The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 11: Gurak Warship

On the warship, you’ll unlock a new ability. Command Mode allows you to command your team and recon the battlefield. Time will stop, and any allies’ spells will only take 3 seconds to cast when ordered through Command Mode.

Command Mode is entered with [Up] on the directional pad. It uses the same Skill Gauge as Gale. Not only will magic-users get a benefit, but every fighter can activate a special buff that increases their combat skills for a short time.

Interact with the ledge where Dagran and Lisa are looking, Zael will jump down and hang from the hand-holds. Hold the thumbstick right to shimy across the boat. Around, you’ll reach a ladder. Climb up, continue right until the cannons pop up, then press up once more to raise your legs before holding right to reach an opening in the walkway above letting you climb up.

On the deck, move right through the narrow squeeze to reach a treasure, or go left to enter the interior of the boat.

Through the door, spot the guard ahead, then pop out of cover to slash him from behind. Open the door he was guarding to rejoin your party. Next, leave through the left door. Look at the Gurak guard, and attack him from behind.

Ahead, either shoot the second guard ahead with your bow, or flip over Dagran to get to him. Continue forward through the narrow path, open the door ahead, and climb down into the hull.

The hall ahead looks clear, but an Ogre will appear! Stay back, the Agranan fleet will help you out here.

Battle 1: Cannon Deck – Gurak (Marines, Fighters, Healers)

Ahead, turn left and hide. Here, you’ll learn about stealth mechanics. When enemies aren’t aware of you, you can catch them alone.

Shoot the first of the Gurak ahead and wait for him to slowly approach your cannon. Stay hidden, and when the word “Alone” appears over the Gurak’s head, you can now use Slash. A lone enemy will give bonus XP, while avoiding a big battle.

If you’re caught, a group of Healers and Fighters will attack. These are tight quarters, making surprise Slash attacks easy to pull off against the mass of new enemies.

Take out the first, then you’ll have to deal with one last enemy. Lure him over, then try using Command Mode to cast a spell with Calista.

Collect the Lift Key, dropped by an enemy, and use it on the large bay door. The lift is gone, so look left and down to spot a ladder in Seek Mode.

Inside the hull, open the smaller door left of the lift door. Through the winding passage, you’ll eventually find the brig. Look right and low to spot your party members inside the cell while in Seek Mode.

Take out the guard with ease by luring him over with a crossbow shot, then hitting him with Slash when he turns around confused. Pick up the keys off him, and use those on the cell door. The Rose-Shaped Key is what you need.

Now Yurick is back in your party. Leave through the door opposite the cell. There’s another save point ahead, before entering the next door.

Ahead is a flooded room. Swim into the water and get to the door, you’ll need to shake the thumbstick to free Mirania. Return to the save point room, and use your new key to open the large nearby door.

Battle 2: Storage Room – Combat Spiders

Inside the storage chamber, look up and right at the pillars to spot a hiding spider! These giant spiders will attack. They’re fast, and can only be hurt from the back or with magic spells. Gale will also work, but any front attacks will barely hurt them.

After a short time, Dagran will appear to help. Use Command Mode to help you out, there’s not much strategy to this battle. Just try to attack from behind, keep them off your casters, and use Gale to attack from behind in a pinch.

With the spiders dead, climb up the ladder in the back of the room. At the top of the ladder, look at the white Gurak guard while in Seek Mode.

These two won’t be a problem. Lure the purple one over with a crossbow shot to stealth Slash, then finish off the second guy with ease. You can draw him close to for an easy Slash if you want.

Afterward, this is about the time Yurick will gain the Reverse Support Magic, that will reverse enemy spell circles. Their Damage Circles will become Heal Circles and vice versa to your benefit. Activate this spell in Command Mode.

Talk to the prisoner for a gift, and use the treasure chest in the back left of the hall. Opposite the chest is the door forward.

Battle 3: Rowing Deck – Gurak (Healer, Fighters, Commandos, Archers)

You can sneak up on these guys too, or fight them. Once again, it’s easier to draw the first Gurak close with a crossbow before using Slash.

If you’re spotted, more of the Gurak will arrive to attack, but they won’t be too much of a problem. They’ll all bunch up and charge, so prepare plenty of spells in Command Mode and give Reverse a try to stop the benefits of the Gurak Healer.

This is also about when Dagran will unlock the Full Guard ability. It works just like Gathering, but temporary and for your ally, pulling enemies off you for a time while increasing his defensive abilities.

Battle 4: Rowing Deck 2 – Gurak (Sorcerer, Archer, Fighters)

North you’ll find three fighters, but south is just a defenseless archer with a sorcerer. You know where to go, run down the sorcerer and archer to make this battle easier.

Use Gathering right away to stop the deluge of archer bolts from stopping your casters. Finish off the southern Gurak, then return to wipe out the fighters.

Leave through the northern gate to take the lift all the way to the top deck.

Battle 5: Exterior Deck – Ogre

Draw the Ogre closer with a bolt. Slash when it says he’s alone and turned around to make quick work of it.

Ahead, you’ll find a door right of the steps up. Inside you can upgrade weapons.

Continue upstairs to the ship’s wheel. Nearby is a summoning circle if you want to grind for levels before entering the Captain’s Cabin.

Gain some levels to unlock the Gathering Burst ability. When Gathering is active, you’ll increase the Burst power as you take damage. It’ll activate when you release gathering, knocking down and slowing any nearby enemies.

Right of the upgrade vendor is the door to the outer stairs leading up to the Captain’s Cabin. There’s a save point here, so save and check out the treasure chest under the balcony for a Gladiator +1 Sword.

When you’re ready, go through the doors to enter.

Boss: Muruk

This boss will put up more of a fight. It stomps around the area, using large long swipes to attack close targets. Periodically, it’ll spin up and launch paralyzing spines that can’t be guarded again, you’ll need to hide behind a pillar to avoid.

When it spins, it’ll also get dizzy, giving you a chance to attack. The stun-time is short after a spin, and your party is bound to get hit by the spines. To avoid being paralyzed, wait for Calista to use Holy, then diffuse it with a Gale to give your party a shield Barrier effect.

To do lots of quick damage to the Muruk, have your Barriers up then wait for a spine attack. While dizzy, use Gale to spin the boss onto it’s back, then press [A] to jump onto it’s stomach, pressing [A] more to deliver critical hits.

Do that twice, and you’ll have the boss beaten.

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