerers – run past the fighters to take out the weaker magicians easily, then wipe out the rest, and use diffuse to break guards.

Further ahead, there is another Gurak Beast waiting. Let it charge, dodge, and combo attacks with Dagran to bring it down.

Ahead on the cliff tunnel, fight through the Archers, Guards, and Sorcerers. They’ll bunch up, making Slash and Gale deadly.

Continue ahead to the ruins where Zangurak is waiting for you. There’s a save point before the small ruin.

Boss: Zangurak

The king of the Gurak is no push-over. Infact, at this stage of the fight, he can’t be beaten. He’ll land a Perfect Guard whenever you try to attack, instantly countering. Guard when he does so, and try to dodge when he prepares a fireball attack.

Hit him a few times, and Calista will step in to help. You’ll be practically invincible now, just keep attacking and eventually Zangurak will retreat.

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